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Headscratchers: YouTube
  • Why is it that just about anything can spark a religious debate on YouTube? I can't count how many times I've seen a completely benign video, or one with very brief religious allusions, have half its comment section drowned by people bashing each other beliefs. One example that really got me thinking was a video some college kid made about how to get into Harvard. It wasn't until the last 40 seconds that he says something to the effect of: "I didn't think I could make it, but I guess God had a plan for me. I followed the steps I just told you, I worked hard, and here I am. If I can do it, so can you. Good luck, and thanks for watching." Oh, and there's a small slide with a quote from Psalms.
    • Does anyone now talk about his college-tips that made up most of the video? No. They actually talked about what a retard he is for being a Christian. And then the insults, testimonials and "evidence" start flying back and forth (and into the poor kid's inbox probably). When that has nothing to do with the point of the video. WHY?
    • ... Because a Vocal Minority of most people are dicks? I don't see the confusion here.
    • I have a story relating to this actually. A while ago (about a year, roughly, I think) I got enbroiled in a pretty intense debate on YouTube. It all started when my Muslim friend commented on a video about blue whales, saying that they were God's most magnificent creation... Next thing he knows, some militant atheist replies- screaming that this infringed his rights as an atheist. I joined in, in support of my friend (I'm a Christian). This video debate went on for, like, a month. At the end, we actually became friends, and we respectfully said goodbye as we departed. Anyway, my point is that people will use anything as an excuse for a small verbal fight.
    • I was listening to some video game soundtrack titled after "God's wrath" or something similar. I should not have looked the comments as it was full of religious hatred a la
this video is atheist propaganda. When I asked what's all this nonsense someone asked me if I'm atheist. When I said "agnostic", many attacked me and I even heard that atheist scum like me are reason why family values are dying out. Best was PM that I'm going to burn in hell. I learned important lesson - if you're atheist or agnostic, don't say it out loud -you'll make religious fanatics attack you.
  • While religion debates are common, you can also find heated arguments about pretty much any subject on pretty much any type of video. Case in point, this troper once saw a passionate Communism vs. Capitalism debate.....on a Fifty Shades of Grey video.
  • Also, why is it that there are so many paranoid, all-caps rage conspiracy theorists whenever an argument breaks out? I see this a lot more in the top videos.
  • The problem is, most Youtubers don't think about what they're going to say before they say it. They see a comment that offends them, and they immediately reply in a rage, while their blood is still hot. The person who they reply to does the same thing, and so the vicious cycle is started. If YouTube commenters would actually think for two minutes before replying (or deciding not to reply at all), there would probably be way less petty, ugly flame-fests.
  • Religious debates aside, what's with anything sparking up debates about Bronies now?
  • Because brony haters and trolls see that someone's profile picture is set to an My Little Pony character, and then chip in to an already existing conversation, and say that that person's entire argument is invalid, usually using the words "faggot" and "manchild" within the same sentence. The comment section is then either forced to defend the fan or attack him, leaving us neutrals wondering what the fuck the big deal is. Again, people are dicks.
  • This is just me, but why do people put fan-dubs of their favourite Anime Theme Song (of them singing) just for Youtube to take them down? Is it illegal to make an English translation of a well-known Foreign song and sing it?
    • It sounds like something Avex Trax would do, especially with artists like Ayumi Hamasaki, on cover videos. Avex Trax are such dicks when it comes to copyright. May I please just hear a Japanese song on YouTube without your name flashing across my monitor with a message that reads 'This Video was deleted'?!
  • You know how whenever a new episode for an anime comes out and you have to scramble to find subbed ones before they get removed? Why do they only remove the English subs and not the Spanish or German ones?
    • Simple question of popularity and probability. Between the U.S., Britain, and English being the lingua franca of the modern world, the majority of internet users (and, by extension, YouTube users) are English speakers. English subs therefore get a lot more popular than Spanish or German subs, and they are more likely to get themselves noticed by the copyright holders who will then send a letter to YouTube asking them to take them down.
