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Headscratchers: Wii
  • Why is this page under "Real Life" while the DS Headscratchers page is under "Video Games"?
    • Because it can technically fall under either, and it just happened to be created here first instead of there.
  • The amount of emphasis they put into strapping the Wii controller to your wrist so it doesn't fly across the room or out of a window astounds me. I've been playing Wii for a couple of years and not once have me or my siblings or friends thrown the controller across the room.
    • They do it mainly just in case. Most people aren't going to need it, but some will, because stuff happens. Excited little kid and/or time and/or sweaty palms = disaster-in-waiting. The funny part was when Nintendo had to redesign the strap because it was too thin and kept breaking.
    • It's also to protect Nintendo from any lawsuits caused by smashed TV screens (yes, this has happened, I think there's a YouTube video somewhere...).
    • Like this, maybe?
    • By marketing to the casual gamers, Nintendo found out just how bad hand-eye coordination can be.
    • It happens a lot, and horror stories spread quickly, even when they're rare. In fact, there was such a height of accidental remote throwing accidents that only three months after the Wii's release Nintendo put up an ad offering owners of the first Wiimotes to trade it in for a free new remote with a thicker wrist strap. It most definitely happens, and they want to make sure the blame stays with the bad players, not their company.
    • It is for the various accident prone people (such as this trooper) who may accidentally throw the poor remote into the nearest vase, TV, person, etc. It The strap is meant to protect the remote and other people/objects.
    • Basically, if an accident occurs and they haven't warned you or provided safety measures, it's their fault. If they do provide the safety measures, and warn you constantly of the danger, any harm that may eventually happen is your own fault.
  • When playing GoldenEye Wii online, it frequently 'freezes'-even after playing a mere 30 minutes. But can be played for hours on any other game. It seems to have overheating issues too, due to the size of the cooling fan intake & exhaust, which are smaller than the Gamecube's
    • Local problem? I never had either of those mentioned.
  • "Hold A and B to start" they don't seem to do it as much anymore, but still...
    • How is this making you scratch your head in confusion?
      • This was probably made during the time it was called Just Bugs Me.
  • Why is the Wii treated as the Butt Monkey of the 7th-Gen consoles? The way some people dump on it and go on about it, you'd think it was the gaming equivalent of the anti-christ...
    • It's because it's popular among the casual folk.
    • Maybe because the Gamecube was such a letdown a lingering hatred is left for it which eventually passed to younger gamers who now blindly like the Xbox because those who were angered that Nintendo marketed the GameCube as a children-orientated console, are influencing them. That or it doesn't have enough violent video games, which is sadly a stereotype that most gamers are descending into.
    • Or maybe because it doesn't have enough of the other genres that many people like (For instance, where are the hell are all the RPGs?!).
    • Or perhaps it's because the specs are at best equal to the Xbox, an older generation console, however, The Wii does have some extra stuff here and there to make it count as a 7th generation system (The PC Engine or it's name in the US The TurboGrafx-16 was the same way, last gen parts but just enough stuff to make it count as next gen, and it did great in Japan, bombed in the US not because of hardware but Nintendo's hold of 3rd Parties at the time). If Nintendo put a bit more into it (like 256 mega bytes of GDDR 3 ram rather then 64 Mega Bytes of GDDR 3 ram, same with the 1T-Sram, 128 mega bytes rather the 24 mega bytes, GameCube's extra 3 mega bytes of 1T-Sram was replaced with eDram of the same amount, and again, 8 mega bytes rather then 3 mega bytes), a lot of other games would be ported to it.
    • Also, it has a poor cooling fan, terrible online (compare to Xbox Live, albeit it's free, but a bit of money a year so it'll be better is not a bad thing), and, as said, a a pretty lack of decent games compared to the 360 at least. The PS3 is getting there, though.
      • Comparing the Wii to the other 7th gen consoles is like comparing a minivan to a Ferrari. They are marketed to completely different audiences. The Wii is a great system if you want a more hands-on approach to playing video games. Some of the games are cheesy, but oh well. I play a great mix of games, from Call of Duty to Mario. The Wii is great for me, and I like that it is motion driven. If the Wii were stupid, the other companies wouldn't be investing in motion-driven technology to further their appeal. This is the next step.
      • @right above: It still doesn't explain why the hardware wasn't improved more than 40% to 60% (The 2 duck taped GameCubes say hi) . It hurts online, makes HD nearly impossible (the GameCube did have a 3D mode, that when off it can in theory do 1280 x 960p and 2560 x 1920i, that means 720p and 1080i can be done, however the only game that used the 3D was a prototype of Luigi's Mansion, and was removed from the Wii in favor of more polygons (500 million polygons per sec max compare to GameCube's 60 million polygons per sec max) and more TEV units (24 compare to GameCube's 8) to better compete with the Xbox 360 and PS3), and many of the other reasons mentioned above. It's not about comparing it so much as it really does lack a lot of stuff. We don't get a lot of the same games because of the half-assed attempt at new hardware. A lot of these complaints are fairly justified.
