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Headscratchers: Total Drama
aka: Total Drama Island
Important note: all spoilers on this page are untagged. If you are not completely up-to-date with the total drama series and do not wish to be spoilered, don't read on. This is so that edit wars over where the line between "This vote off is not a spoiler" and "this vote off is a spoiler" will not happen. The only exceptions are if spoilers from other series are listed.
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     General aka. across all seasons 
  • this has been a pet peeve of mine ever sense this show aired. no wait in fact I have multiple peeves. for one while I may understand this is supposed to be a satire of real reality shows but cmon. Chris Mclean makes jigsaw look like pinkie pie. Why is someone as monsterous, unfeeling, and perhaps somewhat autistic is able to get away with blantantly attempting to murder and or slaughter the contestants... AND GET AWAY WITH IT with not even one contestant calling him out on how fucked up it is? surely he would be on the same most wanted tier as bundy and arrested on the spot and given death by lethal injection If this was a real show that all of a sudden went horribly wrong.

at first I thought the contests were actually kidnapped and tricked into thinking this was just all a show. but nope, its all legit.

oh Chris Mclean. what the hell is really wrong with him?

hell in one episode he was tied up over a pool of lava... or was it acid... with eziekel hell bent on ending his rotten miserable life once and for all.

and what do the contestants decide to do. SAVE HIM. they had the sole man responsible for all the misery and near death and trauma they were put through at their mercy....

and they SAVE HIM.

even though they have all the reason to let him die.


that is all.

  • One at at time. First the contestants in Total Drama are clearly Made of Iron and seem to be fairly aware of it. They have been bitten by sharks,alligators and bears (and that's only counting the non mutated non robots), thrown out of planes without parachutes, been put into radioactive mines and buried alive and to date only a few contestants have been seriously injured and barring whatever happened at the end of All-Stars none of them have died. Lightning was playing baseball with "Ironman's" energy blasts to calibrate things a bit. The show probably isn't really THAT dangerous in universe. So with that said Chris is probably only slightly more sadistic than say the Iron Chef in real life. The Contestants are constantly calling him out on what a Jerk Ass he is however, if you haven't noticed that the majority of contestants openly loathe Chris you just haven't been paying attention.

  • The rest of your questions boil down to one million dollars is a lot of money and I suspect that within the limits of total Drama Action one million dollars may be worth more than it is in real life. Courtney is implied to be extremely rich, rich enough that she wouldn't be risking her life over a million bucks. Dakota is all but confirmed to be a Paris Hilton expy which means she shouldn't be getting off her ass for one million dollars and no signed release should be enough to protect Chris from the lawyers her father should be able to marshal. Chef tells them if Chris dies you don't get the money and they all got real motivated real quick in that episode. In the most recent series an evil super genius takes control of the island for the million bucks even though they could probably earn that much certainly over a few years on their own.

  • Also Chris not only isn't wanted for his sadistic treatment of the children, Total Drama inverse is sufficiently popular that the Canadian government set him free to film a new season after locking him up on pollution charges. Clearly the amount of money he draws into the nation is enough that the government doesn't care that he might eventually kill one of these kids and people are apparently still willing after five seasons and three entirely separate casts to voluntarily join the show. Even the rich and famous Dakota.

  • Flanderization. In the early going of the show, Chris was a jokester with a mean streak, but with the occasional Pet the Dog moment. He gets progressively worse in each season, due to the sadism that is the source of the shows "humor. Trouble is, the humor, while appreciable at first, has gotten so dark and mean spirited in the last few seasons, it can easily come off as Dude, Not Funny! to a lot of people. The 1,000 foot tall cliff in the first episode, which only two contestants were afraid of, and a few others got minor injuries from hitting the cliff or buoy, or landing in a split-leg position? Fine. In Season 4, Chris sends them into a radioactive mine with a time limit that will prove fatal if they don't complete the challenge quickly enough, AND equipping them with Time Bombs without their knowledge? Not funny under ANY sane definition.

  • I've noticed this most with Pahkitew Island, but why is it that when these guys have any kind of interest in anyone, that becomes all they talk about? It's like... a Romantic Plot Tumour instead because a Romantic CHARACTER tumour and overrides their personality. Is this what romance is, or is this what romance is like to an Aromantic?
    • It's important to remember that in-universe Total Drama is a reality tv show. They only take the clips where they are talking about it, the players are likely carefully selected for personality types prone to various sorts of extreme behavior. When it's all added up it makes sense. Any talk that Chris doesn't think will increase ratings ends up on the cutting room floor and with good reason.

     Total Drama Island 
  • Katie's and Heather's parents... don't they care that their daughters walk around basically in bra and jeans-panties?
    • Heather's parents don't give a crap about her, as evident in a mail-video from home promo that aired before the season ended in which they were partying and selling all her things thinking she was gone for good. As for Katie (and by extension, Sadie), perhaps the parents don't mind/care, either.
    • Also, Heather constantly baring her midriff is brought up a few times in the series. She pretty much deliberately dresses that way because she knows that Reality TV executives like keeping Fanservice around.
  • How come everyone's audition tapes were only shown after they left the island?
    • My guess is it was because they never bothered making ones for Gwen and Owen, and their conspicuous absence might have been spoilers.
  • The cursed tiki arc. The reason they lost the challenges was because of their own actions (such as opening fire on your own teamates). The curse apparently made them lose three challenges in a row, but that happens to the other team as well.
    • Yes, it did, but not until after the arc in question. Additionally, the Screaming Gophers had been performing significantly better than the Killer Bass the entire time up until that point. Prior to the arc one of their losses was ostensibly because one of their own members refused to do anything, and another could have been seen by the team as just plain badly scored (the Gophers had one more point even with Harold's perfect ten). Those were the only two losses prior. Surely some cockiness must have developed among them that would prevent them from admitting that the Killer Bass just did better because of skill.
      • With the talent show, the winner was supposedly decided on the highest individual score.
    • Besides losing challenges, there's also the misfortunes that happened to members of Screaming Gophers while Beth had the tiki idol. The same time Beth brings the idol back from Boney Island, Izzy is caught and chased away by the RCMP, despite having been on national tv for a few weeks during which she should have been arrested and the fact that the RCMP doesnt attempt to recapture her after she returns to the island even though shes pretty much advertising where she is. Then the next challenge, Cody gets mauled by a bear which is so bad that the rest of the team votes him off for his safety. Then there's Owen getting attacked by bees and Trent getting knocked out in the kitchen challenge. The Gophers probably looked at the previous challenges, and connected them to a curse.
      • Collectively, the team did better, though (it's not about whether they're worse than just Harold after all); which would still help lead to cockiness.
  • Why is Harold angry at just Duncan for pranking him? Geoff and DJ were just as guilty. Heck, Geoff was the one who fed Harold the underwear.
    • That just gave me a thought: Why do they say Geoff and DJ are nice in the first place?
      • Technically, DJ was only mean to Harold in one episode, so it's possible that that was a goof (after being civil to each other in the following episode, they become friends in the following season), and it certainly seems inconsistent with his characterization to pick on anyone. As for Geoff, well, people probably just forgot about Harold. Poor Harold, always forgotten.
    • They had a reason in the main episode where they did it; Duncan is the only one who actively went after Harold without provocation. Meta-reason: Duncan is more in-focus in terms of character than the other two.
  • Why is Ezekiel's face on a milk carton?
    • He was kidnaped by angry feminists.
    • They forgot mentioning the resort, so his parents got scared.
    • Nobody really knows; it was more than likely just a one-time gag that was supposed to be caught by viewers.
    • The directors explained in an interview that it was just a little meaningless joke they threw in.
  • Wouldn't it make more sense to bring back... you know, Courtney note  Than Eva or Izzy because she wasn't even voted off, but was, elimination because Harold rigged the votes and Chris knew about it?
    • The competition is unfair, and I don't mean implicitly through writing errors. A number of eliminations, as well as Chris's assertion that there aren't any rules, suggest that Chris is essentially allowed to make things up as he goes. Presumably, the huge contract that the contestants signed says something to that effect, which was probably why Courtney lost her original lawsuit. He wasn't accountable to Courtney until she forced her way onto the show. Eva and Izzy were presumably returned because Chris liked them, or at least liked their tendency to make the contestants' lives difficult, not because they deserved a second chance. Complaints are just met with amusement or indifference, so it doesn't accomplish too much from a narrative perspective to show every complaint that the campers make.
      • Chris clearly doesn't like Izzy; I think it's because Chris is something of an Attention Whore and Izzy steals his thunder (and every scene she's in). If Chris demonstrates genuine affection for any one camper, that would be Owen. He's visibly sad when he gets booted off and even allows him to make a speech, even fighting Courtney on her claim that he shouldn't be allowed to. When Izzy / "Explosivo" was voted off, on the other foot, he was clearly very happy about it, and even expressed his dislike of her in the next episode's Cold Open (after the Aftermath).
      • Then why did we bring her back in the first season?
      • He may not be crazy about her stealing his publicity, but the girl is Crazy Awesome, and that's good for the ratings. As for bringing back Eva, Chris himself stated "but we like her" when the others asked about her being a favorite enough to bring back. It's pretty clear Chris allowed her back into the show because he knew she'd be the one to raise the most hell.
  • It just bugs me that the campers were so easily manipulated by food in the third episode (The big sleep). Look, I understand that Chef's food sucks, but come on, it's only been a week, they've barely got one foot in the door. Why couldn't he have saved that ace until after they'd forgotten what real food tastes like?
    • It actually makes a little sense when you think about it, the contestants weren't used to the food back then (Gwen gets freaked out by her food moving) so the chance of having normal food would sound great to them. But if the food reward had been later on, then the contestants would have already grown to tolerate Chef's food, so it would be that big a deal to them, not to mention that by then they'd probably be Genre Savvy enough to realize that Chris was trying to trick them. Basically, what I'm saying is this:
    Early episode:
    Campers: "Free food just for running a race? Hey maybe this Chris guy isn't so bad!"
    Late episode:
    Campers:"Free food just for running a race? From Chris? It must be poisoned or something."
  • Again, TDDDDI. the fact that Tyler and Cody didn't make it to TDA but Owen and DJ did, yet they where tied together. (No, not that way)
  • Yet again. Same episode. So we have Ezekiel and Beth under Justin's parachute, the parachute get's pulled to the dock, we see Beth in the water and-wait, where did Ezekiel go? Did we just vanished to the Ed, Edd n Eddy verse or something? He's seen by the dock as if he failed but... um... what? He just vanished.
  • Courtney apparently has a great singing voice in Total Drama Action, so...when Bridgette smashed her violin in the first season's talent show episode, couldn't she just sing?
    • Courtney is no good with improvising, so once the original plan fails, she is helpless.
  • DJ's elimination. By this point it had been established that Heather was universally loathed by everyone on the island. Why wasn't she voted off?
    • It was implied that DJ was sent home by Chris for failing the challenge.
    • It was said straight off that DJ was being sent home because he didn't complete the challenge, as most of the challenges at the time were. There was no vote.
  • Wouldn't the parents of the contestants be watching..? I know it's a cartoon, but it just kinda bugs me...
    • They may not care. Heather's parents were celebrating that she was gone...
      • And Duncan's parents should be happy for not been in jail...
    • In the Extreme Sports episode, Trent mentions them signing release forms so I guess there must a bit in the contestant's contracts legally absolving the show of any injuries done to them during the challenge no matter how threatening the challenges may be. The psycho killer cornering Gwen in Hook,Line and Sinker doesnt count since he wasnt part of the challenge. Chris hates losing money and having a ton of lawsuits from angry parents would cramp his luxurous lifestyle so it would make sense he'd add something to the contract preventing their families from suing the show. Add to that he's got lawyers who like to make LOTS of copies.

