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Headscratchers: Wolf's Rain
  • Why don't any of the wolves become suspicious of Hige's collar, which he doesn't remember how he got, and contains a tag/transmitter and thus puts him constantly under surveillance of the evil nobles? Nobody asks Toboe about his bracelets, either. Apparently they're just not curious about things like that.
    • I figured both of those things were just wolf things. Wolves don't think the same way humans do.
  • What bugs me about Wolf's Rain is the zigzagging laser beams. Seriously. Almost everything else about this series rocks, but the fact that they screwed up the fact that energy beams travel in straight lines just gives me a worse migraine than Fox News's graphics.
    • So, you have no problem with wolves who've evolved the Jedi Mind Trick to look like humans or a girl genetically engineered out of FLOWERS, but God forbid insanely advanced weapons should zigzag?
    • Clearly, the Nobles have found a way to replicate the Omega Effect. I'd go into more detail, but my brain just went into WMG mode.
    • Or maybe they aren't lasers but some sort of guided energy packet that can travel at near-lightspeed.
  • What if they got poked while their illusion was up? It's supposed to be mental cloaking, so would they feel air (if nothing was there) or fur (if it was where they were)? Then would that break the illusion and they'd see a wolf?
    • The "I'm a human" disguise the wolves have is not like a full-transformation or a hologram. Instead, it's like a cloak of indifference. If you aren't looking for wolves, you'll see humans. Even if you are looking for wolves, if you don't really know what the wolves look like or if you get distracted, the human cloak comes up. Any human who bumped or poked a wolf-human would maybe get a flicker, but then would be indifferent about it. I also figured this was why the wolves stayed away form humans as much as they could, because it got too hard to maintain the illusion.
  • Also, why is Kiba shown shot in the arm and losing blood if the human form is just an illusion? Then, either the corresponding part of the wolf (as proof: when Kiba and Tsume battle during the beginning, Tsume's ear bleeds, as does his illusion's), or (look at the broken illusion of Toboe) it would be his flank. He shouldn't be losing blood, unless it's an illusion, yet he still looks like he's in pain.
    • You just contradicted yourself right there. "He shouldn't be losing blood unless it's an illusion?" Kiba got SHOT! Of course he'd be in pain and losing blood! Besides, if a human was constantly getting shot at and never getting injured, that would raise extreme suspicions. It makes sense to have the human illusions reflect their current states, and it also serves to visually heighten the impact of the scenes.
    • Yeah, if he got shot in the arm, it would go through air because there's really nothing there, but what if the illusion made it look like the bullet went to a different place? What I mean is, what if when Kiba was shot, it really hit his front leg, but we saw it hit his arm because of the illusion. Does that make any sense to you?
      • I've wondered about this, too. The wolves only come up to about the lower hip of their human disguises. If you're going for anything above the waist shouldn't you just hit open air? When they're crouching it makes sense that they'd get wounded in about the same spot that their human appearance seems to get hit in, but not when they're standing.
  • In episode 6, Kiba is shown without a shirt, covered in leaves, yet still he has magic pants...
  • Godiva Hair notwithstanding, why does Darcia keep his comatose girlfriend completely naked?
    • Wasn't she in a jar? maybe the jar juice doesn't react well to clothing.
      • No, that was Cheza. (She got to wear a sciencey jumpsuit.) This one... er, Hamona was lying on a bed with a bunch of tubes stuck in her.
      • Because Darcia is a mentally disturbed creep. Nobody can argue with that.
  • In the end, how did they do human things? They were resurrected, but did they change from being wolves in illusion to being able to become humans? Tsume is riding a bike and Toboe pets a kitten.
    • All three of them were very intentionally shown doing things that would have been impossible for them as wolves - riding a bike, carrying a full bag of groceries, picking up a kitten. What do -you- think the writers were trying to indicate?
      • They died, Cheza turned into seeds which re-started evolution, a billion years passed, humans evolved again and developed an industrial civilization, and the wolves' spirits got reincarnated in human bodies that just happened to look exactly like their old disguises. Or something like that.
      • Yeah, but in the first episode, Tsume was shown driving a vehicle which should've have impossible for him as a wolf (no fingers, opposable thumbs). We know he was still a wolf at that time, so how do you explain that?
