Headscratchers / World of Mana

  • How is Bigieu/Isabella a villain in Seiken Densetsu 3 and a friend to the heroes in Sword of Mana? I've always considered Sword of Mana/Final Fantasy Advance to happen after SD3, though I could be wrong about this. Or are they even the same person?
    • Probably just a Shout-Out. The two Isabellas act nothing alike; just like how all the Mana games have had a Watts, and how Goremand is a lot lamer than Deathjester.
    • Identical ancestor, maybe?
    • The defining trait is that Bigieu was in love with her Dark Prince, just as Isabella loved Dark Lord. The entire game is just a Shout-Out to past Mana games, really.
    • Word of God is that all of the games are in separate continuities from each other, so they technically aren't the same person.