  • Why are there multiple copies of a popular video when the original is still intact? I can understand if the video was flagged, but if it's still available? Really?
    • Maybe they saw a copy from another site and uploaded it to YouTube without knowing the popular video was already there. Then there are the people who know, but do it any way so they will get views. A video with a lot of views brings status, even if it is in their own heads... it's kind of hard to explain. In gift economies, like YouTube (where people go through the effort of uploading videos for others to see and pretty much no gain to them at all), there are ways, such as view counts or diggs (if you go to that site) to measure your worth in some way. They are a sort of scavenger, if you will, getting some free reputation by reposting something that something that is already popular. It's part ego, part perception of self-worth, part something hard to define. Oh, and there is also redundancy, in case the original video gets taken down. That's good, too.
  • What the heck is with the orange box things in the comments?
    • New tags for finding videos.
  • A few months ago, my school apparently set up YouTube's Safety Mode on all computers. What exactly are the standards considered for a video to be "unwatchable"? I can understand videos containing violence, swearing, etc., but I couldn't listen to a song from a video game, a song that was purely instrumental at that! Is it (maybe) because of the comments?
    • "I can understand videos containing violence, swearing, etc." I can't. Allow a little censorship and more follows, either because "objectionable content" provides a good excuse to silence people whose opinions you don't like or (more likely in this case) because the censors have got no incentives to reduce false positives and every incentive to make sure not a single site with "controversial" content pops through, leading them to be very, very conservative in their algorithms.
      • Ah, Captain Overreaction, I'm glad you could make it. He said it was set up by his school. If they allow videos with "R-rated" material, they could get the crap sued out of them by a parent.
      • Nothing? In that case, let's allow access to paedophilia. Some people view it as perfectly legit. And porn in general - after all, it's perfectly natural for a man and woman to have bum love.
  • There was an entire album on Youtube and ONE of them was deleted because it was owned by UMG. I'm glad the rest weren't but... what?
    • Similar thing happened with me. I watched The Good The Bad And The Ugly in parts on Youtube, and the only scene that had been taken down for copyright was the last scene. And another channel filled with The Avengers clips only got one taken down, which was the one I liked... (Pepperony)
  • Security Updates, "Please input your mobile phone number"... what?
    • More properly, first, I do not want to give Google and Youtube my mobile phone number, my Inbox is flooded with enough spam and mails that I don't give half a damn about anyway, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Second, what if I don't have a mobile phone? What about all those users that actually don't? Does Youtube really not care about the fuss they are causing to these users?
    • No, they don't. Didn't you know that already? The people working on Youtube now only hear what they want to. Any complaints, no matter how legitimate or widespread will be promptly and efficiently ignored in favor of the small, quiet minority that are being paid under the table to say that they like the changes.
    • As a matter of fact, two-factor-authentication, which is done by something you know (the password) and something you have (nowadays, most likely a phone) is a straightforward, handy, effective and all around highly recommended way of securing your account(s), even if one uses password managers (that can be compromised anyways).
  • The difficulty in posting comments on a video. I type up my comment. I click post and a green 'OK' appears next to the cancel button. What do I do next? Do I click the 'OK'? Do I let it stay that way for awhile?
    • You basically need to refresh the page, sacrificing your place in the video if you have it playing, or click 'All Comments'.
    • It's become even more difficult to post a comment on Youtube now that they now have "Comment Pending Approval".
    • I open up the "See All Comments" page in a new tab and refresh that after every comment I make.
  • Why does uploading a video give you the option to not make it available on mobile devices? And more importantly why do some people use that? That's just losing views right?
    • Could be done for size options, compatibility options, software options, or just because they don't want people to distract themselves when doing something important like driving or at the dentist's office.
  • Is there a way to set it up so you can't see any comments at all? I'm done dealing with the Fan Dumb and Hate Dumb, I'd be a genuinely happier man if I could no longer see any comments at all.
    • Firefox (or Chrome if you prefer) has the stylish add-on where you can download a style to hide them.
