Heartwarming: Final Fantasy IV

  • Everytime "Theme of Love" plays when a heartwarming moment happens in the game.
  • Rydia, in her adult form, comes to save her friends from a powered-up Golbez.
  • After Edward saves the party from the Dark Elf, Tellah admits that he was wrong about him, that he's proud to have him for a son-in-law, and that he'll avenge Anna for both of them.
  • Cecil saying goodbye to Golbez and calling him "brother" (for the first time, in some translations).
  • The late King of Baron giving his power to Rydia so he can help you.
  • When you beat Odin, this exchange happens:
    ''You have grown strong. You must protect Baron with your strength. You must protect the world with your strength. I shall fight along side with you as Odin."
    • Especially since he was the former King of Baron before he got killed by an elemental lord and is accepting Cecil as the new leader and guiding force of Baron.
  • The Powerof Friendship scene right before the final battle with Zeromus.
  • At the end of the DS version, there is one extra touch: when Golbez turns around to say goodbye to Cecil, he symbolically appears as Theodor.
  • The ending.
    • Even better: the final image of the game in the DS version, in which Theodor and his parents watch over the earth from the second moon.