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Headscratchers: The Spoony Experiment
  • In his review of Warrior #1, Lewis!Insano note  gives Noah!Linkara a choice note  between the comic and his suicide pistol. Noah!Linkara asks for the gun, and Lewis!Insano says "you will read the comic!" while threatening him with the same gun. I thought that was funny, but I can't tell if it was intentional or not.
    • I always took it as Linksano pulling an unspoken I Lied justification out his ass like more devious villains do.
    • That's not the fridge logic part. Noah was going to shoot himself, he can't be threatened that way... unless he was bluffing because Death Is Cheap! I get it now!
    • Or, y'know, he could have been threatening to shoot him non-fatally, which would sting something fierce.
    • Maybe he was willing to kill himself, but not be killed by Linksano?
      • Maybe he was going to use the gun to shoot Linksano?

  • Random inquiry: Does Scarlett ever show up in any of his videos? I know he makes numerous references to her, but do we ever see her in action?
    • She doesn't appear because of the Fan Dumb. I don't know the full story, but shit went down. Shit went down, bitch.
      • She appeared once. Once. It was his acceptance video for the award he won. For whatever reason his, Fan Dumb attacked her in that video. A video in which he made an acceptance speech for an award he won. Make sense of that.
      • :| That's probably one of the dumbest cases of Fan Dumb I've ever heard.
      • Don't you know what video it was?
      • No, because Spoony and Scarlett took the video down when the hating got bad enough.
      • Can I just ask what the reasoning for this abuse was?
      • GIFT, what else?
      • Yeah, but what specifically is the fanboys beef with Scarlet? Is this some sort of "there are no girls online" sexism thing? I just want to know what the supposed problem is.
      • From what I gathered, it's a mix of Hollywood Homely / Hollywood Pudgy scorn. She's fairly attractive, but not supermodel-level — and GIFTers hate that!
      • Right, so it's as retarded as I thought. Cheers.

  • What is that clip he plays sometimes when he makes a really tasteless joke, the one of the crowd booing?
    • It looks like a political rally, but I really wouldn't know.
    • It looks like something from a sci-fi convention, as it looks like the crowd is wearing starfleet uniforms.
    • Or possibly a political sci-fi convention rally, Trekkies for a Communist Tomorrow?

  • How does Spoony see when he's wearing the Insano glasses?
    • One-way transparent plastic.
      • Actually, it is: the glasses are translucent plastic with lines drawn on them; from a distance of more than five feet, they appear opaque, but closer up it's possible to see the wearer's eyes. The lines on them aren't transparent, but the spirals have enough blank space to allow a narrow window of viewing. Since this window is very close to the wearer's eyes, it doesn't hinder vision any more than, say, venetian-shades glasses, thanks to light physics. Additionally, the spirals are not identical, allowing the blind spot of one eye to be compensated for by the other. The only difficult thing to tell is color, as the glasses are tinted.
    • This troper bought a pair at Party City. From what I can tell, the lights in Spoony's videos make the goggles look more opaque than they really are, but in actuality, they are just tinted plastic with glittery spirals on them. They do obscure vision slightly, and you wouldn't want to wear them for very long periods of time, but they are perfectly see-through.
  • Okay, so I've seen floating around here that Spoony's battlecry is WOLVERINES!, and yes, I know that it's potholed to Red Dawn (1984), so my question is this: Where does this come up (if at all) in his videos? I'm sorry, I'm just very confused... ^^; I mean, it was used in Kickassia, but it's also on Spoony's main page. Help...?
    • One example is the Robowar review (just before the big shoot-like-a-maniac-montage of various TGWTG people), it's used in several SWAT 4 episodes as well (2-3 times in Mission 10, probably Missions 6 as well), though that's just off the top of my head.
      • Thanks. XD I just keep hearing about it...
    • Also in his Dirty Dancing review.
    • It was also used at the end of Paw's "Top 9 New School Game Soundtracks" video.

  • Why doesn't Insano use his Anti-Magic generator kit to deal with Linkara?
    • He's a supervillain, and so is obliged to forget his phlebotinum.
      • True. My belief was that Linkara is much tougher than Insano, so even without his magic he can still Man Punch him. Why they don't do that in a skit, though...
    • Well, the fine print says that he doesn't supply his own Raritanium, so presumably he was keeping it all for himself and just plain ran out. And he's been too busy to look for more fuel for the thing.
    • Looks like Atop the Fourth Wall will deal with this issue, as the end of Marvel Team-Up #74 suggests Dr Insano is behind the Magic Gun turning off.

  • Can someone who's actually played the game tell me whether Spoony's review of The Thing was accurate? After I watched it I just assumed it was, but it says on Wikipedia that the game sold really well and the critics seemed to like it. There was no hint of the incredible venom Spoony displayed in his review. That and the fact that the main page for The Spoony Experiment says that Spoony has made woefully inaccurate reviews in the past.
    • He was also very critical of Final Fantasy 8 which was a pretty solid game so i`d say he was accentuating the negative
    • Having played the game myself I can honestly say that he did Accentuate the Negative...but not by much. The game truly is So Okay its Average. Most of his complaints are valid though, the blood test does not reveal who is The Thing even if you use it a few feet from where an NPC is scripted to turn, Soldiers aren't all that much better with weapons than the other classes, there are a metric ton of fuse boxes but occasionally The Thing will pop out of a vent or something as you or an Engineer fixes it (hence holding the repair button), etc. It's not as bad as is review makes it out to be, but your not missing out on anything either.

