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Headscratchers: Ultimate Spider-Man
Headscratchers related to Ultimate Spider-Man, the animated series.

  • So do you also celebrate birthdays of your DEAD family members, like Parkers do? Seems weird even if Ben died on his birthday, which seems by the way like unnecessarily cruel change.
    • Well, I don't personally, but its not that weird. Some people like to honour their late family and friends on their birthdays.
    • My step-brother lost his father, and on his birthday, they still did a small party. I wasn't there for it, as I didn't know him very well, but those close to him celebrated what would have been his birthday.
    • Fury said it had been about a year since he died. Nobody ever said it was that specific day. Could have been as much as a month between the events.
  • Doesn't Luke Cage's lack of a secret identity jeopardize that of his teammates?
    • Where does it say he has a public identity? He corrects Nova to call him Power Man in public, and he wears sun glasses while fighting crime, which for comic book logic is a good disguise that nobody will see through.
      • In the first episode he says he fights crime as Luke Cage, and Spider-Man comes up with the name Power Man.
      • Actually, Cage comes up with Power Man, saying if Peter can be Spider-Man then he can be Power Man
      • He doesn't fight crime as Luke Cage because he hasn't fought crime before he calls himself Power Man. Spider-Man was the only one of the five who had already been fighting crime. That's why he was important to the team, because he's the only one with the experience.
      • Maybe his real name is Carl Lucas?
      • Jossed as of "The Parent Trap"
  • Why did no one on the team think that Venom was back in "Back in Black"? They were kinda being asses about it towards Peter and not really bothering to think that it could be the same guy they fought not too long ago.
    • It could be because this "new guy" was pretty much only half the size of the creature they had faced before. Or possibly because they knew the symbiote's greatest desire was to reunite with Spider-Man, and would be completely out of control and wreak havoc in order to accomplish this desire, yet all the new Spider-Man does is to fight crime.
      • Probably the second one, since they should remember that Venom is a shapeshifter.
  • So why was Jameson supporting the black suited Spider-Man? Neither an explanation for this support or his hatred for the real Spider-Man are ever explained in this series. If I remember correctly, Jameson's wife was killed by a guy wearing a mask and that's why he hates everyone who hides their identity or something, so he should hate the black suited Spider-Man too.
    • Rule of Funny?
    • Hell if I know this show makes no sense
    • It's probably easy to assume that he thinks black-suit Spidey is a different guy from the one in red-and-blue he's used to seeing everyday.
      • That...still doesn't justify why he's pro-black Spider-man. He hates Spider-man because he wears a mask. That's NO DIFFERENT to Black-suit Spider-man
      • He endorses him because it makes Spider-man look bad. A lot of the time Jameson bashes spidey to sell papers, talking about how great the new one is while dissing the old one can help sell more
    • He says he can "really get behind" black-suited Spidey because unlike Spider-Man, black-suited Spider-Man created minimal damage to the city when fighting. He seems to hate Spidey and his team because they're always making a mess of the city, Spider-Man in particular. Every complaint outside being a "menace" is about damage to the city, such as to the billboard. It's got nothing to do with the mask, really.
  • Spidey not believing in magic during Strange. Never mind the strange feeling of deja vu for anyone who watched "Denial," did Pete conveniently forget that he worked with the friggin' Norse God of Thunder to fight his Evil Sorceror brother? During that episode he even referred to White Tiger's powers as "Mystic Tiger Mojo." So...why the sudden skepticism?
    • We, maybe it's because the other two examples could be explained by very strange and complicated science, like how many other skeptics in the Marvel universe see it.
    • It's really not as strange as it sounds when you think about it. Spiderman lives in a world where science has made Spiderman, Hulk and the Human Torch and even if they haven't been confirmed in this cartoon yet a world where a woman (Storm) was born with the ability to control the weather, and another (Mystique) can change shapes at will. Now why he wastes time arguing that he doesn't believe in magic instead of just treating it as science he doesn't understand is beyond me.
  • A simple question: Do the Avengers exist in the show's universe? Iron Man's around, and so is Thor, and I assume Captain America is active here too (he's only been glimpsed in imagine spots, but never actually seen in actuality). Are they avenging?
    • I'd assume that at the least, Iron Man and Thor are doing something at this, hence them recognizing Agent Colson and and Iron Man once mentioning the team or something in Iron Octopus. I assume that the Captain America episode will make this more clear.
