Heartwarming / Amulet

  • All the moments with Emily's mom and/or Navin comforting Emily and letting her know that, whatever happens, they're a family. Even if she can't be very helpful in a battle, Karen Hayes is excellent emotional support.
    • The second book has such a moment at the very end, where Emily's mom has finally woken up, but Emily says that she and Navin have to go back home while she'll stay behind. Karen refuses and asserts that she's still Emily's mother and this world will be home for all of them for now.
    • There's a moment in the third book where Emily is up late worrying about everything she's going to have to go through and failing to protect her. Her mom comes down and tells her and gives her a pretty sweet pep talk about trusting in herself to handle whatever happens.
  • A minor example; despite how coldly Leon treated Miskit and Cogsley's kidnapping at the hands of a wyvern in the third volume, he's pretty genuinely happy to see that they're alive later.
  • From the fifth book, "Prince of the Elves," when Emily comes to retrieve Trellis from the Void and tells him he needs to save them from falling to their deaths in the real world. Trellis insists he's not a very good Stonekeeper—the first time we've ever seen him admit his insecurities. Emily tells him he's better than he thinks and sends him out, where he promptly shields them all from harm.
    Trellis: I know how I can help now. Thank you for coming to get me.
    • He then shortly after returns the favor and brings Emily out of the Void as well.
    • From earlier, there's a bit with Trellis and his Uncle Virgil from his memories. After Virgil tells Trellis—who hadn't introduced himself to him and is otherwise known to Virgil as a small child—about the disturbing pattern of Elf Kings throughout their history, he reveals that he knew it was Trellis all along. After all, he raised him—he would recognize him no matter what age he was.
  • Seeing the contingent of elves rally around Trellis in the sixth volume after treating him like scum and a traitor for the last several books.