Heartwarming / All-American Girl

My Little Pony fanfic by Shinzakura:

  • Elusive truly cares about both his sister and his mother and just wants the best for them.
    Elusive: "Iím not in anyponyís corner, DJ. Iíd like to see you and Mother make peace, but Iíll be there to support both of you."
    • Just DJ and Elusive's first meeting. After all the tension she's gone through meeting her parents, her sister, and to a lesser extent most of her aunts, it only takes a few sentences from each of them each before the two are in a tearful embrace.
    There was an unspoken cue and the two wordlessly embraced, tears coming to the fore for both, brother and sister holding each other for the first time in their lives and accepting one another instantly. For Elusive, it was as if heíd received a treasure unlike any other: an oldest sister that would love him and be there for him, he was sure; though sheíd missed out on his years growing up, he was soon to have foals of his own and wanted her there to see it. For DJ, it was a part of her life that she hadnít even known was missing come to life, a hole in her heart she hadnít known existed suddenly being filled. This wasnít just meeting a new friend; this was her younger brother by blood, of the same origin as her, and from what Luna told her, he was to be a father as well soon and it was something she elementally knew she had to be there for.
  • Chapter 14: Luna to (sleeping) Lyra: "Rest a beautiful night, little harp."
  • Chapter 16: Screwball trying to cheer up Twilight Sunburn by transforming herself into a giant plushie to accompany her in bed through the night. Sure, it didn't go as intended, but it proves that wackily insane or not, she's really a kind-hearted creature.
  • DJ's meeting with Silversteel at the hospital, during which he apologises for all the pain he put her through twenty years ago, making it clear that they had no right. DJ in turn forgives him, realising that she can't see him as the angry bigot she first met anymore.
    • They make further progress later when they meet at his quarters. Silver promises to learn to accept DJ as she is regardless of how Rarity sees her, as well as promising to apologise to Matt and Anna.
  • All of Sam and Celestia's interactions in Chapter 20.

Be Human: the All American Girl Sidestories

  • Mike's declaration of love to DJ, in "The Stallion and the Girl, Part 3".