Heartwarming: Akame ga Kiru!

  • Esdeath deciding to hug Seryu when the latter is grieving over Stylish's death. It's our first hint that she has a Hidden Heart of Gold after all.
  • In Chapter 14 even though Bulat is dying, he is proud of how much power Tatsumi is capable of using his former Teigu and dies happily knowing Tatsumi will be a worthy successor.
  • Token Emotionless Girl Akame displays legitimate concern when she's under the impression that Tatsumi's been kidnapped by Esdeath.
    • Mirrored later with Kurome tending to Wave's injuries following his fight with Shura, the smile on her face with him says how far she has grown to him.
  • It's easy to forget that Esdeath is a sadistic Blood Knight when she and Tatsumi are marooned on a deserted island. She becomes very sweet and kind, and they work together to hunt for food and survive. She also takes the first opportunity she gets to snatch another kiss from Tatsumi.
  • When Bors comes across a girl who'd been injured in the crossfire of his battle with Night Raid and kindly offers to treat her wounds. Granted, it ends up being Chelsea who uses the opportunity to kill him, but still.
  • Chapter 39 Mine managing to kill Seryu which allowed her to avenge Sheele's death as well as the desecration of Chelsea's body. As Mine was fighting Seryu, Mine's memories of Sheele and Chelsea kept her motivated to keep fighting.
  • Chapter 39 Tatsumi rescuing Mine after her duel with Seryuu.
    Tatsumi: I was too weak for Bro, and I was too late for Chelsea, but this time, I won't let anybody die!
  • The moments between Mine and Tatsumi in Chapter 39 which showcases how much their relationship has developed from the beginning of the series and her growing feelings toward him.
  • Chapter 45 when Mine finally confesses her feelings to Tatsumi and kisses him to make her feelings for him clear. They finally become an Official Couple.
  • Chapter 49 Lubbock coming to Tatsumi and Mine for love advice regarding his feeling for Najenda. Najenda overhears Lubbock and she thinks to herself that while she would not want to get into a relationship before the revolution is over, she might be interested afterwards.
  • Chapter 50 Mine training with Akame, so she can be ready to help her boyfriend, Tatsumi, fight against Esdeath. The moment Tatsumi and Mine share during this chapter ends with the two of them kissing and Tatsumi admitting to himself that he is falling in love with her.
    • Kurome and Wave, the former is just unable to hide her feelings for the other...pity the other is just Oblivious to Love.
  • Chapter 53 Mine openly challenges Esdeath and General Budo to rescue her boyfriend Tatsumi from his public execution, the fact that she's not afraid of provoking Esdeath is nothing short of admirable.
    Tatsumi:What a girl...you're more than I deserve.
    Mine:I'm taking Tatsumi back, Esdeath!
  • Chapter 54 Tatsumi manages to make Incursio evolve once more out of his determination of protecting his girlfriend.
    Tatsumi:I don't care how agonizing it'll be or how much pain I'll feel, give me all the strength you can give me, because of me Lubo is death, I can't let Mine die because of me too!