Heartwarming / Aku no Hana

  • For a series that was once so dark, angsty, and uncomfortable, some events especially post Time Skip may seem like they're from a completely different series because of how damn warm and fuzzy some of them will make you feel.
  • The He's Back ending of chapter 46 is a beautiful reprieve from all of the horrible things that Kasuga has put his parents through and makes it seem like he's finally healing from his past trauma.
  • Basically any moment where Kasuga and Tokiwa interact. When you take into account how badly he has been treated in the past and then see how much Tokiwa cares about him, it's hard not to let out an "Awwwwww!" at the following:
    • Their meeting in the bookstore.
    • When Kasuga is crying about Tokiwa's novel and how much it relates to his life. Considering how closely the contents of it relates to previous events of this series, there's a good chance you'll be crying along with him.
    • Kasuga's Anguished Declaration of Love toward Tokiwa in Chapters 44 and 45. As well as her subsequent reciprocation. And then their laughter, hand-holding, and hug.
    • Chapter 46, their first chapter together as a couple, is filled with cute little interactions between the two.
  • Kasuga, Tokiwa, and Nakamura tackling each other and laughing at the beach. After everything they've all gone through, the image is very heartwarming.
  • Kasuga's tearful declaration to Nakaumura post-Time Skip that despite all the crap he went through, he's still glad that she didn't disappear.