Headscratchers / WET

  • Okay... the style the game uses is really based in the Hong Kong action films of the 80s and early 90s or so — the sort of gunplay acrobatics and slow-motion we see were, as far as I know, really pioneered there... but its Painting the Medium evokes a much older theater experience... maybe about the 70s or 60s. Am I missing something? Is it just a case of the developers being hit with Newer Than They Think? Or am I getting an Older Than They Think issue? Or something else entirely?
    • I think the point was to have an action movie motif. They probably figured that the best way to get that across was to use the older movie theater experience.
    • It's just a bit of Follow the Leader: This game was probably being developed when everyone was talking about Stranglehold and Grindhouse, and this game seems to take a bit from Column A and Column B.
  • Tarantula has submachine guns. How come she never shoots them? She only really uses the bayonets.
    • My guess is because she's blind she's afraid she'll hit Pelham or something.
    • But wouldn't she be afraid of cutting Pelham, then?
    • You can't really hit targets far away when you're blind, now can you? And when they're close enough... why waste bullets?