    • An Imagine Spot in the Captain America episode featured Spidey using Cap's shield to assemble (and disassemble) the Avengers, so presumably they're active in this universe.
    • It's been confirmed by now, but since Fury was hunting down the Hulk when he appeared, the origins must be different from the movie.
  • In a mix of real life, considering that Nova's real name (Sam) is named after Jeph Loeb's late son, one has to wonder why he would do so for a character who's time and again proved to be the biggest Jerk Ass on the show...
    • Not to be mean spirited, but perhaps it was the showrunner's secret way to throw a Take That at their boss. Then again, Nova is now a canon character, so perhaps it was more of a coincidence.
  • Why did Octavius go from scraggly black hair and red lennon specs to bald with cybernetic eyepieces in the season finale?
    • Further deterrioration of his health plus damages from his fight with Spidey at the end of Iron Octopus, maybe ?
      • And then his hair is back again by the second season? (Looking much neater than before, I might add)
    • As for the specs, he probably thought he was going to need something more durable, since he had recently started doing hands-on villain things.
  • Does anyone else think they went with Sam as Nova because if they used Dick Ryder, it would be too unrealistic for no one to make fun of his name, but the censors wouldn't allow it?
    • That would be the reason.
  • When Electro took control of NY's electricity, why would things like Nova's game and Danny's I-pod be hacked? They're off plug, so how would they be affected by electro seizing the main grid?
    • Well, when they've got a man made of electricity maybe they thought having him being able to connect to and hijack wireless networks with magical electro powers wasn't unreasonable (hey, Tesla thought wireless precision electrical currents were a thing, and that's plenty realistic for comics!)
  • So wait, Flash bullys Alex O'Hirn in front of the school in broad day light? Where are teachers? Why is no one stoping him? I NEED ANSWERS PEOPLE!!!
    • Rules of drama. That's they way it is in any work of fiction that has Bullies in a school.
      • Hell, Peter himself didn't even care all that much. When Flash starts attacking O'Hirn after he finds the broken car, Peter does NOTHING to stop Flash. He half-heartedly asks Flash to stop but when Flash keeps being a dick to both of them, he just shrugs and takes it. If Peter had stepped up and smacked Flash down, the entire second half of the episode could have been avoided.
      • Such things happen in real life, too. In this troper's experience, teachers don't necessarily notice unless there's a crowd gathering or someone tells them.
  • In "Attack of the Beetle," Aunt May begins a relationship with Agent Coulson. According to press releases, the series begins four months into Peter's superhero career. Isn't it a little early for Aunt May to be dating? I don't think Uncle Ben has even been dead for a full year yet.
    • Season opener specifically says that it's been about a year since Peter started being Spiderman. This episode might be another 4 months after that (I mean we've already got seasons changing by this point).
      • The real question is if it's too soon for Coulson after the cellist.
      • It's also never brought up again, so there's that.
  • So, why is Alex working for Dr. Octopus? The first time we saw him he wasn't evil, he just wanted revenge on Flash and got carried away. He even sounded a little remorseful about it at the end. Doesn't seem like he would randomly team up with a group of evil villains afterwards.
    • Its said in the episode Doc Ock promised him more formula.
    • Plus, the fact that he's just a little kid who went through a bad time, Ock probably manipluated him into thinking it was for the best.
      • That brings up the other question of how was Ock able to do that when Alex would have been in SHIELD custody. Though you could probably ask that about every other Sinister Six member except Ock himself.
      • Well, Alex is a legal minor, so they probably had to release him into the custody of juvie.
  • How the hell do you get "pure aggression" out of Spiderman DNA to make Venom?
    • I think it's using the spider part of the DNA to make a creature that runs on pure instinct and aggression. It could also be a slight exaggeration of the symbiote's qualities.
  • Is Jameson just some "Angry About Spiderman" Correspondent on some network?
    • This does seem to be a greater exaggeration than other versions...
    • Apparently he's the CEO of Daily Bugle Communications. Maybe part of his contract is he gets 1 hour per day to rant and rave about Spider-Man.
  • During most of the first season Spiderman is a Fragile Speedster who is just a little stronger than a Badass Normal. But at the end of the first season he is able to defeat the Green Goblin.(The guy who easily defeated his companions.) How is it possible that Spiderman has trouble beating to a Badass Normal and still be able to defeat to the Green Goblin?