    • Original poster here, and I use Chrome. Could you tell me more about this add-on?
    • Here's what I use should work in Firefox and Chrome, you just need greasemonkey.
    • Alternatively, you can just not scroll down.
    • Are there such apps for the iPad or any other portable device?
  • How'd people get tired of the "arrow to the knee" jokes faster than the "number of dislikers/thumbs up if/Justin Bieber" jokes? They weren't around nearly as long and weren't quoted that much more than the others.
    • Well "arrow to the knee" jokes really only applied to gamers, sure other people knew about it, but Justin Bieber jokes appeal to a larger audience.
    • Arrow to the knee was, by my memory, every third comment. Justin Bieber ones I typically see once every 30 or so.
      • Really? Then again though we must look for different things - I primarily look for music on YouTube with some gaming videos, and I would see "Arrow in the knee" every 30 comments or so. Bieber meanwhile is on every single video.
    • They used to like that joke, but then... well, you know.
  • Blocking another user. I don't know if it was different before the changes, but I blocked someone, and he still had the ability to send me a message with the blocked account. So pretty much, blocking is useless?
  • Why is it that whenever a Youtuber is suspended, every single one of his/her videos get removed from the site forever, even when they don't infringe copyright, or even have anything to do with the offending video or its "proper" owner? That's just ridiculous!

    Even DeviantArt lets people view the work of a user that was banned from the site, even the stuff that got them banned to begin with! Wouldn't it be easier to just delete the offending videos, and disable the option to upload further videos under that channel? This is a serious problem, because this is how a lot of the good videos on the site get Lost Forever, not because they infringed copyright, but because the user that uploaded it got suspended over a completely unrelated video.
    • If You Tube have received multiple content violation notifications about a particular user then they probably find it easier to just delete the lot rather than go through every video and figure out which ones are legal.
  • When are Ad companies going to learn that most people who're going to see the ads are wearing headphones? So they shouldn't use "It works on tV" as an excuse to blare ads so loud you can hear them from Kazakhstan. When you play it on TV, you're in a larger room. When you have headphones on? It goes right in your ears.
  • Why is it that they seem to have a higher priority of banning copyrighted TV shows than porn? The tv shows get taken down after a month at longest, but I can look up something completely innocent and the sidebar shows naked people. What gives?
    • Because companies will sue the crap out of YouTube if they don't take down the video. Not the same for porn.
    • What part of youtube are you on? I don't see so much as boobs unless I fall into the weird part of the site.
  • I'm surprised some companies look the other way about uploads of obscure or otherwise forgotten series. Yes, it's technically copyright infringement, but it's a Gray Area (not Grey and Grey Morality) isn't it? The question is about whether they'd want to sue over it - although it has happened, it's probably for higher-profile series, isn't it?
    • I received a copyright strike for putting up some old Cartoon Network commercials. To my knowledge, these commercials will never be reused for watching using any means (home video, streaming, etc.), so they have essentially reverted these commercials back to Keep Circulating the Tapes. I put them up in the first place because I was sure I would not get in trouble due to these commercials' status as forgotten by the source company.
  • This is seriously baffling me: I figured the "top comments" were for the comments with the most likes, but I have spotted my own comments in the top comment section no fewer than three times without having any likes (when I wasn't even logged in, so I don't think it's a personalization thing), and sometimes I will find comments with likes in the triple digits buried deep in the thread while the top comments have something like 4 and 12 likes. So... if it's not about likes, what is it about, and if it is about likes, then... what's going on?
    • I think it depends on the video's amount of views. Did these videos that your comments with no likes have a very small amount of views? Also, top comments aren't necessarily always for the comment with the most likes. After another comment gets (I think) six likes, it pushes out a previous one to become the next top comment.
