Heartwarming / Amnesia (Otome)

Heart World

  • Shin realizes the heroine has amnesia very fast and chooses to take her to places that he thinks will trigger memories. This includes taking her to the café where she works and the university's band club room which she's a member of.
  • All the employees of the café are convinced that Shin would never purposefully injure the heroine, and are willing to head back to Shinano to re-enact the scenes of the heroine's accident and looking for evidence that proves Shin's innocence.
  • Shin knows that his revelations and confronting Toma about having injured her will hurt the heroine, so he promises to do anything she wants for the day. No matter what it is, he will do it to make this day happy for her.

Spade World

  • Ikki's much more affectionate behavior towards the heroine when the two are alone.
  • While it's odd, Ikki admitting that he's nice to his fanclub and cold to the heroine in public because he knows that not doing either will result in the heroine getting harassed by the fanclub.
  • Upon hearing that the heroine is sick, Ikki dons a full-face mask to make sure no fanclub member or smitten woman somehow slows him down from getting to her side.
  • Ikki standing up to the heroine's gruff father, politely telling him that his pre-conceived ideas are wrong and that Ikki is more than capable of supporting himself and the heroine if necessary.
  • In his Good Ending, Ikki tells off his fanclub for sabotaging his previous relationships and makes it clear that he loves the heroine. He even kisses the heroine in public, which he's been avoiding for a long time.

Clover World

  • Kent's many moments of trying to approach the heroine on a more emotional level.
    • He's very embarrassed about it, but Kent gives her cake as a half-month anniversary gift and hoping to surprise her. He's pleased to hear that he's managed that.
    • Admitting that he'd like to hold hands with the heroine, but his rational ways stops him because he can't think of an excuse to do so. And when the heroine agrees to holding hands, Kent goes further and openly tells her that he likes her.
      • For a little extra heartwarming, Kent confined in Ikki about his feelings and Ikki told him to go and tell the heroine about this. As much as their personalities or views on romance are on opposite sides, Ikki doesn't mock his friend even once.
    • When reading information on relationships, Kent heard that handmade-gifts are generally more appreciated than bought things. And goofy as he is, he made a book full of math exercises for the heroine.
  • Kent proving to be concerned because his mother's walking around while sick.
  • His Good Ending having Kent choosing to re-apply for the study abroad and having the heroine work on joining him. Getting all the correct dialogue options also has Kent proposing eventual marriage to the heroine earlier!

Diamond World

  • The heroine immediately regaining a memory of Toma, which was so important that it immediately pushed Orion out enough to turn him invisible to her.
  • Toma protecting the heroine from the harassment of Ikki's fanclub, which includes cleaning her mailbox from rotting eggs and weird condiment mixtures, deleting insulting e-mails and those of men that were given the heroine's contact information for meeting up.
  • A flashback showing that a young heroine in kindergarten was crying because she couldn't sleep without Toma nearby. Toma came in and asked if he could take nap-time with the heroine's group and sleeping next to each other.

Joker World

  • Mixing a tearjerker with heartwarming, the heroine finds Ukyo sleeping outside again. Remembering how Ukyo can be violent when waking up, Orion tells the heroine to get away... only for Ukyo to wake up and embrace the heroine. He was dreaming of losing the heroine and was happy to wake up and see her right next to him.
  • With the right dialogue options, Ukyo spends the night at the heroine's and handcuffs himself to the bed leg to prevent himself from doing anything to her. The heroine trusts him and unlocks the handcuff, leading to Ukyo hugging her. She falls asleep against his shoulder.
  • The heroine offers Ukyo's evil side to kill her if it means that he'll keep living, saying that she wants to die for him because he's done it so many times for her. And Ukyo overpowers his evil side, choosing to kill himself instead of killing the heroine.
  • His Good Ending has Ukyo and the heroine happy together, but also shows Lord Nhil and Orion having been reincarnated as humans.