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Headscratchers: W.I.T.C.H.
  • We know that the Heart of Kandrakar cannot be taken by force, but only given over by the keeper. Therefore, before Cassidy got the Heart, Nerissa had to give it of her own free will. And if she did, how can the whole story about how Nerissa became corrupted and killed Cassidy because of jealousy make any sense? Either this is a plot hole, or the story the WITCH girls are told is a kind of Jedi Truth.
    • Not really. The comics make it obvious that The Oracle can take it. The only reason Phobos failed was because while he was technically the Oracle, he had not yet been given the full powers. The backstory of the Oracle position also supports this- the first Oracle chose guardians.
      • Well, maybe I just forgot. Would you please remind what was the issue where it is stated that the Oracle could take the Heart? As for choosing Guardians, I used to think that the team of Guardians is supposed to resign sooner or later, and only then their successors are chosen.
      • I reread the part and apparently, not even the Oracle can TAKE it. The Heart can however decide to leave on it's own, given a better choice. It's a living thinking thing. Likely what happened with Cassidy.
      • That or Nerissa too realized that something was wrong and agreed to pass it to Cassidy, but then went into withdrawal (she was all but stated to be addicted to the Heart's power) and became crazy.
    • And then, another thing bugs me: if the Oracle actually *could* take the Heart against Nerissa's will, why didn't he do it again when she returned to storm the fortress? He tried using Resonance, he sent the Guardians to fight, he started some ritual... but why, if he could just get the Heart, leaving Nerissa virtually powerless?
      • Forgot About His Powers. The Oracle could've teleported her into the sun, crushed with sheer mental powers(which actually is in 100000 ton range), wiped her memory, reality warped her into nothingness. Heck, he could've done this to any villain. And apparently, after rereading things, he couldn't take it away. Doesn't stop him from teleporting her into the sun though, as he's teleported Will against her will even when she had the heart. The Oracle is more powerful than even Elyon, who can purge an entire planet of evil within seconds. Arguably justified that he doesn't, he's not supposed to take action. The council as a whole however is allowed to do so.
      • And he could have done all this thing years ago, before Nerissa even were able to kill Cassidy. I remember Cassidy saying the Oracle let her die because they all played some role... Well, maybe the whole plot - from the moment Nerissa got corrupted and till her final battle with WITCH girls - was the Oracle's plan of some sort? He wanted Nerissa to become what she became because he needed such an enemy for some reason?
      • Of course, there is the age-old adage that says "power corrupts" with a bonus feature of "absolute power corrupts absolutely." We know that the figure of the Oracle is meant to be not so much an active leader as it is a placeholder for it. The Oracle is all-powerful, sure, but he is a figurehead because if the Oracle was to be corrupted, everything would go way, way South, hence, the "figure" is embedded with a non-interference policy. My take, anyway.
      • Confirmed by canon: the one time the Oracle took actively part to an adventure (namely pulling a Deus ex Machina to prevent the Interpol from finding the identities of the Guardians) he got impeached because the Congregation felt he wasn't justified enough. And when he took back the job (as the replacement and instigator of the impeachment had been revealed to be possessed by ''Phobos'' he managed to get enough freedom of action (not much, only the ability to make an urgent intervention without having to consult the Congregation) by having Yan Lin and Endarno as advisors and counterweight.
  • This is gonna sound like a strange question but...Taranee's hair when she transforms. WHAT THE HELL?! First off, none of the other girls' hair really seems to change. So why does her hair change? And why that style? I dunno but it just personally bugged me because I think her civilian hair style is adorable, but that weird...WHATEVER the hell that is...just doesn't flatter her adorable face!
    • I think it's for the same reason Will's guardian form is more endowed than the older version of Will. Probably she just likes that hair but her mom won't let her.
    • I always thought it signified her repression as she tried to be a "good girl" and the hair was indicative of her desire to break away and be independent (it's more for Wild Mass Guessing but that's my take).
