Headscratchers / Zekkyou Gakkyuu

  • In the very first story, The Devil's Game, the warning is that if you reset the game, all achievements and results up to that point would be erased. There are two ways you could interpret this — either she gets reset to back before she picked up the console, or she gets erased from the timeline entirely. (It doesn't just say in-game achievements) Instead, when she resets it, she's sucked into the console. Bwuh?
    • Well, she was presumably erased when the game was turned off afterward...Maybe that's what it meant.
  • The Last White Day has a student kill himself and... bakes himself into some cream puffs, which are then delivered to the girl he has a crush on? If he's dead, how could he continue to mix himself into the batter? And that's ignoring the ability to use scissors from within...