Headscratchers / The Waltons

  • Is John-Boy a bit of a Marty Sue for anyone else? It seems like several episodes climaxed into him solving the problem-of-the-week. I realize the show is based on his memories of the family (and he's Earl Hamner' Author Avatar), but with that being the case, he sure does talk a lot about him taking care of a lot of people's problems. Also, Rev Fordwick goes away for a weekend...and he picks John-Boy to do the sermon? Really??
  • In the episode The Burn-Out (about the house fire), does anyone else wonder how a house can have 'old' wiring in the 1930s when the TVA didn't even exist to electrify the region until 1937?
    • TVA does not service customers in the area near Schuyler, Virginia, the real-life counterpart to "Walton's Mountain". In the universe of "The Waltons", the family homestead was within 1930s-era driving distance of Charlottesville. There might have been a small municipal utility in the area of the (fictional) town of Rockfish.