Heartwarming / A Knight's Tale

  • Will going to the banquet and dance with Jocelyn is very cute. When the dancing begins, Ademar tries to humiliate him by asking Will to demonstrate a dance from his homeland. Since Will only just learned how to dance, he stumbles through a few steps before Jocelyn joins him and has the rest of the guests start dancing. The two then can be seen dancing together, laughing and having a wonderful time, while Ademar silently seethes.
  • Will's friends helping him write his love letter to Jocelyn ("I miss you like the sun misses the flower").
    • It's made even more emotional by the fact that all of the words were inspired by past loves that Will's friends had. Wat and Roland draw theirs from girls they were in love with and Kate ends the letter with words her dead husband always told her about having hope.
  • After Will has been beaten and battered loosing the first half of a tournament, then coming from behind spectacularly to win it, all at Jocelyn's request, Chaucer sees her entering Will's tent. He smiles softly and says "Bed him well, my lady. Bed him well."
  • Will's reunion with his blind father, which doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • "Yes William, with the pigs."
  • William's friends standing by him while he is arrested and put in the pillory, protecting him from being beaten and having vegetables thrown at him. William even tells them to leave and let the crowd have him. Roland's response?.
    Roland: God love you, William. So do I.
    • Doubly so as it's a Call-Back to their earlier exchange, when Will was first convincing them to go along with his mad "pretend I'm a knight" scheme:
      Roland: God love you, William.
      William: (grinning ear to ear) I know, I know, "no one else will."
  • "Your men love you. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough." The Black Prince, freeing William from the pillory.
    • And he goes on to say "But you also tilt when you should withdraw, and this is knightly too." William truly is a knight in his heart, far more so than his rival.
  • Chaucer's introduction of William at the final tourney, with Jocelyn and John Thatcher listening from the stands:
    Wat: Sir William Thatcher, that's your name. Your father heard that.
  • Prince Edward openly roaring his approval of Will's victory and kissing his Lady out of happiness.
  • And of course, the final shot of the film, Will and Jocelyn's Big Damn Kiss
  • "Sir Thomas" grows increasingly disappointed as knight after knight withdraws from the tournament rather than ride against him. It looks like Will's team is going to withdraw too, but then Will tilts anyway. The smile on Thomas's face as Will comes charging toward him really sells the scene.