Headscratchers / The Wolf Man (1941)

  • Why did the Wolf Man, a werewolf with fangs and claws, opt to strangle the majority of his victims?
    • Because the Hays Code said so.
      • He was a vegetarian?
      • Strangle? Are you watching the same movie, he's not strangling them, his holding them still so he can rip out their necks with his teeth, if you actually listen the policemen constantly state the victims died of a "Severed jugular" this being 1940's though they couldn't directly show it.
  • How did the Gypsies keep Werewolf!Bela from going on a rampage whenever he transformed and eating them all? Did they keep him on a leash or something?
    • Maleva displays the ability to turn Larry back into human form at one point. It's possible she usually did the same for Bela, but was unable to get to him in time on this one occasion.