    • Smallish, I guess; 4-5 digits. What seriously confuses me is that in every one of those cases, the content of my comment was basically the same. I've been watching an old series and making several comments, a few regarding how well the show exploits the Rule of Empathy around a Woobie/Chew Toy pair. Every comment of mine I've seen in the top comment section with no likes was one of those, so it seems like an odd coincidence. I figured it might have something to do with being posted more recently, but on at least one of the videos there was a newer comment. But I guess I understand better now what's going on with those buried popular comments.
      • Wait, do comments with exactly one like show up at all? That might be the issue. I don't remember the last time I saw a comment with one like, but I see comments with two likes as well as top-comments with no likes often, and it's possible what I thought was a buggy response was just not showing the exactly one like.
      • I have never seen a comment with only one like. Two is the highest I've seen. Thus I'm willing to bet that two likes is the lowest it ever shows.
  • Does the "not spam" button actually do anything? It's a shame to see trolls using it to bury funny high-rated comments, and to find that no matter how many times I return to click "not spam" for it, nothing ever happens.
    • Agreed!!!
    • It doesn't even seem to be pretending to work anymore.
  • How about the terrible comment section lay out? It's one big confusing clusterfuck.
  • So I was recently in a debate that was, admittedly, only tangentially related to the video. I come back to see that every comment in the debate, including the original, has been deleted... except for my first reply. This leads to two questions: What are the criteria for deleting comments that would cut most but not all of a tangential debate? and What use is leaving the reply to a comment that was deleted?
  • How come the comments with "too many negative votes" get hidden... only when you're reading replies to them? Wouldn't it make more sense for the comments with too many negative votes to be hidden unless you were reading replies to them? Most people looking for reply context are going to click them open anyway, while it makes no sense to hide something that's already behind a link while also leaving it plainly visible.
  • What is with the small 'video preview' button that shows whenever you put the mouse onto the video's red-bar? It ruins suspense (when you're watching a horror movie) when a 'small image' of the monster pops up so you can just not get frightened- or just skip to that moment.
    • The preview feature makes it easier to find specific moments in a video that you'd want to skip or start from there, rather than to keep clicking the minutes and not finding what you wanted. Also, some people really dislike screamers.
  • What is the deal with the whole 144p thing? I can't find a straight answer.
    • Believe it or not, there are still some people out there who have either a really slow internet connection, or a really old and outdated computer (or both). I got my new computer last year (Windows 7, 8GB RAM, 582GM diskspace), but before that, my old computer (XP, 512MB RAM, forget how much diskspace but I was down to 9MB of freespace due to a virus), and even then, 360p playback was choppy. Even 240p was choppy in that machine's final days.
  • Okay, here's something this troper does not understand about these new One Channels (well, nothing makes sense about 'em, but still...): why is it that YouTube feels the need to completely mess with the logos when they're uploaded? I uploaded mine the other day, and the brightness, contrast, and saturation has been messed with, making the logo look like the picture on an old-fashioned, washed-out TV screen.
    • When you upload a banner, there's an "Auto-Enhance" option that's enabled by default. Disable it, and you should be fine.
  • Why is it that YouTube can't seem to buffer the videos, yet the ads will buffer and load in hi-res?
    • The ads are probably preloaded in the YouTube player itself so it doesn't have to load the video from the actual URL. I've actually had experience where the ad quality would lower automatically when it would need to buffer. In that case, it probably doesn't automatically go hi-res by default, it just picks a quality that is appropriate for the computer and broadband speed in question. It could also just be a precausion in case the ad has a "skip ad" button (and most of them do) so people will have to watch at least some of the video and not take advantage of the ad buffering.
  • Why does Google keep trying to tell me to use my real name on YouTube when my username is "Hard to read"? Really? I have no numbers in my name... My real name is in Greek. Exactly how will that be "easier to read" than a username in all english characters?
    • That is annoying. For the vast majority of users, YouTube is a hobby site. For some others, it's a website with channels based on professional web shows. Neither one of those things would likely need/prefer a real name channel. Another thing about that that seems odd is that these usernames are ones we picked, on purpose. Why is it acting like we don't want them?
    • Google is trying to make YouTube more like a social media site. Someone at Google apparently thinks that people are using it as a virtual hangout between friends.