  • Rewatching Total Drama Island, episode 2. Why isn't Noah shown jumping? He obviously did because he's shown in the water with Trent just before Owen's jump. Sooo...
    • Honestly, I thought it was a cop-out: they couldn't show Noah doing anything first season (hence why he "passed out" during the running) but they had to have the Gophers win and they didn't have him talking that episode anyway. So the camera just missed it or something.
    • I for one think it was just a good old fashioned goof, this show is chock-full of them. Noah randomly appearing with Trent in the next scene was probably the animators trying to cover up the fact they forgot to show him jump. That, or Noah jumped the way a normal person would (Rather than flailing insanely like Cody, cheering like Geoff or hitting the side of the cliff like Ezekiel) so they cut it out to save time.=
  • During the TDI special Courtney finds out that they aren't on an island at all, just an isolated area that's actually very close to civilization, yet, during Phobia Factor and X-treme Torture characters take a plane above the island, wouldn't they have noticed what Coutney discovered nearly a season later?
    • It could be possible that they were brought to a different area for TDDDDI so that one of them would have that moment. It's just that they probably weren't expecting Courtney to go crazy. They could've been just acting that they were worried that one of the contestants found out.
      • No, that was the same island, the characters run past their cabins, the communal bathroom is still there, the yeti cave is still there, the moose is still there and the dock is the exact same one. Not to mention the campers seem familiar enough with the surroundings to navigate through the forest. And I think Courtney explicitly mentions it at one point.
    • I just assumed it was an Aborted Arc, along with the secret Eva was going to reveal on the boat of shame that Izzy interrupted nervously.
      • No, she was just talking about Playa Des Losers.
  • A lot of the confessionals defy logic, like in Paintball Deer Hunter Cody in a full body cast kept talking about his chances of winning in the Confession Cam yet in the time right after he was put in said cast to when he left the island his mouth was bandaged up in every scene where he wasn't using the confessional.
    • Gwen tells the Escaped Psycho Killer that he has bad breath. Either he quickly ran to the confessional to smell it, than ran back and tried to kill her, or he did it in the end. Either way, I think some confessionals just follow Rule of Funny. Maybe a crew member took Cody's bandage off to let him talk.
  • Why didn't they give Heather any lines in the TDI episode "Phobia Factor"? She's the villain, SHE should be the one psyching Courtney out, not Gwen!
    • Two theories; one, the writers decided that she had been speaking too much and decided to cut her lines during the episode. Two, the writers forgot to make Heather talk, similar to how Justin was silent for almost every episode in the series.
  • do you know what I don't get? why did Lindsay help Owen win Island for the yacht party?, she's a rich Daddy's Girl, she could probably afford one of those herself, but she has an excuse, she's a Dumb Blonde
    • Remember, she felt guilty about changing sides... Maybe she did it to go with the more popular response...
    • Her wealthiness is never confirmed on the show. She could just be a Dumb Blond. And if she was rich, why would she sign up for a reality show to win money? Her being "spoiled" has never been confirmed, either, so I doubt that she's rich at all.
      • According to her biography, she signed up "So her gorgeousness could be shared with millions of people on TV."
    • I remember in Celebrity Manhunt's TDA Reunion Special that Beth and Lindsay were locked up for destroying a work of art in Paris, and they said that Beth's parents had to sell their car to bail them both out. If Lindsay was rich, then Beth's parents would not have to sell the car, so that causes a plothole where you're standing.
  • All the way back to the first challenge... what exactly is stopping the sharks from attacking the person in the "safe zone"? It's not like the boat picking them up would get there right away... Was it coated in shark repellent?
    • I assumed the ring signified a net below the markers that prevented the sharks from entering the circle.
    • Crazy guess here, but this show IS a parody, and the sharks appear to be sentient. Maybe they're paid employees of the company?
  • I know it was to hurt him emotionally, but why didn't Harold rig the votes to get rid of Duncan? That way, he'd be hurt AND he couldn't bully him anymore.
    • Duncan wanted to go home.
      • I don't think he wanted to go home. He might've hated the camp, but if he wanted to go home, he could have just quit. I think it was more of just "hurting him emotionally". Maybe Harold figured that eliminating Duncan's girlfriend would make him more miserable than eliminating Duncan himself.
  • Since the lavatory where the Confession Cam is set up appears to be the only bathroom on the plane and the camera appears to be working 24/7 with the contestants having no control of whether it's on or not, does this mean that Chris or whoever edits these things for the show actually has to see the contestants do their, uh, business?!?
    • Yep. When Cody needed to use it in Paris, he got Alejandro to stand in front of the camera so that the audience wouldn't see anything indecent.
    • Also shown way back in TDI in the episode "Search and Do Not Destroy", where Lindsay does practically nothing but pee while the camera films her. She did catch on though, and tried to hide behind her magazine.
  • What happened to Bunny? (Or, if you want to be technical, the second bunny) Where was it after "Haute Camp-ture"? Did DJ let it go back into the wild? Did he take it home with him? Did it get flung far away?
    • I don't know about the first two, but it wasn't the last one - Bunny landed in Lindsay's lap about three minutes before the episode ended. (She thought it was Tyler, remember?)
    • For that matter, what happened to Irene?
    • This show seems to have trouble keeping up with its animal characters. There's also Britney, Duncan and Courtney's raccoon from the Celebrity Manhunt special.
  • I don't get Cartoon Network's early censorship standards. They remove the word "suck" a bunch of times (sometimes replacing it with "stinks" or just removing it. "How does it feel to so much?") But they left the title to episode 6 alone - "The Sucky Outdoors". Now, unless they just changed the title completely, did they just expect kids to not read the title? (Assuming they had the program to do so?)
    • It gets worse. They actually censored the word "stupid" a few times, despite it being fine on there other shows. But they're alot better now, editing very few things and even giving you the uncensored versions on iTunes and the CN website.
  • It bugs me that Katie and Sadie never realised they were on TV until TDDDDI even though they're on a reality show and the fact that everyone's being filmed is brought up a hundred times.
    • It bugs me that it took you until TDDDDI to realize Katie and Sadie are idiots.
  • Somethings been bothering me for a while now, back in season one, people were complaining about how everyone cheated to help Owen win and how unfair that was. That always bugged me because, please, this is Total Drama, the rules never make sense. Did Chris even say anything about outside help being forbidden?
    • No he didn't. Chris pretty much adjusts the rules to make it more fun for him whenever he can.
    • Exactly! Chris always bends the rules, so it was odd to see people complaining about the cheating.
    • I always assumed that they brought the others to help in the challenge, but, barring Trent and a couple others, it never ocurred to the others.

  • Why was the first chalenge so much more life-threatining then every other thing Chris gives out?
    • And by the same token, the last challenge seemed very anticlimactic. I mean, all they had to do was climb a flagpole, walk across a cliff (cakewalk compared to the other things they did), and then run a completely obstacle-less race. Gwen put it best in Monster Cash: "What, no explosions? No burning buildings? No bears?"
      • What was the point of that race, anyways?
    • The pilot needed to be impressive, maybe? As for the finale, I guess they wanted something that could be drawn out, allowed the other characters to be continuously present, and wouldn't be a rehash of the previous challenge. (The cliff was pretty dangerous, but it just wasn't very long or impressive-looking.)
    • This actually might have another explanation. When I was in high school, my health teacher mentioned that on Survivor, the earlier challenges were all physical and difficult, while later challenges were simpler and more directed toward the mind. This is because after living on the island all that time with limited food, they're in little condition for the earlier challenges (I'm only going on what I've heard, I don't watch Survivor). The kids at Camp Wawanakwa are probably better fed, even if it is just Chef's cooking, but after all that time of putting up with Chris, they're still probably were exhausted enough to get an easier challenge, either because of executive mandate or just because Chris doesn't expect them to finish anything too difficult.
      • Well, is said that they (Chris and the producers) ran out of ideas by Triple Dog Dare, so they could have used the first idea they had.
  • In the episode Phobia Factor, the campers are forced to face their biggest fears. Tyler is too scared to go through with his challenge (staying in a pen with a family of chickens), even though Courtney tells him that without him, they'll lose. Cody points out that they can't possibly win, because the score is 7 to 3, and 1 more point won't change it. Chris says that the surprise challenge for Courtney (jumping into a pool of green jello) would earn The Killer Bass triple points. However, even if she did go through with it, and if Tyler overcame his fear, the score would still be 7 to 7. As it were, neither Courtney nor Tyler completed their challenge, but they still claim that Courtney could have won it for them. Tyler backs out first, so even if Courtney jumped, they'd STILL lose.
    • Maybe he meant that he'd triple the measly three points they'd accumulated.
    • Even though we don't see it, I think that off-screen the players must have done the math and realized that Chris was tricking them when he tried to make it sound like the three points would change the results, because otherwise there's no way Courtney wouldn't have been voted off that night.
  • Not a big Harold fan, but again, in phobia factor (Which is NOTHING like FearFactor) hitting your self on the head does not mean you didn't face your fear.
    • Speaking of Harold, where was he during the elimination ceremony? Was he still knocked out?
    • By the same token, outsmarting your fear is not same thing as conquering it. (I'm looking at you, Trent.) After all, I'm afraid of snakes even though I know I can outscore one on an IQ test.
    • Both this and the later "torture" challenge seem to vary between forcing the characters to face something unpleasant and forcing them to do a challenge related to the unpleasant thing where success or failure don't directly correspond to facing the unpleasantness itself. (By the way, I don't think it's meant as a Fear Factor parody; just a "pun" in the challenge name akin to how many of the episodes have puns/references in the titles.)
  • Leshawna's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Heather in the third season wasn't the first time she broke off an alliance between the two with no explanation given. At the end of the second episode, Heather apologizes to Leshawna. She isn't being sincere, but Leshawna doesn't know that. Come next episode, Leshawna despises Heather again for no reason. And this was before Heather did anything really awful, like read Gwen's diary out loud or trick Trent into kissing her.

