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Headscratchers: The Sun Sword
Did anyone else notice all the hanging plot threads? What is Isladar's plan and why do we never find out? For that matter, what happened to the coming House War in Terafin? The last we see of them is Jewel showing up safely back at Terafin, but that comes nowhere close to resolving what happens next since it's implied they're about to have a rather nasty war.

  • I always figured Isladar's plan would come up in the End of Days sequence (see the comments here Michelle's blog), since he's supposed to show up there. Here's the link to the books detailing the House War in Terafin. IIRC the first couple of books overlap with the Hunter duology but I haven't read in them in years.

  • Keep in mind that the Sun Sword series is only one movement of a larger saga (I don't think West has ever given the whole Myth Arc any name but "the Westverse"). The Sacred Hunt duology takes place before it, the currently ongoing House War series after it, and after that will come the End of Days, which is supposed to be the Grand Finale for the whole thing.
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