      • Most Wii fans would have no idea what you're talking about, and don't care. The Wii is marketed to a different crowd, one that does not notice graphic and hardware as much as Xbox360 and PS3 fans.
      • Obviously, the hardware was outdated to keep it cheap and accessible to a wider audience, the more casual (and poorer) video game players who don't want to spend an arm and a leg to play a few games once in a while. Judging by the Wii's sales, it worked.
      • Not all Wii gamers are casual or even poor gamers. This troper buys Nintendo consoles for the first party titles, especially Zelda. Which is the point. We (or Wii? lol) don't need ZOMG REALISTIC HD GRAPHICS in order to enjoy a video game. Regarding price though, if you're going to drop $500 on a a next gen console, that money would actually be put to better use building a Gaming PC. A $500 custom-built PC is leagues above an Xbox one or a Ps4.
    • With a demographic that cares more about shiny graphics than substance, the Wii will get hated simply for "bad graphics".
    • What it boils down to is that game journalists and gamers alike are so bent on video games being taken seriously as an entertainment medium that, to them, a system like the Wii is significantly holding the industry back. Wonder why its family-friendly image gets so much flack from the video game community? Why game journalists are so annoyed by the system's success? It's because it reinforces the notion that video games are "toys" and "made for children." Stigmas the game industry is trying desperately to overcome.
    • No, the stigma is from the gaming industry, that toys and things for kids are bad, and that being seen as "adult" is the only possible goal for gaming. It's people who think "family-friendly = kiddie" instead of actually allowing the widest audience possible.
  • Why did they call it the Wii? IMHO The working title (Nintendo Revolution) sounded much cooler and actually fit the console better.
    • The official explanation is that it's a pun on "We" and the two i's look like stick figures. "Revolution" was just a code name, similar to "Project Reality" (N64), "Dolphin" (GameCube), and if we are to believe the rumours "Project Cafe" (Wii U).
      • I thought Nintendo said that some countries couldn't pronounce Revolution.
      • For what it's worth, the name "Revolution" was more widely publicized than most Nintendo console codenames, because they released a lot of information about the console early on, before the official name had been announced. Having nothing else to call it, the gaming news media repeatedly referred to it by its codename, resulting in the unusually mixed reaction when the official name was announced.
      • Also, it was probably a little too similar to the Xbox 360 because 360 degrees = 1 revolution.
      • Also commenting on the pun explanation: In Japanese Internet lingo, 'w' means lol. It comes from the word 'warai' meaning 'to laugh'. So when they used the letter 'w', it was suppose to imply having a fun time.
    And while this is going into Wild Mass Guessing territory, I've always suspected that Nintendo were more clever than people give them credit for with the Wii's name. Imagine if they had come out and announced that their next console was to be called "Revolution", or "Super GameCube", or "Nintendo Freestyle"; it would have got a mention on gaming sites but wouldn't have been that big a deal and certainly wouldn't have reached the mainstream media. On the other had, when they gave it a name with toilet humour potential the internet absolutely exploded and even regular newspapers started talking about it, and then after they made the obvious jokes they started talking about the console itself. Free advertising is always a good thing, but for a console specifically designed to appeal to those outside of the regular games market it was absolutely critical to get the news to spread further than normal.
  • So...what do they call the Wii in France?
    • They call it the Wii. The entire point is that the same name is used everywhere in the world, which is why they didn't call it the "Revolution".
    • The Nintendo Royale with Cheese.
      • The 3DS is a 3DS, but they call it "Le 3DS."
      • You do know that Le just means THE right?
      • Probably not.
      • And we call it "La 3DS" anyway.
  • Why is their no RAP or TE stick for Wii? You would think that if Nintendo cared about more variety games on their system they would push to have these controllers since otherwise fighting and shooting games are just unplayable for many serious players. Good thing Tekken is coming to Wii U, since that will probably make it more likely that we'll get a TE controller.
    • I asked a fighting game enthusiast about this, and he immediately pointed out that the MadCatz TvC was developed for the Wii. Or is that not what you're looking for?
    • That stick is an SE. It lacks sanwa parts as far as I'm aware. And even if it was, a stick with seimitsu parts is also needed for stgs.
      • I had no idea what any of that meant. That probably answers the question. But I suppose it's worth elaborating. Fighting games aren't nearly as big on the Wii as it is on the HD systems. This is because as a genre, it's firmly hardcore, which isn't the focus of the Wii's marketing and thus not a high priority. These arcade pads are already a niche item in a niche genre. In addition, the HD systems also have a bunch of fighting games, whereas besides Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, the only traditional fighting game I can think of for the Wii is Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus, which was a port of the PS2 version and has no online play. That seriously puts into question the profitability of arcade pads for the Wii, as the number of people who'd buy them is so low compared to the other home systems.
  • If a friend/relative dies, is it in morally poor taste to delete their Mii?
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