  • I love Noah and am very happy he is on the show but I have a question: why? Why would someone like Noah sign up for a reality show in the first place? He obviously didn't care about staying on the show in season 1, and said his time was "completely uneventful", and then was the one who first voiced concerns about season 3, only to try not to play the "chance to return" game after being eliminated. If he hates it so much—which seems entirely consistent with his characterization—why did he even sign up? Aren't there any academic and/or video game tournaments he can try to win money from if he needs it so badly (and you'd think he'd try harder if he actually did)?
    • According to his Canon biography, he wanted to apply skills from fantasyland survival video games to the real world. He had no interest in the prize money at the time.
    • Also, the only reason he saw it as "uneventful" was because he was only in the game for about three episodes and was still bitter about it. Not to mention he did care about staying there, he worked during the first few challenges and seemed pretty pissed off when he got eliminated. However, after seeing more of the show (he watched the rest of TDI and the entirety of TDA from the stands after all) he eventually realized how unbelievably unpleasant the game was, which is why he didn't want to go back after all his suffering on TDWT.

  • Why does Harold never stand up for himself agaisnt Duncan? Maybe if he told him he was bugging him, Duncan would bully him less. Also, what does Duncan see in bullying Harold?
    • Duncan bullies Harold because he finds it fun. I think Harold believes that if he tries to stand up for himself, Duncan will laugh and pound him into the dust again.
    • Well, in season 2, he finally stood up to Duncan when he got eliminated.

  • Why does everyone take Heather's crap? Heather is one of the weakest contestants in the series so they could just beat the crap out of her when she acts up.
    • Because if they beat her up, they would be next on her list of targets. No one wants to piss off someone who has the power to manipulate others into voting them off.
    • Look what happened when Eva returned. Rather than act like she did when she was first on the island, she instead acted like a psychopath that wanted revenge on Bridgette for voting her off. EVERYBODY wanted her gone, save for a few people that voted for Heather.

  • Everyone in the show and even the viewers keep insisting that Geoff is a Nice Guy, and that he was completely derailed in Season 2. Am I the only one that remembers him joining in on Duncan's bullying of Harold?
    • Geoff joined Duncan and DJ in picking on Harold because they were sick of him leaving his dirty underwear on the floor. I don't have an explanation for the fishing rod/underwear thing in "Basic Straining", though.
    • During "Island", Geoff was the quickest to show sympathy (Even if non-verbally) to the other contestants when things went badly for them, and acted as a peacekeeper, stepping in to stop disputes, and standing up for contestants who were mistreated. When he discovered that Gwen had never been invited to a party, he saw how sad she was, and vowed to take her to a party, just so she wouldn't be left out. So yeah, Geoff has done plenty of really nice stuff.
  • Why is DJ's bunny only drawn with one ear?
  • I just finished watching "Not Quite Famous" and was wondering why did Heather randomly vote off Justin? Justin was no threat to her. Why didn't she vote off someone who could actually become a threat like Gwen or Leshawna?
    • Heather would have had a harder time getting people to vote for Gwen, who she'd just humiliated in front of the entire camp, or Leshawna, who had established herself as the Team Mom of the Screaming Gophers, than for Justin, whose modeling skills were not enough to earn the Gophers the win for the talent contest.
  • Bridgette is a vegetarian, a fact which causes some distress for her in Brunch of Disgustingness— so why then, several episodes earlier in Who Can You Trust?, did she show no resistance toward having to kill and prepare the blowfish for Geoff herself? It's true that she didn't have to eat the fish, but most vegetarians wouldn't be very willing to cook or prepare the meat either, especially when it's given to them still alive.
    • She probably wasn't a vegetarian by that point in the minds of the writers. She managed to get down bull testicles just fine after a little coaxing. I suspect she might completely okay with others eating meat and even preparing it for them. It's a little hard to imagine Geoff going vegetarian for her.
  • "Trial By Triathlon": Who did Geoff for? Le Shawna said she voted for Heather. Gwen more than likely voted for Heather. Duncan made an obvious hint that he voted for Geoff. Heather said she voted for Geoff. With Owen, he can be easily manipulated, so more than likely, Duncan told him to vote for Geoff (he was mad at Heather at the end of this episode, as she insulted Izzy, so more than likely, she didn't influence him). That just leaves Geoff! Geoff knows that no one likes Heather (he even asks the rest of the guys why they don't vote for her in "Hide and Be Sneaky"), so why wasn't it at least a tie? Did he vote himself off for some odd reason?
  • Why does DJ's mom look so much different in his audition than when she first appears? It's not necessarily a stretch to say that it's an old photo, but she just looks so much different.

    Total Drama Action 

  • Mr coconut's, E-scope's, and Explosivo's vote offs show that you don't have to be a real camper (or real person) to be voted off. Then what if someone votes off Chris? Someone from another team? Chef? Or, the boat of losers? For the latter, does that mean no body could lose anymore? The boat would have to ride it's self?note  Another boat would come out of no where?
    • All good questions. I hope we find out the answers.
    • Much as I'd like to see them vote off Chris, it would probably just invalidate their votes if it were actually used in the show. While imaginary/invalid people can be eliminated, that doesn't necessarily mean it's the case that you can succeed at voting off anyone.
    • I don't think Mr. Coconut was actually voted off by the campers... I think Chris just did it to stop Owen's obsession.
    • Also, Explosivo was not eliminated officially; it was really Izzy the second time. And the team did VOTE for Izzy the first time, but the documentation was void because it mentioned a non-real person.
    • Perhaps this is why Chris changed the voting in World Tour to passports, changing it so that there was no way an alter-ego or separate animal/object could get voted off instead.
  • What was the purpose of having Heather in Total Drama Action, for so long, anyway? She hadn't really done anything... not been particularly evil, but hadn't really bettered herself, either. She just seemed kind of "there."
    • I imagine the writers felt that fans would expect her, but also knew that she couldn't realistically continue her manipulation for another season with people who all knew her. They took the lazy approach to it and just made her a gag source and elimination fodder.
    • In a dramatic sense, it kinda does. The first time her team lost, she would have been eliminated had it not been for Gwen feeling guilty. They built up Gwen's conflict over the previous episodes. The next loss for the team was DJ, who also had his personal drama building up for the previous few eps. He was also eliminated on another teams loss. The first time they lost, Heather was voted off, and it was this close between her and Leshawna because Leshawna had been acting bitchy. If the other team hadn't lost so often, we probably wouldn't have seen her stick around quite as long.

  • In Red Carpet Rivalry, part 1, Beth is again going on about her as yet unseen boyfriend Brady. But that doesn't make any sense, because in the space episode, she dumped him for Harold.
    • New idea: All the characters have a rare learning disorder that sometimes causes them to take a few days to move thoughts from short-term memory to long-term memory. This would explain a lot.

  • What was really the point of the producers making Owen spy on the others? Were they trying to fix the game or getting dirt on the teens to sell to a tabloid? I seriously don't see any point to it. Plus if they and Chris wanted to bring someone back to stir up the doo-doo i.e. drama why didn't they choose Gwen so that they could push the whole possible love triangle theory? Considering how Duncan and Courtney roller coaster relationship was the main focus of the season since Courtney came back and the fact that there's a conflict between the the two girls, through it's really a one-sided conflict, Gwen was a far better choice. Now I will admit I also personally felt Gwen was more deserving to come back since in my opinion she was cheated out of the game because of Justin using her guilt to have her vote herself, and considering the crap she took for Geoff and the others after the break-up. I kinda think Owen's family debt screwed up any possibility for her to get a second chance in season 2. I also admit I was kind of ticked at Owen for getting the comeback, but after his funny return scene and being used like he was, I'm okay with it now.

  • Now, it seems like a good Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, but Trent's obsession with the number 9 came out of nowhere. If he was so attached to 9 (because of the train his grandfather gave him before he died) why wasn't it(the attachment) shown in TDI... ever?
    • he was probably stressed due to the straining of his relationship with Gwen.
    • But he was obsessed with nine in season one. Don't you remember? ...No, of course not, but Harold says he was, and since they've had so much screen time together he would know, right?
    • I'm sure that the reason behind Trent's sudden obsession with the number 9 was because Fresh TV was given a request by Athena Georgaklis (Teletoon's Production Manager) to break up Gwen/Trent (as well as Courtney/Duncan and Izzy/Owen in World Tour) because they didn't want to have kids think that everyone's entitled to only date one person and have it last forever (though they seem to be OK with Duncan cheating on Courtney with Gwen in World Tour).
    • That may be the reason for the breakup, but that does not excuse Trent's sudden obsession with the number 9.
  • Okay, I know this is probably just me, but Courtney's return seriously bugs me. First off, Courtney blatantly says that she lost her lawsuit against the show due to her bad lawyers in TDDDDI. Fast forward to when she returns in TDA, saying she WON the lawsuit. What gives?!! Do they not have continuity in this show?
    • Considering that she spent the majority of the first aftermath on the phone with her lawyers, I thought we were to assume that she was trying to sue them again, and succeeded this time.
    • "Okay, I know this is probably just me, but Courtney's return seriously bugs me." Haha, what?

  • Lindsay and Beth suddenly becoming immune to Justin's good looks for no reason.
    • It was explained that they just got used to him. He was only around for the first four challenges in season one, this time they spent more time around him and the effect just wore off.
  • Why did they scrap the plot of Owen being a bad guy? If he remained that way throughout World Tour, him and Alejandro could have competed as villains.
    • Owen just isn't cut out to be a villain. He was only being a bad guy in TDA because Chris was going to pay him $50,000 to cover his family's cheese cellar debt.

    Total Drama World Tour 
  • All contestants must sing every episode? Well, Owen sure didn't.
    • That annoys me too, but maybe it's because he was either unconscious or in panic mode throughout the song and so Chris decided he was in no state to sing OR Chris counted his, "Stop the plane!" line as part of the song OR he used his magical Creator's Pet powers to become immune.
    • Maybe Chris only counted it because he did something during the song. In the recent Yukon episode, Cody was apart of the Team Amazon + Bridgette song, but he didn't sing/say anything (due to the extreme cold he was facing). Maybe Chris counted his chattering as part of the song.
    • This, along with every other time a character randomly doesn't sing but doesn't get eliminated, can be explained if the rules only give instant elimination to people who consciously refuse to sing, thereby excusing the ones who are absent from the song, distracted or otherwise incapacitated, or just don't get a line in before the song ends.

