Heartwarming / All Dogs Go to Heaven

  • Charlie's last good-bye to Anne Marie is both this and one of the film's biggest tearjerkers.
    • Especially when you take into account the fact that Judith Barsi, Anne-Marie's voice actress, was murdered before the Movie was released, making this scene her last words ever spoken on film.
    • Just before that, Charlie telling Anne Marie that he's sorry for what he put her through and meaning every word of it. After a movie of being an unrepentant jerk and denying that anything he did was wrong, he finally does one of the hardest things for anyone to do: apologize.
    • Itchy, who had always been rather harsh with her, willingly taking Charlie's mantle as comforter and friend to Anne-Marie, with him tucking her doll into her arms and laying his head close to hers as if to protect her. And Anne-Marie promising Charlie to always take care of Itchy for him, leading to both of them finding a home.
  • Itchy's What the Hell, Hero? speech to Charlie lays out his intense loyalty to his friend—begrudgingly following his lead even though he verbally saw all the grief that happens to them coming:
    "You wanted revenge on Carface, and I said 'No—please! Let's get out of town!' But I stayed, because...because, you're my friend. And then you wanted to kidnap the girl, and I said 'This is CRAZY!' But I helped ya—and then we gotta dress the girl, and read her stories, and...she wants us to feed the poor...and the whole while, I'm thinking 'This is stupid—she's gonna get us KILLED!' But I stayed, because...I'm your friend!"
  • Charlie gives some puppies a pizza during the first movie.
  • The aptly named Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, for a brief moment, Charlie's happy enough to sing with the alligator just before returning to sanity and try to save her and Anne Marie from being eaten. It being one of the few truly light-hearted moments helps a lot.
  • King Gator returns in full force during the climax to help Charlie out, and is instrumental in turning the tide against Carface.
  • The ending of the second film, even though Itchy decided to stay in heaven.
    • The "now that you're loving me, it's so heavenly here" reprise. It's so utterly corny and dumb, it's adorable.
  • Charlie and Itchy's surprisingly cute origin story in "When Hairy Met Silly".
  • Try watching A Christmas Carol and saying Carface's Heel–Face Turn at the end then making up for everything he'd done so far, stealing and what not doesn't belong here!
  • The whole premise of both movies, and the Christmas Special.
  • The ending of the second film, when David calls his stepmother "Mom".
  • A brief one from the second film. One of the dogs waiting on Heaven's newest arrivals is a chihuahua who appears to have been waiting a long, long time for his partner to show up. She's first in line, and although she's tripled in weight, they couldn't be happier to see one another.
  • Charlie appears to be waiting for somebody in the second film. Who? His overjoyed cry is enough, "ITCHY!!!"
  • "My Afghan Hairless." Underneath all that off-key caterwauling, it's just a little Yorkshire Terrier singing about how much he loves his wife and doesn't care what anyone says about their relationship.

Alternative Title(s): All Dogs Go To Heaven 2