      • It's because Google is fully aware of the GIFT, and they are trying to strip anonymity from the Youtube Trolls.
  • In its early years (until 2008 or so), YouTube had a "featured" section with some new, hand-picked, high-quality videos. Do they still do that? If so, where can I find it? If not, why?
    • This seems to be the equivelent.
  • Not sure how many Tropers paid attention to Comedy Week, but it's an example of what this troper means when he asks: Why is YouTube trying to be TV?
    • Two theories: 1) They keep trying to compete with sites like Hulu and Crackle; 2) There's this belief among the general public that TV will soon be obsolete and that consumers keep turning to the internet to watch programs.
      • (OP here.) I don't have a problem with people converting from TV to the Internet, but the problem is when the Internet side tries to do things like make live-streams ("broadcasts") a thing. That, and YouTube abandoned their roots (viral videos) and the creators that started on their site, only to hire big-name comedians... On another note, Geek Week seems to be going better than Comedy Week went.
  • So YT redesigned the homepage again, and they removed the menu from it, which begs the questions... what in the hell did they do that for? Now we have no access to our subscriptions! The "what to watch" feed they forced us to look at on the homepage rarely contains uploads from our subscribers, just everyone else's activity feeds (what they comment on, like, favorite, etc., of which is of no interest to us), and recommended videos. What the Hell, Hero? (though YT certainly ain't no hero to us).
    • I just visited YouTube and the subscriptions are still easily accessible.
    • I'm just gonna point out (also for the entry below this one) that you can bookmark the Subscriptions page and not have to deal with "What To Watch." It comes in handy when you just want to see your subscriptions.
  • Why is YT now adding uploads to our homepage from people we're not even subscribed to? If there's new uploads to be seen, I want to see uploads from people I'm subscribed to, not a bunch of random-ass channels that I don't even know, let alone care about.
    • The system looks for videos it assumes you'll like. Most of these videos are also likely Partners or are promoted in some certain way to take priority over those who don't.
  • Why is "How to & Style" one category? The two have nothing in common.
    • Perhaps because a lot of How-to videos are make-up and hair tutorials, among other things.
  • So, on some occasion, I've say, clicked on a three minute video, only for it to suddenly stop dead at, say, 1:09 and insist that it was only one minute and nine seconds long. How does this happen?
    • This seems to be a glitch. That's as far as I know based on the times it has happened to me.
  • What do the comments that say something like "I love pressing 8" mean?
    • If you press the number keys while a video is playing, it skips ahead. Pressing 8 would send you to the point 8/10s of the video in. Skipping to one scene over and over can sound funny, as can number combinations switching through snippets together.
      • On one occasion, I saw this video where someone kept walking backwards as soon as you pressed 5 over and over again. It was quite funny!
  • Why does one have to access their Video Manager in order to check their inbox? Shouldn't that be listed right under their username or in their userpage?
    • This is part of a forced integration woth Google+. It's to get as many YouTube users as possible to have Google+ accounts so the Google executives can turn around and say that they are a real competitor to Facebook and the like.
  • Does you tube show people's true colors? Every time I watch a video featuring a minority, some racist guy will show up and spout out racial slurs. Why can't these kids have fun without some close minded bigot harrassing and insulting them?
  • So, every time I open a new YouTube window and click on a video, then check out the audio volume, it's light grey, as if the volume is turned all the way down, but the sound plays at full volume. If I click on the audio bar, it returns to its normal red colour. Why is the audio bar grey?
  • Have people finally grown desensitized to all of the crap that Google does to YouTube? I've noticed that there's been considerably less backlash and outrage from people over the recent "Creator's Studio" fiddle-faddle, which has been one of the most senseless and inconvenient changes Google has ever made to YT.
  • It's obvious that new, non-partner accounts that are created are allowed to use custom thumbnails for their videos... so how come n00bs on YT get to upload their own custom thumbnails but current users who have been generating content for years can't? note 
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