  • If Ezekiel's parachute didn't open in World Tour's opening, why did he hit the ground after everyone else?
    • Rule of Funny, Ezekiel just lying on the ground in the final shot (like Courtney, DJ and Tyler) isn't as funny as him randomly falling from the sky. That or maybe he managed to hold onto the plane for a few minutes before falling off it (he is in the bottom row after all.)
    • I saw it as more of Fridge Brilliance. Ezekiel all of a suddenly drops to the ground after everyone has landed and settled in which captures his tendency to pop out of random in various points of the show when the rest of the crew least expects it especially in the finale, he reappears out of nowhere to steal the million dollar case before falling into a volcano.

  • Bridgette's elimination in Total Drama World Tour. Yes, Alejandro tricked Bridgette into getting her tongue stuck to the pole. No, that's got nothing to do with why her team lost. Even if her tongue wasn't stuck to the pole, her team would have lost, since DJ never passed the checkpoint to pick her up like he was supposed to! So her team losing was almost completely DJ's fault, so naturally, they eliminate Bridgette instead, for seemingly no reason. Makes perfect sense.
    • LeShawna's plan was for everyone to run toward the finish line instead of waiting at a checkpoint. Bridgette ignored this plan thanks to Alejandro. Even if DJ did lead them off track, who would you keep around: someone who tries his best, or someone who doesn't do what the team has agreed on? They might have lost faith that Bridgette could be relied on later and decided to eliminate a weak link.

  • Izzy in Yukon episode. Why would she mistake radiation with radio? She's Crazy Awesome girl genius, not Too Dumb to Live. Maybe she was high or something?

  • In the season premiere of World Tour, Noah is shown in the musical number to be terrified because of the (lack of) safety of the plane, but two episodes later, not only is he uncharacteristically confident that nothing terrible will happen, he seems genuinely surprised to find out the plane is a death trap. Did he forget about what he thought earlier, or was he just lying to try to comfort Owen? It occurs to me that Owen was right next to Noah when he made his first, scared comments, so that should not be likely to work.
    • He wasn't surprised.
    • Well, he was more "weirded-out" by the propeller than terrified. But more on topic, he wasn't surprised, and given his line ("Air travel is the 15th safest mode of transportation, unless you're in a death trap.") he was probably leading into a snark about how the plane is a deathtrap. When the door came off he was disturbed but went along with it for the most part.

  • Where did the beach ball in Team Victory's Japanese commercial come from? Did it serve a purpose (since Harold was holding it after they lost)?
    • Not sure, I think it was just a joke, a random prop that accidentally rolled on set as they were filming, which explains why Bridgette looks at it awkwardly as it goes past her. Harold stamping it later was probably just his attempt at being dramatic.

  • CN is promoting the next episode (the Alps) AS WELL AS the first Aftermath episode, which is online. So... are they basically saying that The Alps challenge is also a non-elimination challenge? Or do they just not care if they spoil anything?
    • I'm not sure why they're advertising it so much but we know for a fact the Alps is an elimination episode, the person voted off is Le Shawna.
    • The Aftermath is (like its TDA counterpart) actually episode 6, so the person voted out in the Alps won't appear until the next aftermath (aka Leshawna).

  • Did Blainely really think that Brigette and Geoff would have an actual boxing match? I mean, did she really think Geoff was angry enough to punch Bridgette?
    • Maybe she was still bitter over losing her job, or she's even more sadistic than Chris?
      • But she was playing Truth or Tractor-Trailer!
    • My best guess? Evil Cannot Comprehend Good. Blainely is certainly up there with Chris in the scumbag department.

  • What was Justin doing talking to Harold in his Good Times Montage? Justin isn't/wasn't competing!
    • It's from Island, which is the only season that Justin and Noah are in together. That doesn't explain why Heather's hair is like that, but meh.

  • In 'The Am-AH-Zon Race', there's a scene where Heather tells Gwen to use the X-ray glasses to find out the color of Cody's underwear, resulting in Gwen getting some massive Squick when she finds out firsthand that oh, yeah, by the way, Cody just so happens to not be wearing underwear that day. My issue? Why on Earth did Cody just stand there as Gwen used the X-ray glasses on him?! I mean, at first, I just chalked it up to him getting some bizarre, exhibitionist thrill out of it, but he's clearly embarrassed after the fact. I can't imagine Gwen would even risk using the glasses on him if there was even the slightest possibility of getting an eyeful of Naked!Cody...he totally could've stopped her just by telling her he was Going Commando! WHY DIDN'T HE?!?!
    • Oh come on, you know he wanted her to see it!
      • Which explains his weird grin right before she looks down. Squiiiiiiick.... But seriously? I guess it's because he was too embarrassed to actually say it out loud, and just resigned himself to being embarrassed about it later.
    • Wouldn't X-Ray glasses show people's privates, underwear or not? Isn't that the point of X-Ray glasses?
      • I don't know, X-Ray don't work this way. How do they work in TD world so allowed X-Ray glasses to exist is matter of rule of funny.

  • Where did Tyler get an extra pair of pants from in the Amazon episode? I find it hard to believe that Chris would give him another pair...

  • Why would Alejandro question Chris not letting them continue the challenge without Owen? They lost the "Liberty Or Death" challenge because they didn't have Noah at the finish, and Team Victory lost the Yukon challenge because they didn't have Bridgette at the finish. Why would Alejandro, who is Genre Savvy, complain about it NOW? (Other than that he was pissed at Owen...)

  • So apparently Sierra's idea of a computer is a pizza box with a picture on the inside of the lid. Does that mean everything she's ever blogged about was all in her head?
    • No, I don't think so. It's just a surrogate computer, because she hadn't got real one. How could Celebrity Manhunt find her, if her blog wasn't real?
    • I took it as her being so addicted to blogging, she was going through withdrawal without her laptop, so she made a makeshift one to try to fill the void.

  • Why didn't Courtney sing in the Am-AH-zon Race? I know the "Not singing = Elimination" rule has been broken/altered in almost ever episode up to this one, but it still bugs me. Only one team has to sing, and Courtney wasn't under any circumstances why she couldn't sing...
    • I think she sung one line.
    • No, she had no lines.

  • Minor Nitpick: Why would Ezekiel be sent to Team One (Victory) instead of Team Three (Amazon)? He was the last one to cross the finish line... Was it because Chris counted it as "after" the race was over, and reset it and sent him to the first team? (Although, maybe I'm glad he wasn't sent to Amazon... The writer would probably bring back the "sexist comments" which would give him a different reason to be eliminated first again.)

  • So, Noah's gone because although his team completed the challenge and brought Chris the Ripper, Team Amazon wins because they brought Duncan? Even though the challenge was to capture the Ripper? WTF?
    • The rules change at Chris' whims, remember? He'd probably be happy to have Duncan back, especially if he had seen Gwen's confessional two episodes ago and knew what kind of drama he could stir up.
      • It was still utterly asinine. Frankly, they shouldn't have booted him off at all if they had all these big plans for a Love Triangle with him. And what ticks me off even more was that it was just when Noah was going from "amusing Deadpan Snarker" to "amusing Deadpan Snarker who actually had his own agenda and could have started affecting the game." I always wanted to see Noah in a subplot like that, but nooooo, we wouldn't want Alejandro to have to deal with some kind of intelligent and sneaky opponent, especially one that everyone loves! That would be way too boring. (Granted, at least Heather started to get back her mojo in the next episode so that she was finally a significant obstacle for him...)
      • Actually, I think it was the best move the writers made the entire season, considering the other two Ensemble Darkhorse characters and their treatment this season. Look at what happened to Cody this season, a guy who had a similar fanbase - his extended time made him do some things that not everyone liked, and he didn't always come off looking as sympathetic thanks to Gwen and Sierra, and became a bit of a boring Base Breaker. Ezekiel... well, the less said about him the better (although in my opinion the massive Take That was justified). But Noah? The writers saw that he did have some positive traits, developed them correctly, gave him friendships, and showed off his cunning side. Then he left before the massive Flanderization and Character Derailment of the rest of the cast, making him STILL a darkhorse, and one of the few characters STILL almost universally loved by the fanbase (it's basically down to him and Lindsay) for season five. If he had stayed, his game would have been affected by the goddamn triangle and an open conflict with Alejandro, which was unneccesary now that Heather and Duncan were there.
      • Alejandro's action was also one of the more realistic moves in-show: Noah was a threat that he didn't see coming and that manipulated him, which made him extremely dangerous. It's not being a Villain Sue, it's just not being stupid. It also gives the implication that Noah is more of a threat than Heather, Courtney, and Duncan (considered some of the best players of the game) because Al didn't forsee it, and got rid of immediately, rather than stringing him along to the finals like the other three, because Noah knew better than to play out in the open - it was only his big mouth that got him.
      • See my Wild Mass Guessing (about Noah being the reincarnation of Socrates) to understand why I think that Noah had to say what he did. As for Cody... he didn't "become" boring, he just wasn't given enough alone time/interactions with/about people other than Sierra to actually develop, despite making it to the final three. Would Noah's game be affected by the triangle? I doubt it. Unless he did a 180 and started being more Nietzchesque (or however you would say so) than Platonic. But if that happened, then yes, the fans would be annoyed.

  • Was there any purpose in given TCIRRRRH a radioactive box in the Yukon, other than to make Izzy green? Did Chris just want to make it harder on them and give them extra weight (even with Owen)? Did he want to mutate them all?
    • It wasn't meant for TCIRRRRH in particular; it was the third place sled for the ice flow challenge. (Team Victory's sled was clearly the top prize, and Team Amazon's was second place.)

  • Why isn't Sierra mad at Cody for winning the tie break in Greece? Sierra is genre savvy enough to know what that means about the Sierra-Cody-Gwen love triangle, but Sierra completely ignores it.
    • It's not that obvious that he did it for Gwen. He could've easily claimed that he wanted to show Chris and Courtney that he could win, since they didn't respect him.
    • Alternatively, now that Gwen is supposedly taken, Sierra's expecting another I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, freeing him up for her.
    • She was too busy gushing about Cody punching Duncan
    • She already knew that Cody has a crush on Gwen; she blames Gwen for that, not Cody. Logical? No, but then, she is a fangirl.
      • Cody does the same thing with Duncan.

