Headscratchers / Troll 2

Okay, I haven't actually seen this movie, but whenever I watch the clip...you know the one...I hear "gosh", not "god." Am I the only one?
  • Ok, good. So I'm not the only one then.
  • It sounds to me like he didn't even finish the word, so it could be either.

About the whole "Veganopia" thing...
  • So, I assume the goblins are "vegetarians" for health reasons, and not moral reasons considering they have no problem eating plants (or...goop) that comes from humans they've transformed. But they're clearly not vegan, seeing as there's that whole side-story about the milk and the ice cream. So why do they consider eggs and coffee to be "evil" foods as well? Hell, coffee doesn't even have to necessarily contain animal products, seeing as not everyone drinks it with cream.
    • I believe that the issue with the coffee is the caffeine, not animal products. And about the moral thing, it is about a belief that consuming flesh is evil. They just don't see a problem with converting creatures into plant matter and then eating them.
    • Given some of Creedence's rants about "additives" and the fact that the "secret weapon" is a baloney sandwich rather than some other meat, it's possible the goblins can't stand modern processed foods as well as things with blood in them. Possibly they avoid coffee because instant coffee has preservatives in it, and they can't risk drinking instant rather than fresh if they accept a proffered cuppa.
    • This troper got the impression that the "milk" wasn't milk at all, but some kind of liquid fertilizer to ensure the drinker will make an extra-tasty puddle of green goo.

What happened to Brent?
  • Was he turned into popcorn? That seems to be the case, except his arms are still attached and moving.
  • He got incredibly lucky and from the looks of it lived through that, the later scene showed that he wasnt sweating green and he was still alive.
  • The indication seems to be that Creedence got too sidetracked by Joshua disrupting her power to finish off Brent.

If the goblins were defeated using the power of goodness and a double-decker baloney sandwich, how do they come back to eat Joshua's mom?
  • It seems to me that the cruel twist ending was Josh having a post-Nilbog-stress induced nightmare. In the scene before, he says he's going up to his room to take a nap, and in highly believable dreams or nightmares, sometimes what actually happens leading up to sleep is temporarily supplemented with the dream or nightmare. Maybe.
    • This troper assumed those were the "exchange family from the country" who'd been living in the family's usual house while the Waits were in Nilbog. As Josh and his family never thought to direct their "power of goodness" at all goblins, but just the ones in Creedance's house, the ones at the Waits' home weren't harmed. They put those apples there to get even with the humans who'd killed off their buddies.

Why IS this called Troll 2, anyway
  • Exactly how did this movie get Troll 2, anyway? It should be noted that as early as 1991, the distribution rights to this film were held by Epic Productions (which may have been a subsidiary of Columbia Pictures, but I'm not positive), who also owned the Empire Pictures catalog, including the first Troll film. Was it Epic or Filmirage who changed the name of the film from "Goblins" to "Troll 2"?
  • To cash in on the original of course.
How exactly did Creedence get a (very large) piece of Stonehenge over to the United States without anyone noticing?
  • Seriously, I try to figure that out everytime I see this movie, and I can't think of how this could possibly make sense, unless we Hand Wave it with a goblin witch did it
    • There was a time when Stonehenge was just another millennia-old stone circle on private land, not a major archaeological focal point and tourist trap. (Heck, it was even sold at auction when the then-landowner got killed in World War I and his estate was liquidated.) We don't know how long goblins live, so she could've swapped out one of the trilithons back when nobody was paying much attention to the place.
  • 'Vegetarians'....who eat people.
  • Just what crops did Mr. Waits expect to grow in only thirty days?
  • Wouldn't some of Grandpa Seth's ghost powers have come in handy later on in the film?