Headscratchers / T.U.F.F. Puppy

  • Fridge Logic:
    • If the Chameleon could turn into a fly, why didn't he just turn into one & fly out of his prison cell when he wanted to escape in his first appearance? At least in later appearances they had the sense to confiscate his transforming cybersuit.
    • "Operation: Happy Birthday" has a flashback for Kitty, showing one of her birthdays over the years. The magician is a mouse who she quickly devours alive with everyone gasping in shock. Makes you wonder why she doesn't see Snaptrap as a ten course meal.
      • Possibly due to either not acting on her cat instincts anymore (she was twelve the first time), or having standards in food.
    • When Dudley and Kitty wear sunglasses, how do they stay on? Their ears are at the tops of their heads.
      • In Dudley's case his nose keeps them on, in Kitty's case it's the Rule of Cool.
    • In "Doom-Mates" Kitty is killed eight times in a death trap, but after getting blown up in the same death trap twice the Chameleon is still alive.
      • Because it was designed to kill Kitty, not the Chameleon. Also, Rule of Funny.
    • In "Monkey Business", special mention is made of the fact that the Hunky Monkeys have opposable thumbs and talk about others don't. But everyone in the TUFF Puppy universe have opposable thumbs, it's how they make fists, hold things, and wield laser guns.
    • How could someone get spectacular gifts from the city for stopping Snaptrap from licking wallets and stopping the Chameleon from drowning when Dudley and Kitty stop worse things on a daily basis?
    • Why are some anthropormorphic animals closer to real life size than others (i.e: "Agent Rodenski" compared to Snaptrap)?
    • How is it that Kitty and Keswick do not know how to pronounce "apocalypse" (they pronounce it apo-claypse), but Dudley does?
    • Why is it that the second Birdbrain's mutant booby comes into existence, he's not endangered anymore since there are two of them? Last I checked, a thousand of a species left still qualifies as endangered. No one ever touches upon this once.