Headscratchers / What About Bob?

  • Was any one else besides me just a little confused and somewhat disturbed by how exceptionally fond Dr. Leo Marvin seemed to be towards his sister? I mean, I suppose they were probably really close as kids, or maybe he likes the role of a caring and protective big brother (I'm assuming he is the older sibling), still, I've just never seen a man get really excited whenever his sister is around.
    • I got the impression they just hadn't seen each other in a really long time; she probably lives on the other side of the country or something. It seemed like her showing up to the party was a pretty big deal.
      • They did establish that she lives in Chicago, and they live in New York.
    • Dr. Marvin was also starting to suffer some Sanity Slippage at this point, so part of his reaction may have been due to his unbalance, or simply a bit of over-reacting in order to distract himself from his problems.