  • If Harold was angry over Chef's Chinese outfit, shouldn't he have known that Pandas aren't native to Japan?
    • Chris had already had the cast thrown off the plane for that remark, he probably didnt want to risk any more emnity from the cast by giving Chris another excuse to torture them

  • Why would Blaineley be so shocked to hear Geoff singing a song about how awful she is?
    • She's an egotistical bitch

  • The Heather/Alejandro/Courtney/Duncan/Gwen/Cody/Sierra heptagon. So much build up, and Gwen's voted off. I knew she'd lose, but it was just as things were heating up, and the end was so ambiguous, are Gwen and Duncan still a couple?
    • I'm not sure, The Gwent Ship Tease from the third aftermath doesn't help
    • Well we know Duncan is definitely still into Gwen since he was last seen carving a portrait of her into a first class seat. Gwen... yeah, she's ambiguous. She was angry and upset with his 'jealousy' over Courtney and then we have the Gwent Ship Tease as noted above.
    • Duncan and Gwen are seen making out on the boat in the first episode of Revenge of the Island. They're still together, unless...

  • Are Harold and LeShawna an Official Couple or what?
    • By the looks of it, yes.

  • Wait, if Chris doesn't have permission to land the plane in London, how did everyone get back onto the plane once they caught their respective "criminals"?

  • How Sierra suddenly found out that Chris is the biggest Jerkass on the show. Shouldn't she know that already?

  • Another one about Duncan's return... Chris's excuse for keeping him in the show made no sense! He's constantly said that the penalty for refusing to sing is instant elimination. Duncan refused to sing, therefore he was eliminated. But in later episodes Chris said that by leaving, Duncan had violated of his contract. I'm sorry, what?!?! You shoved him out of the plane in episode 2 yourself, Chris, you can't say he was in violation of his contract! You eliminated him, you removed him from the game, deal with it! If anything, they should have brought back Izzy, who was never actually eliminated this season!
  • Hey, why does Heather want to kick Courtney out for throwing challenges in Picnic at Hanging Dork? It's obvious she just wants to get rid of Gwen, and after that she's going to go back to winning.
    • Considering that Duncan and Owen are both previous winners and on the other team, and that Alejandro is proving to be a formidable opponent, keeping a numbers lead on them is a pretty good idea. Especially when half your team are finalists from previous seasons. Taking advantage of a moment of weakness is one thing, but Heather has been on Gwen's team every season and she has never thrown a challenge just because she thought she could get her eliminated. A strong teammate is far more useful than petty revenge.
    • Plus, you know, that's still at least one night in the lame section of the plane.
      • No matter who she votes off, that's still one night in the lame section...
    • Heather wanted both Courtney and Gwen off; she didn't care who went first.

  • How come the Cartoon Network website calls almost every song "(Name of song) Mix"?
    • Possibly for censorship purposes. "Strip Them Down" was changed to "Changing Guards Mix".

  • Here is something that has been bugging me for quite some time now, but what happened to the barf bags that are supposed to be passed out during the season? They haven't been giving them out since Slap Slap Revolution and seems to be completely ignored afterwards.
    • They couldn't afford any more, the budget really is terrible after all. But joking aside, I suppose the writers just forgot about them.

  • In I See London... why was it even necessary for Team Amazon to win? Even if the show wanted to push the Gwen/Duncan/Courtney love triangle, at the time the team would have (with the exception of Cody) been happy to vote off Heather instead (and Cody's remaining vote would also go to someone not in the love triangle)? Not only that, but Chris had decided to fake-out eliminate on that team before; who could stop him from doing so again?
    • They were shooing out the clowns. The only reason Tyler made it this far was for his role in the triangle. In fact, any character who has nothing to do with the triangle was out by then.
      • Gwen is in the triangle.
      • Duncan is the reason for the triangle.
      • Courtney is in the triangle.
      • Courtney flirted with Alejandro,
      • which made Heather jealous.
      • Tyler saw Duncan and Gwen kiss.
      • Cody likes Gwen.
      • Sierra loves Cody, who likes Gwen.
      • Owen is The Artifact.
    • So naturally, Noah was next on the chopping block. Not to mention they needed Heather for her Belligerent Sexual Tension with Alejandro.
      • I support this theory given that Tyler (still a clown) only stayed in the game long enough to serve his purpose of revealing the kiss in Greece, so then he'd be voted out next episode to make room for more drama.
  • Why did Alejandro brag about his Latin heritage to Courtney, who is Hispanic too? Does he think Courtney is racist or something?

  • How do pineapples cause a volcano to erupt? I mean, seriously? Was that the best reason they could come up with for the volcano erupting? PINEAPPLES?
    • Since saying something like, "You have angered the spirit of the volcano with your fighting" would have made more sense, I'd say it's just Rule of Funny.
      • But was it funny?
      • Not "ha-ha" funny, but silly, it's just one of those random goofy things cartoons have.

  • Relatedly, did no one in the peanut gallery see the signs? I mean shouldn't the signs that very clearly said "No Pineapples" around the volcano have been suspicious to say, Noah? Or for that matter, Harold? And if no one saw them, why didn't they just bother turning around?
    • Well, Chris likely just marched them up the volcano and made them stand there, so they probably didn't see the signs in the first place. And with the uncomfortable heat and ultra-important final two battle going on right in front of them, why would anyone turn around?
      • 1) The peanut gallery were at the top of the volcano before the final battle started so they could have checked beforehand and 2) how would they not see the signs if they were walking right up to them? I guess it's possible they didn't see what the signs said, but someone who was a) cautionary, b) intelligent, or c) both would likely check to make sure it wasn't anything important.
  • Why is it that couples, save for Lindsay/Tyler and Geoff/Bridgette, can't be seen in the same shot together after hooking up without causing or continuing some sort of conflict? In other words, how come couples are never just shown hanging out, and not on the verge of some sort of emotional trauma?
    • So Izzy and Owen don't ever just hang out? As far as I could tell Harold and LeShawna also had mostly pretty sane moments, although their relationship seems to be off-and-on. As for why other couples always seem to have some sort of conflict, I think it's the difference between Rule of Funny abiders and Rule of Drama abiders. Frankly, a good number of the former category (DJ, Noah, Ezekiel, Eva, etc.) aren't and never were in a relationship. If they were, they would probably be perfectly fine with just hanging out.

  • Heather's treatment for much of this season. Now I'm no fan but even toward the ending she's still treated like the villain even though that job as been handed off to Alejandro. While I understand Cody having the most supporters, Alejandro still has more supporters then Heather. Even Bridgette Lampshades this by asking how many were voted off due to him.
    • It is unfair, but all of the people who supported Alejandro except Courtney who would have personal qualms with supporting Heather, were either extremely shallow or a bit slow (or both). The remaining smart people, and even the people who were only slightly slow, almost unanimously supported Cody instead, and many of them were perfectly happy to see Heather beat Alejandro in the end.
    • Four words: Never. Live. It. Down. You have to remember, Heather WAS the Big Bad Manipulative Bitch back in season one, and the Alpha Bitch in season two, of course a lot of contestants still hate her even after she stopped being a villain, you can't expect them to just forgive her on the spot like that. As for Alejandro's supporters: Lindsay, Sadie and Katie think he's hot, Tyler is probably still accepting of Al or just wants to sit with Lindsay. All four dislike Heather, and aren't friends with Cody (except maybe Tyler). Besides, all the members of her in-universe hatedom cheered for her at the end, that was fair enough.
    • Not to mention those four have the combined IQ of Patrick Star.
  • Okay a better question, why is Leshawna so cruel to her? Unlike the others she and Heather buried the hatchet in the last season. Also Heather's warnings about Alejandro were proven correct. Yet Leshawna is still bragging about giving her the beat down. You think she'd have learned her lesson.
  • "The Am-AH-zon Race". I don't get why Team Amazon babbled on about who they wanted to vote off. Whenever they showed the "who's voting for who" scenes all times before (which was, humorously, only Team Victory), they never gave their reasons for why they were voting whoever off (of course, most of these were either obvious or used for humor). Did Chris tell Team Amazon to say who they'd vote for and why in order to stir up drama? I'm guessing it was also used to start the Sierra and Cody subplot in the next episode, but still.

  • Minor nitpick on why "Brainzilla" would keep Izzy's bikini on. It just doesn't seem like something "she'd" wear. Maybe the army didn't have anything else for her to wear (she did leave from Jamaica, after all)? (And yeah, I get the obvious answer of Rule of Funny)
    • Lazy animators (it was made in Canada after all)
      • Way to be racist bro.
      • I don't see why you assume Canadian animators are lazy. Also, why is this of all things getting attention? The character's wardrobes in general are very limited. One set of clothes, one set of pajamas and one set of swimwear is all they get unless the challenge requires them to dress up. For season one it wasn't that big a deal (no one gets a change of clothes on Survivor, do they?) but when season two started it became a blatant Head Scratcher moment. What, Beth had time to get her braces off between seasons but no one had time to change clothes? And then there's Courtney, who joined mid-season but still wore the same clothes from the last one. And THEN, season three took place at least a month after season two in-universe, but everyone STILL wears the same clothes from season one. I don't disagree that this is a Head Scratcher. It's just too specific.
      • This is only a headscratcher because the show seems to be following a linear timeline. Most cartoons have Limited Wardrobe and a sliding timeline or Comic Book Time, and the ones that don't have both tend to have neither (e.g. As Told by Ginger). Here, we seem to have one but not the other, and that's what seems off. And no, it doesn't have to do with the show being Canadian. King of the Hill was exactly the same way in its early days, before it stopped the characters' aging.
    • For the same reason that most kids' shows have them stick to one outfit only most of the time. One, it's just more unnecessary time and expense to animate changes in clothes, even from season to season change, because the character has to be completely redrawn (I'd rather they fix more of the constant Off Model problems first). Second, even though the characters all look so unique, a change of clothes might confuse children who use that to help them identify who is who. Third, the outfits are kind of iconic, especially for cosplay, and if they did decide to sell more merch it would just be confusing. Also, who's to say that Total Drama is linear? Only a few of them appear to get taller, and there's no changes in hairstyles or faces in what amounts to almost two years, give or take the time between seasons 2 and three.
    • They were sixteen when the show began. I don't imagine many of them would need to grow that much, especially the girls. Cody, who is the most likely of the group to be a late bloomer, was among those who did get taller. Not to mention that the show could take place over the course of less than one year (Summer, immediately after, the following winter/spring) and probably did, given that Heather still needed hair extensions in World Tour. As Told by Ginger which I cited in my previous post featured characters who were twelve when the show began and even they didn't seem to grow that much by the time they got to high school, so I don't think that necessarily would mean anything for the timeline even if growth was expected. And changing hairstyles I suppose is exactly like changing clothes; redrawing for no reason.
      • In one of the Animation Nation interview videos released before season four, a question about new outfits actually came up. Christian Potenza (?) actually said it was too much of a challenge to draw new outfits every sseason. Changing hairstyles (at least in Heather's case) was necessary to establish a timeline, and it is technically a smaller alteration to work with.
  • If Chris wanted to get rid of Ezekiel so badly, then why, when all the animals were carted up after the plane exploded, did he have the interns box Ezekiel up too? made evn more confusing when he complains to Sierra about how they can't get rid of him, minutes before Alejandro finds him captured by the interns.
    • Perhaps Ezekiel simply sneaked on board like he did in Africa and hid in an empty crate?
  • Episode 15, "The Ex Files". The contestants break into Area 51, discover several alien artifacts and even REAL, LIVE ALIENS. And... nobody cares and the US Government makes no effort to cover this up. What? In the actual show it was made very clear that the US Government wanted to keep Area 51 a secret, so it's really hard to suspend disbelief about this. And although Chris claimed to have friends who worked for Area 51, there's no way they'd just let a TV Show air all of their secrets. That's comparable to the president allowing a friend to bomb a country just to capture it all on film. And the discovery of alien life would be one of the most monumental discoveries EVER made in history, so how come the aliens are just treated like they're no big deal? Even CODY, a stereotypical GEEK couldn't care less about the existence of alien life! At least we get a Continuity Nod in the beginning of the episode when Gwen said that, "Area 51 is where they keep all the cool alien junk" (Gwen and Duncan bonded over their love of alien movies in TDA). But anyway, I get that this is a cartoon aimed at a younger audience but come on, I'm sure even kids would notice that everyone reacted unrealistically nonchalant about coming into contact with aliens. The biggest reaction anyone gave toward the aliens was "Don't probe me, bro!", which was just a one-off joke. And their nonchalant reactions were NOT played for comedy; the aliens were just sort of there in that one episode and then never mentioned again.