    • He stopped holding back. In the comics, Spider-Man's almost always holding back a lot of his strength to keep from accidentally killing someone, which is why he sometimes comes off as weak. But when he's fighting something a lot stronger (or is really, really pissed off), he stops holding back and starts being strong enough to throw jeeps at people.
    • Keep in mind that Spidey's been getting a lot of hands-on experience since the show started. Watch season 2, and it becomes clear that he's generally more competent than he used to be. He even takes on the Sinister Six without help and does pretty well. From what can be seen, Spider-Man can beat most single villains in a fight by himself, or he can hold his own against overwhelming forces but requires his team to bail him out and actually defeat said forces.
  • Is it my imagination, or does Ava's head change shape when she puts on her costume?
    • I don't know, but her hair seems to get considerably longer.
      • Her hair being longer could be explained by the fact that she changes her hair into a pony tail when she puts on the costume
  • Is it me or is the ten million dollar bounty a little odd as usually JJ wait for the web-head to be framed before he does that?
  • Iron Fist's comment about John Jameson needing to get used to his new form confused me. So is he stuck being a wolf/human hybrid or something?
    • Apparently yes based on the episode.
  • In "The Incredible Spider-Hulk", Mesmoro switched Spider-man and Hulk's minds. While the mind switching isn't odd, what is confusing is apparently The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body doesn't seem to be a factor. Hear me out. The Hulk persona was created when gamma rays hit Bruce Banner's body. Bruce's mind gets warped whenever hulks out. If you take the Hulk's mind out of his body and placed it in another, wouldn't the Bruce persona be the one in control as the the new body isn't mutated by gamma rays to influence his mind? That is if you consider Bruce and the Hulk as the same person. If you don't consider them that way, does that mean if Spidey had calmed down or something while in Hulk's body, his mind would go subconscious and be superseded by the Bruce persona? Speaking of which, for the same reasons that Hulk's body warps Bruce's mind, Spidey seemed relatively sane while in it. Sure, he had some moments of The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body but that was way more in control than Bruce had prior to this episode.
    • Possibly mesmero is just swapping the input and output jacks, and the minds are still running on the same hardware (e.g. Parker's sense are coming from Hulk, and his motor commands are going to hulk, but the actual synapses and core hormone responses are going on in his physical brain.) Mesmero's powers seem to involve hijacking control of people rather than actually loading a copy of his mind into their body, so it would fit.
    • Wouldn't Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. notice that Spider-Hulk is talking like a normal person? The show sometimes dumb them down for gags and jokes. Nick and his agents aren't idiots.
      • In the comics it's been seen that the Grey Hulk can speak in complete sentences so it's possible that Fury thought it was another version of the Hulk who was on a rampage... Plus how would you react if you got picked up the Hulk and get yelled at by him.
    • Some versions of the Hulk have made "the Other Guy" an issue Banner had before he got hit with the Gamma Rays due to him suppressing his anger (though nowhere near as bad or distinct as he got with Big Green). So maybe Spidey-Hulk was just a little more rage-y and Hulk-Spidey was locked into one of Banner's personalities.
  • In Beetle's first appearance, MJ makes Power Man & Iron Fist let her in by bringing up the whole "vigilante justice" thing. Soooooo, they couldn't just say "we're with S.H.I.E.L.D."? I need answers here!
    • I think her rapid questions just caught them flat-footed.
  • Why hasn't Nova had a character episode? Everyone else has gotten 1 or more to develop their relationship with Spidey and build on their own personality. Nova, the one who has the worst relationship is the character that most needs one.
    • He's finally getting one. "Guardians of the Galaxy" will be the Nova episode.
  • What I don't get is Nick Fury's comments in "The Incredible Spider-Hulk" about Jameson's having freedom of speech. It's clear that Jameson's rants have more or less become the material for a successful slander suit and has begun to effect Spider-Man ability to fight super-villains.
    • Yes, Spider-Man may be able to open a case against Jameson... except for a little detail: he has a secret identity, and no judicial case will ever begin if the accusing party conceals his real identity. Jameson would have a right for defense, and that includes knowing who is accusing him. As for freedom of speech, there's no contradiction: such freedom means that Jameson can say what he wants in his newspapers without censorship, but not that he can get away with it if he breaks another law by doing so. He only gets away with slander for the reasons I have just told, if he started doing the same with Tony Stark (whose identity is known) or Nick Fury (which would surely include revealing the top-secret information that SHIELD deals with), then he would have to call his lawyers.
