Heartwarming / Abra Catastrophe

  • At the end of "Abra-Catastrophe" when Timmy, after losing his fairies to save them from Crocker and only regaining them because of the Magic Muffin, is reunited with Cosmo and Wanda. When he reminds them that he was just assigned fairies, they go back through the same routine they used when they first met him.
    Cosmo: I'm Cosmo
    Wanda: And I'm Wanda!
    Both: And we're...your Fairy Godparents!
    Timmy: And I wouldn't wish it any other way!
  • After AJ's pet monkey Bippy accidentally gets hold of the magic muffin, he wishes for a world ruled by apes where humans are second-class citizens (though not quite as bad as Planet of the Apes). When Timmy (and Crocker) are imprisoned by the apes, Bippy remembers that Timmy was much nicer to him than his owner had been, even letting him out of his cage so he could play with the kids during the muffin fight in the cafeteria. This leads to Bippy rushing in to rescue him, and when he's overwhelmed, reversing his wishnote  so that everything goes back to normal, even though that means he has to be AJ's pet again.