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Heartwarming: Akame ga Kiru!
  • Token Emotionless Girl Akame displays legitimate concern when she's under the impression that Tatsumi's been kidnapped by Esdese.
    • Mirrored later with Kurome tending to Wave's injuries following his fight with Shura, the smile on her face with him says how far she has grown to him.
  • It's easy to forget that Esdese is a sadistic Blood Knight when she and Tatsumi are marooned on a deserted island. She becomes very sweet and kind, and they work together to hunt for food and survive. She also takes the first opportunity she gets to snatch another kiss from Tatsumi.
  • When Bors comes across a girl who'd been injured in the crossfire of his battle with Night Raid and kindly offers to treat her wounds. Granted, it ends up being Chelsea who uses the opportunity to kill him, but still.
  • Tatsumi rescuing Mein after her duel with Seryuu.
    Tatsumi: I was too weak for Bro, and I was too late for Chelsea, but this time, I won't let anybody die!
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