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Headscratchers: Welcome to the NHK
  • What the hell WAS that dream supposed to mean, anyway?
    • The snake/sword/apple/gun dream that Sato makes up, and then keeps bugging Misaki about the meaning, but she refuses to tell him what it means. The only hint we get is that it's apparently pretty risque judging by Misaki's reaction to it.
      • Satou just threw in all of the Freudian imagery he could think of to make Misaki feel uncomfortable.
      • Just look at the damn things! It's deliberate Freudian imagery for "PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS VAGINA PENIS PENIS". The actual meaning is that Satou made it up to mess with Misaki because he felt condescended to by her century-out-of-date, do-it-yourself psychiatry.
      • Yup, see above. In Freudian Psychology, anything that remotely resembles a penis is a penis. Anything sticking into it, is a vagina. So, he made up a dream that was...well, see above.
  • What's with Satou's T-shirt? The one with ХУЙ on it?
    • It means "cock" in Russian and is VERY vulgar.

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