Describe the Totally Heartwarming moments from A Very Potter Musical, A Very Potter Sequel, and A Very Potter Senior Year.

!From ''A Very Potter Musical''
* Voldemort's speech at the end of [=AVPM=].
* Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical's final lines:
-->[[spoiler:'''Voldemort''': And when everyone else is dead, you're all alone. And I would sit there, alone. And I would think to myself: "Maybe with Quirrel, everything would be... okay."]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Quirrel''': Is okay... good?]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Voldemort''': ''Quirrel!''... Okay is ''wonderful!'']]
* Also (Warning, '''MAJOR''' spoilers)
--> [[spoiler:'''Quirrel''': You came back?]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Voldemort''': I came ''home'']]
* The moment after Harry and Ron [[spoiler: destroy the Zac Efron horcrux]]: "I will ''never'' do anything to hurt you... because I love you." Considering Ron's [[{{Jerkass}} personality]], and that [[spoiler:the poster was trying to manipulate Ron into killing Harry]], it makes it extra sweet. The fistbiting and hug was just even better.
* The song "Not Alone", which really gets to the heart of the whole story.
* There's something about "Granger Danger". Maybe it's the catchy melody, or the sweetness of the performances mixed with enough humor to keep it from getting cheesy. Or maybe it's because [[WishFulfillment these two jerkish guys are suddenly pouring their hearts out over a nerdy girl]]. Whatever it is, the last line where Draco and Ron harmonize the word "Danger" and Hermione's in the middle, completely oblivious to the whole thing, really hits the spot.
** Draco's crazed WhatIsThisFeeling, complete with big puppy eyes (as if about to cry) and tearing of hair. So adorable.
** And all of Harry and Ginny's interaction at the Yule Ball, at least until Harry ruins it.
* Draco's increasingly apparent crush on Hermione, which he denies. In [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial suspiciously specific]] detail. Because he just wants to talk about her to his sidekicks.
--> You know who'd be the last person I'd ask to the Yule Ball? That Hermione Granger. Not even if we were the last two people on Earth and she looked absolutely stunning in her ball gown so that every time I looked at her I got butterflies in my tummy...not even then.
* "We have stopped spinning." A [[TheBigDamnKiss Big Damn Kiss]] ensues.
* Much like in the book, Harry[[spoiler: attempting to sacrifice himself to save everyone else.]] Especially the jerk-ish Harry telling everyone he loves them before he goes.
* A {{Jerkass}}ish-yet-cute moment from Ron.
-->'''Ron:''' ''(to Ginny)'' No kid sisters allowed! Besides, there's only room under the Cloak for two people, so...\\
''(Hermione and Ginny both look downcast.)''\\
'''Ron:''' ''(staring to leave)'' ...C'mon, Hermione, Cloak.
* Hermione's genuine worry for Harry's safety.
* Cedric and Cho's SickeninglySweethearts moments are kind of cute in their own way.
* Voldemort acknowledging Quirrel's his friend.

!From ''A Very Potter Sequel''
* Harry's at the end of [=AVPS=] is basically the fandom in a nutshell.
** Harry's speech became especially heartwarming after an extremely similar line in Rowling's speech at Trafalgar Square. The words "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home" had many in tears.
* Draco finding a SecondLove in [[spoiler: Luna]]. Even for people who loathed the Draco/[[spoiler: Luna]] ship, it was still sweet.
** [[Theatre/MeAndMyDick Sometimes the ship you love turns out to be the ship you initially disliked]]?
* Hermione's girl-power anthem in [=AVPS=], "The Coolest Girl".
* The entirety of "To Have a Home".
* Draco finally dancing in [=AVPS=], to stand up to Lucius.
* When Sirius and Lupin decide that ''they'' should be the best friends.
* Ron's attempt to cheer Hermione up with the Spider-Man/Venom metaphor. Considering he was normally a real {{Jerkass}} to her even by her overall {{Buttmonkey}} standard of treatment, it was surprisingly sweet.
* Snape seeing Lily in the mirror in the sequel.
* When Snap switches out Umbridge's Love Hand with a feather, it shows how much he cares for the student.
* The last medley of ''Days of Summer'' and ''Get Back To Hogwarts''.
** ''You're the part of me that makes me better wherever I go...''
* Sirius's admission he see's Harry's parents in the Mirror of Erised too earns an audience Awww.
* "Guys Like Potter" makes you feel pretty sad for Snape, but one line is pretty heartwarming.
--> "He'll never ever think her perfect as I thought her..."
* In AVPS, Draco's upset because his daddy hasn't written to him all year. ''Hedwig'' of all people is the one to comfort him.
* Lupin after Harry wins the Quidditch match: "Your dad would be so proud of you, and his best friend is so proud of you."
* The reveal in the sequel that Ron's headband was given to him by Harry, after Harry realized he didn't need to hide his scar anymore.

!From ''A Very Potter Senior Year''
* [[spoiler:Senior Year's 19 years later.]]
** [[spoiler:Harry singing "Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts" to his son.]]
** [[spoiler:Voldemort and Quirrel dropping off their daughter at the Hogwarts Express.]]
** [[spoiler:Voldemort having let go of his hatred for Harry and reflecting how Harry Potter has taught him to care for others and brought him a family.]]
-->'''Voldemort:''' He taught me how to love. And I guess that's what [[RealitySubtext Harry Potter is all about.]]
* The first Voldemort flashback, with him as a little kid excited about being a wizard.
* Dumbledore to Voldemort, and the Man with the Beard to Harry: "There's only two things I love in the world, and one of them is you."
* Ron's pouring out of his emotions to [[spoiler:Petrified!]]Hermione in "I'm Just a Sidekick".
** Not only that, he acknowledges and accepts that he's "just a sidekick" with ease, which is nice to see after seven books (and eight movies) of Ron struggling with being second-best.
* [[spoiler: Ron's proposal.]]
* The fact that almost every Starkid actor came back to perform. And then at the end of the credits thanks to those who weren't there.
** And Evanna Lynch playing Luna, showing true recognition from someone involved with the franchise.
* [[spoiler:Scarfy and the Sorting Hat's goodbyes and kiss.]]
* Harry's final goodbyes to everyone, including [[spoiler:acknowledging Draco as a friend at long last.]]

!From ''A Very Potter Christmas''
* [[spoiler:Dean and Seamus are HappilyMarried.]]
* [[spoiler:Despite being bewitched by Draco's love potion, Hermione still comes back to Ron in the end.]]
* James, despite his characteristic bluster, is very open about the fact that all he wants is to be in a "tender, monogamous relationship" with Lily.