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Headscratchers: Wakfu
  • A desert? On an archipelago?
  • If Nox can fly, what's the point of all those moving platforms in his base? He just hovers over them.
    • It's possible that he couldn't always fly, or at least couldn't when he made his clock-mech. This is supported in the prequel episode's climax, where he raises the earth he's standing on instead of simply levitating. Or perhaps he was thinking about his flightless minions when he had them installed. Just throwing it out there.
  • Okay, so I don't know Dofus, I just finished Wakfu, and I haven't read any of the comics (since I can't find them). So, by any chance, could someone explain to me who the hell is Master Joris and where does he come from? I mean, he completely destroyed an energy throwing machine that owned most members of the Five-Man Band, to the extent of killing one of them, and he did it in one blow! so he MUST be someone, and must surely have its own relevant backstory.
    • Though Razortime was already seriously damaged by the fight. All Joris did was deliver the finishing blow.
    • Joris does have a relevant backstory, it just hasn't been revealed yet. Ankama has announced that they are producing a feature-length film about him, which will then lead in to a Dofus cartoon. No word on whether or not he'll have any more of a significant role in Wakfu than he does already, though.
  • Where the hell can I watch this series? It looks very interesting, but I can't seem to find any episodes.
    • You won't find it streaming online outside of the official website (1 episode/week, generally), but you can buy the first season on DVD from Ankama Shop (both being French-language only).
      • The whole series has just (very) successfully finished a Kickstarter for an English dub on Blu-Ray.
      • As of 9/17/14, the series is on Netflix in both the French and English dub.
  • Okay, a pretty minor one, but... why would Maude wear Facial Markings when she has to hide her face behind a mask at all time?
    • She only has to hide her face when on the field.
  • How can Anathar create portals to the Shushu realm (dozens of them!) when it took a monumental amount of energy and concentration for Adamaļ and Qilby to do the same? Why does Rushu need his own Eliatrope at all?
    • The land of the Shushus is where Anathar belongs; I imagine it would have been easy for him to make a portal to there compared to Adamaļ and Qilby, who have never been (?). Him being able to create portals was temporary, as well — he could only do it because he touched an Eliatrope, so Rushu's probably looking for the real deal.
  • SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2 EPISODE 8! This may seem like kind of a stretch, but the fact that Eva and Grovy had gotten that far in their relationship so fast was... kind of astounding. They'd only been physically together as a couple for four episodes, for three of those episodes they were in the company of all their friends and probably unable to find a reasonable place to get intimate, they are terribly awkward with each other at that point, not to mention Grovy didn't even know what sex was just a few episodes before (unless he took Ruel up on that 5 kama offer). I find it hard to believe that they'd just jump that far that fast, but who knows, heat of the moment... anyone else find this hard to believe?
    • No. They had plenty of time and enough intimacy while back at the Sadida kingdom to do the deed. And given Grovy's very close call with death, it's entirely believable that they would want to upgrade their relationship as soon as possible, considering they got a strong reminder that life on the World of Twelve is short and that they should seize the moment.
  • Why does Nox's teleport spell fizz out at the worst possible times (when Grougal basically breathes a volcano on him in Episode 17 and when Yugo reaches for the Cube in the finale)? He's not even particularly hurt during the second one. I've yet to really see a clear explanation for this despite being such a critical plot point.
    • In first example, I always assumed Grougal had hit him with some anti-magic breath specifically so that he couldn't teleport out of the way. The second example isn't as easy to justify, but it helps to consider that while Nox is a genius inventor, he doesn't really seem to care too much for upkeep anymore. His magic and machines only need to last until he's ready to travel back in time, and he's perfectly content to run them ragged until then. The recent, nearby explosion probably didn't help either.
    • It could be that performing the teleport spell is just hard to do, so when panicking Nox can't concentrate enough to reliably cast it.
  • Little surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but why did Tristepin's mentor call him "Papa" in the season 2 finale?
    • He got Eva pregnant.
    • Also, as the special reveals, Tristepin is literally his father. Well, his father's reincarnation at least.

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