Heartwarming / Animaniacs

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The Warners' segments
  • The ending to "Clown And Out," where, after all the abuse the Jerry Lewis-sounding clown gets throughout the short, he finally finds an audience who won't hurt him — a group of juvenile Martians.
    Clown: I like it here! 8D
    • Earlier in the episode: The Warners are having a blast celebrating their brother's birthday, even though it's just the three of them.
    • Plotz hiring the clown to surprise Wakko for his birthday, in spite of being terrified of clowns himself. He had no idea Wakko was even more afraid of clowns than he was, which makes it a very generous gesture.
  • There's a scene from "Temporary Insanity", before Yakko is thrown out of Plotz's office, where Wakko is making a silly face and Dot is laughing as she watches him. They're bonding.
  • The last of the "Animator's Alley" segments ends with the Warners saying good night to each other.
    Yakko: 'Night, Wakko.
    Wakko: Goodnight, Dot.
    Dot: Goodnight, Yakko.
    • For a brief moment earlier in those segments, Dot is enjoying having a water gun fight with Wakko.
  • The song "There's Only One of You". It's corny, but it manages to warm a few hearts.
    • Don't forget It's New Year's Eve, complete with kissing and hugging.
  • "Little Drummer Warners," a whole episode that's a recitation of slightly-edited versions of "We Three Kings" and "Little Drummer Boy." It shows the Wise Men and the Warner Brother (and Sister) Shepherds visiting the baby Jesus, with the latter giving a loud but earnestly cheerful and appreciated show.
    Warner Siblings: And he smiled at me, ba-rum-bum-bum-bum... me and my drum.
  • Right after the middle and right before the ending of I'm Mad, when they start getting along.
    • Scratchinsniff being nice enough to take the Warners to an amusement park and keep them from fighting each other is refreshing to see considering how frustrated he normally is when around them.
      • Hell, any time they show the quasi-paternal relationship between the Warners and the doctor, since he's the closest they have to a guardian.
  • "Because we love you!" from Taming of the Screwy.
    • Following that, the way Scratchansniff gathers the three kids up in a big bear hug.
  • The Warners really get along in Garage Sale of the Century.
  • The Warners deciding to give their award to Buddy at the end of their 65th Anniversary special. Sure, he was a boring dweeb and was plotting to kill them with a bomb he hid in the podium, but they liked the guy and felt they owed it to him for his part in making them famous (i.e. by repeatedly smashing him with giant mallets).
  • Christmas Plotz.
  • "Super Strong Warner Siblings"
    Yakko: Here, have a bag of money.
  • The "Variety Speak" song segment ends with Yakko hugging Wakko and Dot and all three grinning at the camera.
    • Similarly, the "big brother" way Yakko puts his hands on Wakko and Dot's shoulders at the end of the Macbeth sketch is just adorable!
  • Dot and Yakko deliberately losing at checkers with Death just so they can be with Wakko.
    • And when Wakko gets a hiccup after slurping a frappé in one shot, Dot And Yakko literally goes all around the world to find a cure for him.
  • During Dot's segment "I'm cute", Yakko and Wakko start as cheerful backup singers only to become progressively disgusted with their sister's vanity and false modesty. However, even them at the end admit that they found Dot "awfully cute" (when she's angry, that is) and the song ends with a happy note.

Slappy's segments
  • At the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock, Skippy's lack of presence snaps Slappy back to being her normal crazy self instead of just plain crazy. She then proceeds to escape the nursing home in Cool Old Lady fashion in order to find Skippy. When the viewer sees Skippy, they get this:
    Skippy: Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight... (sniff) I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight...I wish Aunt Slappy would get better and things were like they used to be...
    Slappy: (opens door) "Hey, Pinnochio...I ain't the Blue Fairy, but I think your wish just got answered!
    Skippy: Aunt Slappy!
    Slappy: Come on, kiddo. Let's go home.
    Skippy: Alright! (they embrace each other, and then the scene cuts away to them dancing into the sunset)
  • "Bumbie's Mom". Slappy takes Skippy on a plane ride all the way to the isolated home of the actress who played Bumbie's Mom (but hasn't for at least 40 years), just so Skippy could stop being so heart-broken over seeing a death in a movie they saw.
  • "Soccer Coach Slappy" gives a minor moment, just that Slappy, cranky old lady she is, decides to be the coach for a little kids' soccer team. Why? For Skippy.
    Slappy: Coaching does have its small rewards.

  • No Time for Love. Who knew a cuckoo clock falling in love with a canary could be so tragic and heartwarming?
  • The ending of the Chicken Boo Christmas Episode.
    Santa: Oh ho, Chicken Boo, just this once, because it's Christmas, we're giving you a happy ending.
  • Mindy's love for Buttons. As much pain as she puts that dog through, the genuine affection she shows him is so endearing.
    • Button's love for Mindy, as well. He's saved her life probably hundreds of times, and usually had to go to hell and back to do it.
  • Rita and Runt's friendship.
  • Birdie is reunited with her real mother at the end of "Wild Blue Yonder".
  • Pretty much the entirety of A Gift of Gold.