    • I have always thought they were supposed to be dreadlocks, like her brother has, but styled in a way that it would not be hard to draw in dynamic poses. (New power made it worse. The hair the actress had in issue #104 looks better)
  • Does anyone know how the comic's storyline would have gone had the creators not been replaced?
  • From the cartoon, does anyone know why Cornelia's hair is made of feathers?
    • I thought they were leaves, her being the earth guardian and all
  • If Caleb was conceived seventeen years ago and Nerissa was only freed from her imprisonment after Phoebos rose to power (thirteen years ago), does that mean the whole drama over her going evil and being imprisoned only happened less than seventeen years ago? And in turn does that mean she was disguising herself as the mage and seducing men for fun before going full on murderous evil?
    • I was under the impression Nerissa was freed before Phobos' rise to power, and was actually the mastermind behind it. I mean, Phobos was a child at the time, and the Mage, as an adult and a woman of the Escanor line, had more than enough power to spank him into submission even as an old lady. That and Phobos did fight the Guardians before the Veil was raised, implying that Kandrakar sent its remaining Guardians (possibly with replacements for Cassidy and Nerissa) and Phobos (who was a child) somehow brought the situation to a point that the Oracle preferred to seal him in than continue the battle, something he just hadn't the power to do (in the cartoon Hay Lin, when the Heart was at full power, kicked the ass of an adult and experienced Phobos while weakened by a recent loss of life force, three or five Guardians at full power against child Phobos would have been embarrassing).
    • I thought it was the raising of the veil that allowed her to be freed since they couldn't keep an eye on her anymore. Maybe I'm just remembering things wrong however.
    • If you're talking about the cartoon, Nerissa's chronology makes no sense at all. The older guardians are said to have fought Phobos on Zamballa. While the cartoon only shows three of them (meaning that Cassidy was probably already dead and Nerissa imprisoned, since Kadma leads), they look young. When Cassidy's ghost meets Nerissa, they say it's been forty years - which would mean that Phobos has been active and up to no good since at least thirty years (otherwise the guardians should be visibly older on Zamballa, and perhaps have gotten a replacement for lost teammates?). However, even if Phobos was a fresh-faced forty-year-old tyrant, Elyon is only a teenager, which would mean Elyon's parents allowed the tyranny of Phobos for years while they worked on another child...? Not to mention that Nerissa tells Julian she's been impersonating the Mage, and Julian seems to know where to look for a grave and knows how old the grave is...
      • Vague attempt at rationalizing everything. For Phobos, it could be like in the comic book, where he's implied to be some kind of Eldritch Abomination who reincarnates periodically (with the one appearing in the series being the current one), thus Nerissa and co. would have fought and killed the previous one. For the grave thing... Julian and the Mage were really lovers and was the one who buried her after she was killed, only for Nerissa to wipe his memory and take the Mage's place in everything to keep her escape secret, and when she finally renounced the rouse Nerissa (who had grown to actually love him) restored his memories.
  • I know with the target audience the violence had to be pretty sanitized and bloodless. However they were already hacking around with everything from swords & battle-axes to medieval siege weapons to magical energies in the kiloton range soooo... all the rebels could think to smuggle across the veil were some radios, flashlights, and binoculars??? I think some assault rifles, shoulder launched ordinance, and copious amounts of mines & C4 would have gone a long way towards leveling the playing field against Phobos. No need to show the real results any more than they did with the equally bloody, crushy, and burny 12 Century toys Meridian already had.
    • They had no idea how to procure them in useful numbers. And even if they had (or decided to ransack the police armory), Irma (whose father is a cop with a gun in the house. I know from personal experience that responsible cops tend to beat Gun Safety in the heads of their children and, indirectly, grandchildren) would have freaked out and demanded the necessary Gun Safety, making the girls realize why it would have been an horrible idea. Besides, radios, flashlights and binoculars already give a huge advantage against someone who doesn't have them (radios allow better coordination (and World War II showed that inferior tanks with radios may overwhelm and defeat superior tanks without radio thanks to coordination), flashlights enable better moving at night, and binoculars allow to see much farther than with the naked eye and hit or run earlier)
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