      • IIRC, Tsume himself wasn't driving. One of his crew was, and he was sitting in the passenger seat with his arms crossed.
      • Oh, yeah, and the picking up a kitten thing? Remember that Toboe the wolf was freaked out by cats (although he eavesdropped on their conversations). Obviously in his new incarnation he's over that.
  • Something that always bugged me is in the finale, when the others are shown as having been resurrected as humans, Blue isn't. I'd be okay if Word of God confirmed whether or not she was alive, but I don't believe anything was ever confirmed.
    • I'd like to think that if the wolves got resurrected so did everybody else, and that Blue, Hubb, Cher, Quent, the old trailer couple, the fallen wolfpack, the Indians, the bookstore owner and his cat, the Hanabito, and all the other good (or at least not-totally-evil) guys, are around somewhere - there just wasn't time to show them.
      • What about the nobles? Specifically, Darcia and Hamona. I mean yeah, in the end Darcia wasn't great, but considering all the shit he went through and the fact that if the good characters get resurrected than she should be included amongst them, yeah. I feel like after everything in the series, they should finally be able to live happily ever in the new world or whatever together.
  • Why does Kiba, a white wolf, turn into a human with black hair, while Tsume, a grey-black wolf, turn into a human with white hair?
    • If you look at Zali (light brunet who's a darker gray than Tsume) and Moss (dark hair turns about Hige's color), it seems hair color doesn't match up 100% with fur color. I'd assumed the dark hair on Kiba was to offer a visual parallel with Darcia, and Tsume... white hair + black clothes = gray fur and badassness? * Shrug* Or maybe Toboe and Gehl just drove him to an early gray...
    • Or maybe they liked the white wolf motif for its mystical qualities, but they didn't want to give Kiba white hair because then he might have to deal with the stigma of being a White Hair, Black Heart
    • If you look closely, you'll note that the colours of their shirts correspond to the colours of their fur. Kiba's wearing a white shirt under his jacket, Hige's wearing a yellow hoodie, Toboe has a red button down and under the black leather Tsume's wearing a grey tanktop. Even Blue, once she gets a human form, shows this, with her jacket/top being the same black as her fur.
    • To add to that, if you pay attention to skin color and tone you'll notice that syncs up with their fur color, too. Kiba has the lightest skin color, Tsume's has a grayish cast to it, and so on, with Blue's human illusion having the darkest skin tone of the bunch.
  • Why are all the nobles spinning during their ritual in Episode 26?
    • Because spinning is cool, and they really liked the background music playing at the time.
    • I just thought it was how nobles danced.
    • Because having fun is part of life.
  • Okay so I'm just super confused about Manchurian Agent Hige. I don't understand how Tsume blames Hige for them getting trapped in Jagura's castle place. How can it be his fault? He didn't really lead them there, they were going there anyway to get Cheza. It's not like he took them there when they had been going somewhere else. And Tsume didn't even get captured with him he got captured because he was in the castle. Duh, you're going to get captured by the crazy evil noble lady if you're wandering around her place! And how can you be so bitter and angry over something he couldn't even control anyway? He was brainwashed! I know Tsume's an ass but the whole thing just sort of confused me.
    • You just have to chalk it up to Tsume having trust issues. It's more of a projection, really. He feels he betrayed his own pack (that's how he got kicked out and got that scar), so now he's afraid others will betray him. That's also why he never wanted to go with the other wolves in the first place and had such a hard time getting close to them emotionally.
    • Tsume also talks to an old woman (another wolf) when he gets captured; she specifically says that the one in her pack with a collar was a bastard who betrayed everyone when they got caught, and how they never got hunted down at all until he showed up. So there's that.
  • How is it that in the final episodes, our heroes turn out to be the last living things on the planet? The last city may have been thrown into chaos after the Nobles' failed attempt to reopen Paradise, but still seemed functional. For that matter, we don't see the fate of any other cities. How is it that our heroes automatically know that they're the last people on the planet?
  • Why didn't Cheza poisoned Darcia sooner? Maybe it doesn't really matter, when the Kiba and the rest of wolves reincarnated in the new world, but seriously - at that time she could save Tsume, Blue and Hige.

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