Heartwarming / Adele

  • In mid-2011, Adele did a tour with folk/country duo The Civil Wars as her opening act. Adele is such a big fan of theirs that in New York City, on the last night of the tour, she made a surprise appearance at the end of their set to give them a bouquet of flowers, adding "I've never had so much fun touring as I've had with these two." (Becomes a bit Harsher in Hindsight when the Civil Wars collapsed.)
  • "Remedy", a sweet loving song written for her child.
  • This video. There is nothing like spending years as an impersonator of your favorite singer and then serenaded by the real deal.
  • Adele's 2017 Grammy win for Album Of The Year was marked by a speech thanking Beyoncé for her influence, and more or less saying that she should have won instead for Lemonade. Even putting aside all the social and political commentary in the aftermath, Adele won a lot of hearts that night just for being so humble and kind.
    • At the same event, she performed a tribute performance to the late George Michael with the song "Fastlove". During the performance, she restarted her slow, mournful arrangement of it at one point because she was not satisfied with how it was going and saying that Michael was too important to her for her to not get it right. Adele restarted the song, and nailed it. Consider it a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.