      • True but I'd consider it after all the web-head is technically a SHIELD agent, and Jameson's rants have begun to make it difficult to do his job. Also you can be in a world like this SHIELD has made sure that there's a law that would protect people like Spidey's identity under some rule about being a special agent.
  • When Taskmaster was disguised as a gym teacher, why didn't he call himself "Coach Masters"?
    • To obvious. He couldn't risk anyone catching on to it being him.
    • I thought they also hinted that it wasn't his real face, but another mask.
  • In "I am Spider-Man", why did MJ say Trapster wasn't in the play if it included the Frightful Four? Even if it's an accurate retelling of the first time supervillains attacked Midtown High, Trapster should have been featured in the adaptation if there was no time to explain three Frightful Four.
    • He could have been left out for various reasons: couldn't pull off the costume/gimmick, not in there because he wasn't there then they attacked the school, was an unnecessary extra character, etc.
      • Was considered too lame of a super villain might also rank up there as reasons.
  • Why did SHIELD give Nova a jetpack?
  • If Sandman gets his power from contact with solid ground, how is he imprisoned on an island? Does the island float?
  • Why did everyone forget about the crimes Norman confessed to before becoming the Goblin and keep saying "he was crazy because he was the Goblin" crap?
    • If I recall correctly, the only one who knew the truth was Spider-Man, and it's highly possible that his friendship with Harry ended up clouding his judgment when it came to Norman.
  • "Venom Bomb". Did anyone else notice that Spidey's mask vanished when he put on the Iron Spider suit?
  • Inverse, how can anyone take J Jonah Jameson seriously? This guy cannot go a day without bashing Spider-man. Okay, imagine if Bill O' Reilly bashes Lady Gaga every time he appears, even in casual conversations. No one would take him seriously. Viewers would think he needs serious help.
    • This is the public of the Marvel Universe we're talking about. The same guys that have been proving Magneto right for decades.
  • What kind of a nephew would crack jokes and make puns while his poor aunt/mother figure is being targeted by a mercenary(Beetle)? Seriously, a missile was heading towards May. What does Peter do? He literally stops the scene to make a joke.
    • Exactly: this version of Spidey can stop the show, so he gave himself a few seconds to calm down so he could think straight. And, the main reason he's always wisecracking is so he doesn't loose his head.
  • Where the heck is Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch? The only FF 4 characters I see so far is Dr. Doom and Thing. Come to think of it, why isn't The Thing fighting Doom? Every time you see Thing, he's doing something comical.
    • Hey, Marvel animation has been giving the FF more attention than the X-Men lately. (And no, Wolverine doesn't count, for obvious reasons)
  • Are we really supposed to feel sorry for Flash in the Rhino episode? 'Oh poor me! I live in a gas station but I have a sweet car, immense popularity and a whole gang of fellow bullies, so obviously that is a good enough excuse to be a complete Jerkass to everybody and assault students in broad daylight! Feel bad for me!'. Sorry, but considering how violent Flash was with Alex and what he put Peter through, simply for the Evulz, it's going to take a lot more than that for me to feel bad for him. Heck, I was rooting for Rhino to destroy his house.
    • The "living in a gas station" thing raises so many questions. How the heck did Flash get into school if his parents aren't around? What if a teacher or principal wants to visit his parents or call them? Also, I seriously doubt teachers will be okay with a 16 year old kid living alone in an old abandon gas station. I love how Peter didn't help him find a new home after Rhino's capture.
  • Why are Doc Ock and Norman Osborn so obsessed over Spidey? It makes sense in the movies or even older comics when the rest of the Marvel Universe didn't really seem to share as much as they do now but there are simply better heroes lying around. Unless you're truly hung up on Spider Sense, Captain America is not only better but half the research is still lying around somewhere, Sabertooth, and Human Torch (Well Ben Grimm via Agents of Smash) is confirmed too. That's assuming you thought what Norman thought which was a straight one to one power duplication. Both Venom and Green Goblin suggest improvements are possible which frankly means the Hulk is back on the Menu and if you can figure out the formula for She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Red-Hulk, Abomination. . .pretty much anybody but Hulk classic with his control issues is a superior choice to Spidey and his middling strength and great agility but shit all else.
    • I'm gonna go with yes, it's about Spider-Sense. That would be a pretty useful thing to give your army.
      • Not better than flight or fire powers or any number of other extant super powers. It's an odd hang up. Especially since it doesn't routinely out perform Daredevil's enhanced hearing or Wolverine. . .being Wolverine.
