Headscratchers: 13 Going on 30

  • So the magic dust actually works. How is this not common knowledge?
    • Who, aside from Jenna, would have known it works?
    • It's magic dust; only kids would've really tried it. And who would've believed them?
  • Maybe they forget everything once they go back to their original ages.

  • This is less of a Headscratcher for the film itself, and more for the page on This Very Wiki for it. Namely, the Ambition Is Evil trope. As far as I could see, nothing is really shown to indicate that Jenna was bad for wanting to be rich and successful. If anything, it seemed to take the view of "you can be rich and successful, but you don't have to be a Jerk Ass to do so". Seems kinda presumptuous, and nothing in the film really supports it.
    • Agreeing and elaborating, as Jenna's successful in her career as a Jerk Ass but becomes even more successful when she stops being a Jerk Ass— her secretary starts actually liking her, her editor is thrilled with the work she does for the magazine, and she gets everyone to actually enjoy themselves at the magazine party. The only thing that screws her over here is that Lucy uses a deal she made as a Jerk Ass against her, which she never would have done if Jenna hadn't rubbed her the wrong way as a nicer person.
  • How did Jenna go from wanting to be popular and desperately trying and failing to fit in to the most popular girl in school in such a short time? Was Matt really holding her back there?
    • Thank you! It doesn't make sense at all. They mention she became "Basically (the six chicks) leader" but how she became popular is never even mentioned. Bugged the hell outta me.
    • I was always under the impression that it wasn't Matt himself holding her back, but rather that he reminded her of who she was. He kept her grounded and kind, but when she became convinced that he'd ruined her life, she abandoned him and the sweetness he kept in her. With him gone and no longer keeping her as a person, she was left with nothing but ambition- she had no loyalty to herself at all, meaning she would do whatever was necessary to be popular.
  • If Jenna and Matt stopped being friends in the seventh grade (in the original timeline), why is Jenna's mom at Matt's wedding?
    • It's not uncommon for childhood friends' parents to be friends with each other as well. Jenna and Matt may have stopped being friends, but Jenna's mom could very well have still been a friend of Matt's family (both mothers could have been friends as well); it does seem a bit odd, but it's a logical explanation.
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