  • In the second Aftermath (the telethon), DJ appears as a guest on the show. But, he was eliminated in Jamaica, the same place the cast was stranded. Why was he brought back to Canada, and not the rest of the cast? Sure, they didn't have money for fuel, but nobody decided to help them?

    Total Drama: Revenge of the Island 
  • So apparently the season was already aired inside certain parts of the world (France, italy, apparently Australia) So were the outcomes for those essentially the same as what's going to happen out in North America? Mike finishes 6th, Jo finishes 5th, Zoey and Scott are 4th or 3rd but I haven't found any spoilers to suggest which order. Cameron and Lightning are in the final two. Evidently, in the Italian version, Cameron wins. So far, it's following the boot order, but are they going to change it up a bit for the NA version(s)?
    • Yes, that's how it happens.
  • Why on earth do they hate Ezekiel so much?
    • Explain.
    • Well he is an unholy feral monstrosity.
  • Where does everyone go after they get catapulted?
    • Possibly to the loser resort, though it's uncertain.
  • So before anyone asks why...I'll just put it here - B and Dawn were eliminated despite being likable simply because it's supposed to be a Kick the Dog / Moral Event Horizon for Scott, who is literally 100% Russell Hantz expy.
  • In "Grand Chef Auto", Mike defeats his multiple personalities and takes control. But does anyone more noticed a shadow version of himself on the background, when he's saying that he's taking control?
    • Probably foreshadowing in a way.
      • Confirmed. Mike has an evil persona as well.
  • Does having multiple personalities really work that way?
    • No. Then again, expecting the creators of a cartoon (who probably don't have degrees in psychology) to get it right and simultaneously make it entertaining are slim.
    • A person cannot just take a big gasp of air and turn into a completely different individual, unless they are only pretending (which would mean they are doing it on purpose). This is one of the flaws in saying that Mike has MPD.
  • How is Chris not in jail, hes admitted to doing illegal activities on Reality TV.
    • He did get arrested in the season finale. It probably won't last, though.
      • Or maybe it will and next season new host (maybe chef).
      • It doesn't stick. They let him out on parole specifically to host the show.
  • Why the hell did Scott not get forced to show the Chris McClane seal of approval? For all we know, the idol did not have it and he simply pulled out a replica just to stay in the game. I demand to see that seal!
    • On a related note, how did Scott know about the seal of approval in the first place (so he could create his fakes)? Scott isn't revealed to have found it until a few episodes later (where Chris mentions someone had found it), so he wouldn't be able to know it has a seal. Obviously it would've been a bad idea to make immunity idols for others to find if they could be indistinguishable from the real one, or even if the original didn't have a seal or something to mark that it's the real one.
    • The real idol was presumably hidden somewhere the people running the show could track; probably somewhere where a contestant would be on camera when they found it. (Supported by the fact that Chris knew in advance when someone actually found the idol.) This is a reasonable assumption for a contestant (i.e. Scott) to make in advance. The seal of approval would just be a quick way to check if the footage hadn't been looked at recently enough. The fact that Chris didn't double-check that Scott's idol was real was just Conservation of Detail. It's already established to be the real thing, so there's no point in wasting some extra time proving it a second way.
  • What would happen if Mike's shirt were ripped off AND a fedora was placed on his head? Would he turn into a certain personality depending on what happened first, or would he become a quasi mix of the personalities?
    • Based on what we've seen with Chester it seems that Mike's triggers work on LIFO (Last In First Out) so the most recent trigger would probably take precedent though given how Svetlana functions and the Battle at the Center of the Mind it entirely plausible that if the situation specifically favored one personality the others would back down. There have certainly been situations where turning to Chester out of sheer frustration would have made equal or more sense than changing into Svetlana and rocking a challenge but she seems to show up when needed.
  • What happened to all of the characters Mike's VA previewed? I think they were probably turned into the current characters, but I really liked the Aussie accent.
    • Chester stayed the same, Svetlana also stayed the same except for now she's Russian instead of Swedish, Manitoba Mike become Manitoba Smith, and Vince became Vito.
  • I hope I don't sound mean when I say this, but what was the point in creating B? All he ever did was help his team in a couple challenges, and that's it. He wasn't in the original Total Drama Reloaded sketches, so he must have been added in at a different time, but my question is why. You could pretty much watch the whole show without him and not much would change.
    • Simple; he delays the elimination of more developed characters by an extra episode. In hindsight, a few of the early elimination results were pretty clearly set up to be able to waste a few early eliminations so the rest of the group would get some focus before they started leaving. Look at the first few: nearly literal one-note character, character who returned an episode later and stuck around for half the season, character with no spoken lines, and team swap replacing elimination.