      • That's mostly because Spidey has no idea how it works.
    • Assuming the spider he was bitten by was from Os Corp, Norman's narcissistic attitude would mean he thinks his methods are better than anyone else's. Hell, this show is (allegedly) based on the Ultimate Universe, so the spider itself may have been part of Os Corp's attempt at re-creating the Super Soldier Serum, so making an army of Captain Americas would have the same results, minus the wall-crawling and Spider-Sense.
      • Normon doesn't know it was from his spider until Doc Ock tells him. He was already obsessed. Though Spiderman is a better choice than Cap if we're judging by powers alone, the advantage with Cap is that it's seventy year old science (magic super science but still old) and judging by how many half assed clones show up clearly the information is still lying around in one form or another.
    • Spider-Man is considerably stronger than Captain America. The thing that makes Cap a force to be reckoned with is his Heroic Willpower, tactical genius, and leadership skills. Not his powers.
  • May and Sam being buddies.....are there many middle-aged women who would hang out with teenagers? If my aunt was taking my male best friend to the movies and ball game, I would feel weirded out.
    • Aunt May is a very active woman in Ultimate Spiderman and she took Sam and the team in as perhaps not full "children" but certainly as family. I'd be weirded out if my aunt took my friend to a ball game, but my aunt doesn't do yoga, bowl, krav maga and invite four teens to share her home. If she did that I'd probably shrug.
    • Also, Sam mentioned how lucky Peter was to have his aunt. Based on his comments it can be assumed that something happened to Sam's original family, and he may see Aunt May as a surrogate family member.
  • So after defeating Electro the first time, he reverts to his human form. How/why is he in his energy form (that was formed by a fluke) in every other appearance.
  • Season 3:
    • Spoilers aside, does Peter just up and ditch his old team after the lesson in teamwork the Goblin handed him on a silver platter?
  • Just what were Doc Ock's army in "Second Chance Hero"? Were they actual people, or did he grow them or something?
    • They were the symbiote spider-soldiers Norman had commissioned right at the beginning of Season 1, and he probably grew them. Whether they had hosts is another question that remains unanswered.
  • Peter's webbing being "expensive": I just started watching this series on Netflix and I'm noticing a lot of comments about how much Spider-Man's webbing costs. In every version of Spider-Man I'm familiar with, his webbing is generated from his body, as part of his spider powers. Shouldn't it cost nothing?
    • In the Ultimate Universe and the Mainstream Universe (What this show is based on), his webbing is non-organic. He has Webshooters in this too. It would cost him money because he buys it. (Or buys the ingredients to make it.)
    • In fact the vast majority of versions of Spider-Man don't have organic webbing. It was only the Raimi movies that did it. It happened briefly in the main universe before being reversed.
  • Okay, I guess I'll be the one to say it: why was Peter at Coney Island as Spider-Man in "Me Time", aside from making it so much easier for Doc Ock to find him?
  • In Doomed, just how is Doctor Doom number 1 on SHIELD's most wanted list? Given that this series shares a universe with Avengers Assemble, it's pretty clear that Red Skull is even worse than Doctor Doom. There's no denying that Red Skull is a major enemy of SHIELD, yet he's not considered number 1 on SHIELD's most wanted list. I can list a few reasons why technically, Red Skull should've been Number 1. First of all, this guy's a Nazi (hence, which is why Doctor Doom refuses to join him). Second, he is so megalomaniacal such that his plot to take over the world is FAR more sinister than Doom's, not to mention he has been trying to do so much more than Doom has. If anything, Doctor Doom would be the number 2 threat to SHIELD. If anything, it would've made more sense for Spidey to try to capture Red Skull instead of Doctor Doom.
  • The characters and stories in Hulk: Agents of SMASH and Avengers Assemble are a bit serious, but in this show, they act almost like looney tune characters. Why? It's hard for me to believe that all 3 shows are in the same universe when you have slapstick and 4th wall breaking in this show. For example, the villains are less goofy when they are in the other shows.
    • Part of it could be that we're seeing things from Spidey's irreverent perspective. And I'm not sure I'd say Agents of SMASH is much more serious - that's the show where the Collector talks like a comic book geek, and it has just as much fourth-wall breaking, albeit with the justification that they actually are making a web-series of their adventures.
  • Peter Parker is now attending S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, and the first episode of this new status quo clearly shows that he now lives on the Triskillion. So what, exactly, does Aunt May think is happening?
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