Headscratchers / The Wuzzles

He is a male elephant / kangaroo. So, unless he suffers from a gender identity crisis, why in the world does he have a pouch?
  • We are barring the possibility that the writers fail biology forever, yes? For some reason, even though there are a lot of marsupials, kangaroo pouches alone are iconic. It does look very strange, though.
    • I wouldn't rule out Eleroo being a hermaphrodite...
    • Maybe only the elephant parts are male.
      • But take note of the lack of tusks, also a female trait.

All the Wuzzles are talking Mix-and-Match Critters.
Each combines two different species. But each and every one of the main characters, regardless of species, has little wings. What the heck?
  • What would you call a Wuzzle who's a Shih-Tzu/bulldog combination?

And where did all the Wuzzles come from anyway?
Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action? In a Disney series (yes, it's only implied but still)?

Brat's Combination
Why do so many Wuzzles fansites have Brat listed as a boar/rat combination? Sure, the name's a bit misleading, but you only have to look at him to see that he's part reptile (and not part rat). Butter Bear even dubbed him "Reptillicus" in the episode "Class Dismissed".
  • They never actually say, in the series, just what animals Brat is a hybrid of. Just judging by his character design, he looks like Taz with some dragon and piglike features. Maybe he's a Boar/Horned Toad?