    Total Drama All-Stars 

  • Can somebody please explain to me why Courtney is on the Heroic Hamsters?
    • Because Courtney stands for superficial conformity to conventional ideals, believes herself to be a hero, and if Chris put all the actual heroes on the same team, they wouldn't have the internal conflict that he usually deliberately instigates.
    • Exactly Courtney is the Token Evil Teammate for the Hamsters while Gwen is the Token Good Teammate for the Vultures.
    • Not anymore, on Courtney's part.
  • Why did Alejandro's voice change?
    • Perhaps it has to do with the original voice actor. Maybe he didn't want to come back, maybe he didn't have the ability to continue voicing Alejandro, maybe he was too expensive, who knows.
  • Why is Jo complaining about her team having 6 members while the other team had 7? That's exactly the same as her original team last year.
    • She didn't win the game last year. Maybe she's that picky.
    • The only logical explanation is that Jo took notice of how capable the other team's members were, consisting of characters that not only made it very far in at least one series, but also work very well together. There definitely was a disadvantage.
  • Why exactly is Chris allowed to do another season of Total Drama while on parole? Is the TD Canadian legal system really OK with him spending another season torturing teenagers for our entertainment?
    • The Canadians and everybody else could clearly care less about Chris torturing teenagers for our entertainment. This show is a show in universe complete with behind the scenes and a viewing audience that sees if not everything we see most of it. (It actually seems via the flash backs that they actually see MORE than we see and we get the best cuts) Chris's arrest had to do with the Toxic Waste on the Island which apparently was cleaned up, the mutated animals eliminated/relocated/best not to think about it and apparently TD is sufficiently popular and bring in enough money that Canada was willing to parole Chris for the revenue he'd bring in with another season of the show.
  • In the beginning of "Saving Private Leechball", The Malevolent One breaks Sam's "Game Guy". My's at night, and Mike was seen in his PJs when he and Cameron went to bed. When the Malevolent One strikes, he's in Mike's normal clothes. Did he get dressed specifically for that occasion? This is probably just a minor animation error, but it's still confusing.
  • Why is Sam in All Stars?
    • They already chose all six characters who made it past the merge from ROTI, and they needed one more. Why they choice Sam over actual heroes like B and Brick, however, is still a mystery.
    • Brick is obviously at Fashion School.
    • I had the same question, however the answer becomes obvious after his elimination: they needed someone on the hero team to eliminate after the first episode so they could play out all the storylines with the others (Sierra's Cody withdrawl, Cam trying to help Mike, being Sierra's reluctant Replacement Goldfish and Getting shuttled over to the vultures, Mike's whole situation with the Malevolent one, Zoey reacting to that, Courtney getting shuttled over to the other team and Duncan's whole drama with Gwen and possibly knowing the malevolent one. All of these are either apparent before his elimination or come into play shortly afterwords. The Villian team didnt have a plant like that simply because they had a limited selection (with Gwen only being placed there for dramatic reasons and Courtney being swapped over after a few episodes) and limited space, with Justin being the only one left out, and the only one who'd be obvious elimation bait before their exit episode.
    • I have a feeling that the writers actually listened to the fans when it came to Owen. Owen has been labelled The Scrappy, Camera Hog and Creator's Pet, and on top of that he's made it far in every season he's competed in. Perhaps the writers didn't want to annoy the fans by bringing Owen back for a fourth round, but they still wanted an Owen-like character to replace him. Sam was the closest to an Owen replacement. Ironically, now a lot of fans have wondered why Owen isn't in All-Stars but Sam is... I actually would have preferred Owen to compete anyway since he IS an All-Star, and he would've been eliminated fourth anyway.
      • That being said, the writers wanted to bring back an equal number of contestants from the original series (and World Tour) and Revenge.
    • I believe that it's the writers way of making sure the fans don't complain as opposed to accepting their wishes. If they really wanted to do that, then they should have brought back Dawn. You see, the writers had a formula for picking All-Stars, due to the small pool to choose from. If you made the merge at least once or you're found to be a writers' favorite, then you're an All-Star. This has led to a lot of people being cast that I've either grown sick of or was never fond of to begin with. But Sam was used as an ineffective attempt to deceive us. The idea being that if someone who's a fat Seth Rogen and spends all his time playing World of Warcraft can be an All-Star, then anyone can be. And they wanted to say that those who didn't make the cut just didn't try enough. Instead, they created a character that's heavily out of place and they just wanted to flush him as fast as they could.
      • Putting in Dawn wouldn't necessarily work, either, as it's clear that they wanted an equal number of boys and girls. There are 7 boys and 7 girls. There are 7 from Revenge, admittedly more boys than girls, and 7 from the original cast (including World Tour). The Villains, as stated, had very slim pickings (even putting Jo in there is somewhat of a stretch). The writers may plan things out to their likings, but they didn't necessarily choose all of the characters to fit their specific liking (and they aren't going to pick the characters the above troper or anyone else wanted, either, no matter who is fond of who). The problem with Sam isn't necessarily the reason Dawn wasn't put in, especially when three of the female all-stars (Courtney, Gwen, and Heather), have big fanbases, while a few of the Revenge girls do not (Staci and Anne Maria, for example).
      • Putting Jo in the villains isn't too much of a stretch when you look at some of those other shows that have done "Heroes vs. Villains", especially Survivor, wherein the "villains" team often include people who are simply not afraid to be pragmatic. Sure, Jo is certainly not a nice girl, but pretty much every "Villainous" thing she did was to win, rather than watching Cameron and Brick suffer.
  • I didn't understand Sam's reasoning for hoarding the extra bites of pancake. I sympathize with him not wanting to go back to Boney Island but his heroic team wouldn't force him to, especially not if he won the challenge for them. Besides, the last time he went no one made him go—he himself volunteered because his anemia was making him into a hindrance during the challenge. So... huh?
    • Maybe Sam was saving it for whoever would go to Boney Island that night, not specifically himself. I know he said, "In case I had to go back", but maybe he was just going to repay his team for their kindness when they did it for him. That's just speculation, but who knows.
    • From an IRL perspective, the writers likely decided Sam had little left to contribute to the season (the above question seems to make it clear he was only there to fill and empty hero space anyway) and had to find a way to get the heroes to want to eliminate him, seeing as no one had any malice for him. Why they decided to go with such a hope dashing, obviously forced, and out of character reason is beyond me. Perhaps they thought they heroes would be too nice to eliminate Sam just for losing the challenge to Alejandro.
  • In "Moon Madness," Cameron gets fed up with Sierra's clinginess and affectations and decides to get away from her by removing himself from the competition. Rather than quit, though, why couldnt he just have asked the rest of the Heroic Hamsters to vote her off if he was that desperate to get rid of her? Mike and Zoey are his close friends and would easily oblige his request, especially after seeing how Sierra was going crazy from Cody withdrawal and treating Cameron as a Replacement Goldfish. Duncan played in TDWT with her so he knows how far she can get with her obsessions and wouldnt have a problem voting her off. Cameron was certainly quick to ask the Vultures to vote her off when they would have no inclination to listen to him. Plus, he had earlier promised to help Mike with his or lack of multiple personalities which he couldn't be able to do if he was eliminated. I know meta-wise it was because the writers wanted to shuffle Cameron over to the Vultures so he could develop a friendship with Gwen, but it just bugs me that he didnt consider it.
  • Now, I know Courtney's important interactions are going to be around Gwen, Duncan, and Scott, and I know that Alejandro's main interactions are going to be around Heather, but I have to ask: Why is it that Courtney and Alejandro haven't even spoken at all to one another? Did Courtney just flat out stop caring for him after he lost the million dollars (no matter which ending you've watched)?
  • Heather didn't want to look suspicious while holding the immunity idol, so she stows it away in a simple hiding spot...then tells Alejandro about it?! And then she blames CHRIS for supposedly stealing it?! Even if they wanted to get rid of Heather early, why on earth would they derail one of the smartest competitors into making such simple mistakes?
    • Heather admitting to Alejandro that she found the statue just shows how confident she was that she had hidden it somewhere nobody would find it. So for Heather, who doesn't really have any contestant to suspect above all others, the most likely to have stolen it was the guy with the cameras everywhere and who loves himself some drama and disappointed contestants.
    • Being a Smug Snake has always been part of Heather's character.
    • That may be, but while she was always a Smug Snake, she was never this careless.
    • Terry McGurrin who wrote this episode tends to give certain characters like her and Gwen the Idiot Ball in order to justify their eliminations which says to me that like the rest of the writers this season he just didn't care.
  • How old are the classic competitors from season one now? Season 2 started filming 2 days after Season 1, but we're not given a timeline between seasons 2 and 3. It is never stated in-series how long the gap between seasons 3 and 4 are but we do know that season 5 takes place 1 year after season 4. Are the season 1 veterans 19, 20 or even 21 by now?
    • I'm inclined to put them at 18, maybe 19 at most in some cases. Celebrity Manhunt probably took place at the end of the same year as seasons one and two, since the show was eligible for an award during that. Season three likely took place a couple of months later at most (we know it ended in April because of Cody's birthday, and it probably wouldn't have been a full year after the special.) Alejandro mentions being in the robot suit (end of season three) for about a year, and Chris was in prison for a year (end of season four), so season four presumably took place not long after season three (possibly the following summer, making it a full year after season one). Hence, season five takes place around two years after season one.
    • Now I'm REALLY confused... As of Episode 8 of Total Drama All Stars, Duncan is STILL under 18, since he was expecting to go to Juvie. But if Season 5 took place a year after Season 4 and Duncan is still at most 17, then seasons 1 - 4 would have had to take place all in the same year, which makes no sense... Unless the writers are just invoking Not Allowed to Grow Up and all the characters are going to stay 16 forever...
      • Duncan may have simply gotten used to facing juvie as a consequence. If he had only just turned 18, it might not have yet occurred to him that he was suddenly an adult in the eyes of the law.
  • In "Suckers Punched", after Zoey scores a point for the Heroes by doing so well in the last challenge, Cameron is seen cheering along with them. Yes, most of them are his friends, and they are his former team, but still.
  • In "Suckers Punched", when the Villains got to choose who to vote off the Heroes team, why did they choose Sierra? Duncan has made more enemies than her and one would expect Gwen and Courtney to try to boot him off. Also, Duncan is the biggest threat on the Heroes team since he has made it to the final five in EVERY season he's competed in. That's one hell of an average. And because of her Flanderization, Sierra is a mere shell of the Genre Savvy super-fan who knew Total Drama inside and out. She has spent the ENTIRE season doing NOTHING but obsessing over Cody or her precious "Camody"; she hasn't pulled any strategic moves like she did in World Tour. Even if Gwen and Cameron cared enough to let Sierra see the real Cody again (although, let's be honest, Cameron just wanted to get rid of Sierra period), why would the other members of the Villains team care? For all they knew, Sierra's Sanity Slippage would just cripple the rest of the Heroes team. Eliminating her was a stupid move on the Villains' part. And this is coming from someone who was happy to see Sierra go!
    • While Duncan being a formidable competitor is true I'm not sure I'd buy he has so many enemies left in All Stars; Scott, Alejandro and Cameron have no particular beef with him (in fact Duncan's interaction with Scott has been pretty friendly). Gwen broke up with him I'm not sure she's an outright enemy as such - she doesn't seem all that angry over ending things with him. Really only Courtney dislikes him particularly and even there she seems over him more than anything.
    • She's UNPREDICTABLE. That plus her insane determination makes her dangerous. We already know Cameron wants Sierra gone, Gwen is Cameron's friend so she probably went along with Cameron. Also, Courtney and Gwen seem to be more ignoring/dismissive of Duncan than hating him this time around. Considering all these factors, it isn't surprising that the team's consensus was to boot Sierra.
    • There are two other big factors in my opinion : if Chris was starting to get scared of Sierra, then you can bet that everyone was starting to get uneasy around her. The good guys were probably worried about the toll the show was taking on her mental health, and the bad guys probably didn't want to face an insane competitor who is also strong enough to punch-out sharks and holds up three people plus herself from the edge of a cliff. As for Duncan, that blue bird incident probably destroyed most of his cred.
    • Even with her Sanity Slippage, Sierra is still a fairly strong competitor who knows everything about the show (though ironically, she seems to have been a worse competitor since her Sanity Slippage.) Also, perhaps the Villains wanted to Mercy Kill her for her own sake (and Cameron's). Other than Alejandro, none of them are really all that nasty (Scott's not as bad this time around, and Courtney's come around now that she's better friends with Gwen).
    • From a real world perspective, the writers probably thought that Sierra had exhausted all of her material for the time being. She didn't have any other plot relevance to the main storyline other than humor, so it was her time to go.
  • Am I the only one who notices that the timeframe during the confession cams are making less sense? For example, in "Suckers Punched", when Sierra goes to fight the baby two-headed rat mutant's mother, she leaves it in the care of Cameron and quickly jump cuts to him doing a quick confession cam with it, and then it jump cuts back to Sierra's fight, which lasts less than 15 seconds, after which the mother takes back it's baby. This implies that Cameron somehow warped time. The same thing happened with Mal practicing his Mike voice in "Moon Madness."
    • It's never made sense. Though in the case you mentioned, Sierra could have taken her time prepping for the fight. We can assume that the challenges in reality take much longer to complete (giving contestants plenty of time to reach a confessional) and that editors used some creative cutting to get the end result.
    • Also, a lot of the confessionals can simply be the characters reflecting on events after they've happened.
    • This is actually very consistent with the ways real reality shows are shot. (E.g., the host will describe a challenge and you'll cut to a contestant in a "candid interview" saying "No problem! I do that all the time" and then they'll cut back to the host saying "But there's one more thing ... you'll be doing it blindfolded" and then cut to that same contestant in the same candid interview saying "Wha....?") I have no insider knowledge, but it seems obvious the producers ask the contestants to sum up what they were thinking at the time (or make up something that it would have been funny for them to have been thinking at the time, if you want to be cynical).
  • Why didn't Cameron notice something was up when Mike tried to talk him into breaking up Scott and Courtney, even though that's something completely out of Mike's character and Cameron was already suspicious of Mike being evil?
    • Arguably Cameron wasn't in his right mind. He was paranoid of everyone and assumed Mike(and I guess Zoey) were the only ones on his side. Since he's complained about this to Mike/Mal constantly, he probably figured Mike was willing to think dirty to help him out. Helps that he doesn't particularly like Scott.
  • In "Island" we were explicitly told that the timespan was eight weeks with a challenge every three days and the timespans of "Action" and "Revenge of the Island" was vague at best. However in "World Tour" and "All-Stars" we have to presume that there is a new challenge everyday because the standard prize is that the winner gets to spend the night in the deluxe accommodations. So does this mean that "All-Stars" takes place in a period of less than two weeks?
    • Did World Tour explicitly state that first class was a one-night reward rather than a "several days to the next challenge" reward? Either way, based on the "night on Boney Island" setup, it would appear that All-Stars is possibly the shortest season in-universe. (Which sort of introduces Fridge Logic that makes some/most of the characters look far more touchy or impulsive in their arcs.)
    • While it's uncertain about the first class resort being one night only, there are lines that pretty much confirm that World Tour takes place over an extended period of time. In "Sweden Sour", Chris calls TCIRRRRH "dingoes" and then says he should have used that line "last week, in Australia" ("Picnic at Hanging Dork", the episode directly before)
  • "The Obsta-Kill Kourse": A confused Scott asks Courtney if she ever kissed Alejandro. Courtney said she did years ago, more than likely referring to World Tour. Except....when did she and Alejandro ever kiss?? It was never shown on screen at any given time, as the only person Alejandro has ever kissed was Heather (along with an Accidental Kiss with Bridgette). Also, had Courtney and Alejandro kissed, there's no way that Chris wouldn't have used that footage for drama, considering the large Love Dodecahedron involving those two, Gwen, Duncan, and Heather.
    • I'm pretty sure Chris doesn't choose which clips to show on air. I seem to recall in episode 10 that Chris was mad about clips of him dangling over acid were being played during the recap (It was Chef but Chris blamed the editors).
  • How is it that none of the other contestants noticed Mal gripping Alejandro? Zoey only notices them after they're finished talking. To add onto this, how did they not notice when Chris laughs about Alejandro's last name over the P.A.?
    • When Mal was walking over to Alejandro he was looking behind him as if making the others were too distracted to see him go over to talk to Alejandro. My guess is they were preoccupied with talking each other or an animal or something. I'm sure they noticed Chris talking and Zoey was probably walking over while they were talking and got there just as they finished.
  • Why didn't Alejandro just write "Mike is Mal" on the picture instead of doing the devil horns?
    • Pretty much the same reason why he didn't just outright say he hid a DVD in the spa hotel. It's a common act in fiction that, no matter what, people can't reveal certain things just because it would ruin the plot.
    • Simple, he knows nobody would believe him.
    • While writing "Mike is Mal" would make sense, given that the audience is aware of Mike's MPD and thst an evil personality has taken over his body, we cant be sure that Alejandro is aware about that. In the first episode, Alejandro states that he had been stuck in the robot suit for a year and that his last memories were of being swarmed in lava at the finale of TDWT so presumably he wouldnt have watched TDROTI to know that Mike had Multiple Personality Disorder. The other contestants knowing how much a Manipulative Bastard Alejandro is probably didnt tell him about Mike's disorder so as to prevent him using it to his advantage. Without this knowledge, Alejandro probably thought that Mal was the real personality and that his Mike 'persona' was just an act to fool people into liking him sort of like what Alejandro did in TDWT. Perhaps he thought Mike was a fake name or that he liked being called Mal? At any rate, drawing Mike with the devil horns showed a clearer message. As for why he didnt tell anyone about the DVD in the spa hotel, my guess is that he didnt want Mal to know where it was and destroying it.
  • Why would Duncan, who's normally Genre Savvy about crime, think he would go back to Juvie for blowing up Chris's cottage?
    • Habit? He probably thought A) blowing up the cottage wasn't any worse than what he did to get himself into Juvie in the first place, B) every time he got into trouble before juvie was the threat instead of prison and C)he forgot it was Chris he was messing with.
    • Considering the crimes that Chris gets away with that are worlds worse than blowing up a cottage and as of All-Stars includes at best the involuntary manslaughter of most of the original casts he probably thought the Island was somehow out of their jurisdiction. The question is why he really thought he was going to Juvie at all.
  • This may be just me, but doesn't it seem like the writers were favoring the second cast over the originals? To start, they bring back 7 TDR campers, but only 5 of the original 22, and one of them is voted off first. Next, the final 3 are composed of new cast members.
    • Favoring the two casts equally would be too predictable. Plus, the newer cast has much more room for character development. Keep in mind the old cast already got 3 seasons dedicated to them.
    • Think of it this way: Some of these players have played three times, whereas the new guys have only got one chance. (Alejandro and Sierra included.)
  • Why is it that no one ever lampshades the fact that Scott is much different now than he was in Revenge? All you get is Scott making a few offhand remarks that he's a "bad guy", but that's it.
    • Maybe the Revenge of the Island competitors are more willing to put past grudges to rest compared to the Island competitors. Especially since Scott's karma was so much worse than simply getting your head shaved. And his brush with death may have also scared Scott into thinking twice about ever doing something really bad again.
    • You see this a few times in some of the Reality Shows that this game is spoofing - Coach in Survivor Heroes vs. Villains wasn't the same Coach he was in Tocantins (to be fair part of that was the editors), and nobody except the fans really pointed that out. James Clement in Heroes vs. Villains was certainly NOT a "hero" in the least bit, an Tyson wasn't even that much of a "villain". A non Survivor example is Jeff in Big Brother 13. I honestly didn't believe that was him watching the feeds given how often he'd go around insulting people and acting like he deserved to win, and left the house angry that someone dared make a move against him.
    • For that matter, it seems odd that nobody brings up the fact that Scott spent most of the previous season throwing away challenges so that he could eliminate the teammates he considered a threat when everyone else's villainous acts were mentioned such as Gwen kissing Duncan. Why were the rest of the Vultures not concerned that Scott might do this again given that everyone on the team has competed on Total Drama and made the merge at least once? Granted a stay in the Mc Clain Hotel and a slot at finding the Invincibility Statue are two good motivators to win challenges, still a confrontation towards Scott about his Team Killer strategy and threats against any future sabotage would have been nice.
  • Does it bother anybody that the final challenge in All-Stars almost doesn't matter? Presumably Mike's going to overcome Mal, at which point Zoe and Mike are likely to share the winnings no matter who wins.
    • Well, obviously, NO, you're not the only one bothered by it. However, now that it has aired, it becomes very apparent that even if you didn't care about the winner, the ending sets up the next season by destroying the island and by hinting at a brand new cast.
  • The reset button only removes Mike's personalities instead of completely giving him a blank slate, or even having him live life without remembering them? How does that work? More than likely, the only explanation is that the writers wanted a quick and easy way to get his plot resolved, but it still makes no sense.

    Total Drama: Pahkitew Island 

  • Why is this season considered Season 5 Part 2? It has nothing in common with All-Stars. If they wanted a 26 episode season, couldn't they have extended All-Stars?
    • Because this season was a part of the 26 episode deal that Cartoon Network ordered in late 2012. They even have the same four writers in common (along with two more who only worked on this half). Another reason is that the half length seasons are a direct result of Fresh TV wanting to save money on production.

  • Why would a hypochondriac like Dave voluntarily join Total Drama? Heck, how did this sadist show find three generations of willing contestants?
    • A million dollars is a lot of money and given how well of Courtney and Dakota are heavily implied to be a million dollars in the Total Dramaverse might be worth considerably more than it is in real life. Dakota is clearly inspired by Paris Hilton, a million dollars shouldn't be enough to get her off her ass. In addition as cruel as the challenges seem the complete lack of fatalities and very few serious injuries despite encounters with bears, mutant sharks, croctopus and the like suggests that our characters are Made of Iron and inverse this show is probably only about as dangerous as Survivor appears in real life. It's also worth noting that when Chris went to jail it was for pollution and he was let out to restart his show. I doubt the contestants are actually in a lot of danger.

  • It just occurred to me that Pahkitew Island has no modern conveniences and the new cast was dropped there with nothing. So does this mean the cast hasn't bathed or had a fresh change of clothes in weeks?
    • Soap and something to grind your cloths against goes a long way towards getting them clean if you need clean cloths. I'm sure some of them haven't changed but they could easily wash their cloths the old fashioned way. Though the truth is it's probably handwaved. I never got the impression the island was supposed to have washing machines in any of the other seasons.
    • This is another Survivor nod. The contestants this season, just like in Survivor, are stranded in the middle of nowhere with only the clothes on their backs. They pretty much wash them the old-fashioned way, if they bother to at all.
    • Just as the person above me mentioned, it's like Survivor - the characters pretty much took a bath in the rivers nearby. (Like how in Survivor, they wash themselves off in the ocean.) There's a reason why in a few seasons, they offered a shower as a reward to the players and they immediately took it because the jurors usually go at least 20 days without showering or have any fresh changes of clothing.

  • In "This is the Pits," Chris proclaims they didn't have enough footage for an episode since the cast went off camera. Does this mean we're watching these episode at a third person perspective instead of the perspective of a person watching the show?
    • No. There are cameras all over the island just like in every season. However since the majority of the contestants skipped over the majority of challenges Chris didn't have anything he could piece together a legit show. So what we got for "This is the Pits," is basically an uncut behind the scenes look that normally would have been editted differently. Though it's often hard to tell just like in "Scarlett Fever" where apparently there was time to cut away to Max's reaction interview at (where is/was at that time) the outhouse despite the island being near destruction.

  • Shawn's zombie survival tactics on the whole are fairly logical based on modern zombie lore in particular The Walking Dead. In Scarlett Fever the contestants are attacked by a horde of identical looking robots that are compared to robots which sends Shawn into a invincible rage. During which he engages the robots in hand to hand combat including several headbutts. It all works out just fine for him but had they been zombies hand to hand including headbutts is all but guaranteed to if not get you scratched, bit or even get zombie juice in your mouth. One would expect his combat tactics to be more keep away and stall and less engage hand to hand.

  • Why does Elle's singing work? As far as we know there are very few if any actual animals on the island. Scuba Bear in particular in 100% confirmed as a robot and should have been immune. Out of verse the most likely answers are that they didn't want to reveal anything too soon or possibly the writers hadn't even figured that detail out yet when they were writing those scenes or brainstorming up the characters but inverse it raises questions.

  • Why do so many people think Samey switching places with Amy in 'Twinning Isn't everything' is such a problem? It is hardly impossible Chris knew but kept quiet from the drama and or/evulz (he definitely knew before the start of the next episode) and outside Jasmine Samey is dealing with a team that is either deeply self absorbed (Topher and Max), dim (Rodney) or outright knew (Scarlett).
    • A few of the reasons include that Chris identified them correctly five seconds before Samey pulled the switch along with how she wasn't wearing her fake mole as Amy was being eliminated in her place. Yet somehow (through forced contrivance), the next episode has everyone (aside from Jasmine & Scarlett) fooled into thinking that Samey is pretending to be Amy even though they should know that it isn't her.

  • Why didn't Sky just use gymnastics as her talent in Sugar's talent show?
    • Because that would've been less interesting?
    • A poorly written attempt at irony since Sugar loses and is eliminated while Sky & Shawn succeed by having their talents in the talent show being what Sugar normally does 24/7 which is gross bodily stuff.

  • Why did Scarlett fall for Sky's plan (using a broken promo-bot to get her to open the door)? She just seemed smarter than that
    • Scarlett's plot was just far too complex for a 13 episode season. Suddenly turning her into an Anti-Climax Boss was pretty much the easiest/laziest way they could've wrapped it up in such a short amount of time.

  • The Jasmine/Shawn conflict seemed forced (she was going to take a dive to try and keep Shawn from being eliminated anyway)

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