  • In the Highlander: Endgame review, was Pat the NES Punk being serious when he said Spoony's review of Privateer 2 was way off base?
    • To both of the above its a matter of opinion Pat did like privateer 2 though
    • In his commentary, Spoony says that in Pat's opinion, the game is basically a flawed masterpiece, and he admits most of Spoony's criticisms. Remember how Spoony said that Privateer 2 would make a good Sci-fi movie if it actually worked? Well, Pat basically judges it as the Sci-fi movie the cutscenes make when pieced together.

  • So, why does Spoony think Final Fantasy X is worse than Final Fantasy VIII? I mean, I can see why he hates it, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out why he hates it more than FFVIII. At the very least, FFX doesn't have an arbitrary and broken leveling system. Hell, he admitted that he likes the battle system.
    • He just really hates Tidus.
    • The decent battle system and non-broken leveling system are about the only things FFX has going for it. Other than that, FFX doubles down on every single bad plot device and gameplay fuckup of FFVIII and adds a few nasty surprises of its own.
      • Hey, you forgot Auron!
      • So I did. Okay, backtrack. The decent battle system, non-broken leveling system, and Auron are about the only things FFX has going for it.
      • The commentary for the last part of his FFX review mentions that he isn't much a fan of the leveling system either, as he finds the Sphere Grid to be pointless and give the illusion of being much less linear than it really is.
      • The Sphere Grid is entirely pointless because of its linearity. The only way it can be made interesting is if you cheat and give yourself infinite warp spheres to run all over the grid and screw with the characters' intended builds.

  • Why does he keep labeling vlogs as "reviews?" When I click a link called "Transmorphers: Fall of Man Review" I want the review and nothing else! I don't want to wait almost eight minutes before he even mentions the name of the movie! And that's not the only video he does that with. Is it too much to ask for a simple list of relevant timecodes and to name the video "Vlog Date X (includes review of Transmorphers: Fall of Man)"?
    • If it makes you feel better, he does list these under the 'V-log' category in the video list page. Beyond that, it's pretty easy to tell when it's a v-log from the still shown.
    • The naming conventions differ from video to video. Even so, he should have a "quick review" category for the "talk to the camera for five minutes"-type of review and put the housekeeping-style blogs elsewhere.
      • Why don't you email him the suggestion then, since apparently you know how to run his site better then he does.

  • So, how much of his epic Fan Hater tendencies are his character and how much is Noah himself exactly?
    • None of them are his.
      • I'd be inclined to disagree with that, what with his vlog claims that anyone who likes Final Fantasy XIII is delusional and anyone who likes TRON: Legacy is easily amused and has bad taste.
    • I'd say his "epic Fan Hater tendencies" are his real opinions exaggerated to an extreme degree. If you listen to his Vlogs and the commentaries of his videos you'll notice that he does stand by the things he says in his reviews even if in real life he doesn't run around screaming about how awful Highlander 2 was.
    • Just to settle it once and for all, as stated in his Final Fantasy X review commentary, he does NOT hate fans of the game. In fact, he doesn't even care. It's just an exaggerated persona he puts on to amuse people. And it's really tiring that everyone thinks he's serious when he says, "Kill them! Kill them all!" about Final Fantasy fans.

  • Why did the Ultimate Warrior get a Red Lantern ring?Red is supposed to be rage,yet the Ultimate Warrior doesn't show a hint of true anger.Not even base anger like Spoony shows.He's just utterly insane
    • Have you even seen any of the Youtube clips of the Ultimate Warrior? The man is a total rage-aholic in addition to being nuttier than a peanut factory.

  • What happened to Dr. Insano's orbital deathray?

  • What happened to his review of Minority Report on Xbox?
    • not happening, most likely
      • He did point out in is Ultima VI review (after dealing with Chuckles) that MR is one of many games that forgot to review
    • Finally reviewed in June, 2013. He lost the gameplay footage and didn't want to have to play the game all over again.

  • Is Burton gone for good? He disappeared at the end of a video a few months ago and I don't think he's appeared or been mentioned since.
    • Burton would probably show up at the end of the Final Fantasy X-2 reviews.

  • Can someone explain to me if Spoony changed its criteria about judging movies recently??? because When he review Tranformers 3 he said that just a few awesome things happening at the last hour cannot redeem the movie for the sheer bullshit that you have to endure (ok fair enough, after all 90% of crap aren't worth the 10% of whatever coolness may have) BUT THEN in some vlog that i cant remember well right now (UPDATE: It was the Eclipse Vlog) he said something about Sin City that baffled me. He said that he could have enjoyed the movie if it wasn't for Jessica Alba performance and it just ruined the whole experience. Ehm....what? how this makes any sense? so in one case we got crap that overwhelms the good bits but THEN in another case just one thing manages to ruin all the movie experience and cant let it go? how can a single moment ruin a entire experience even if in the long run the whole thing was satisfactory?
    • Well there is the Dethroning Moment of Suck Trope for those kind of moments but i agree that there isn't much of a reason unless he was going to the movies with the "Must-Hate" mentality (specially for something as transformers)The moment that he mentioned in the Sin City reference was the actress Jessica Alba, isnt it? i also tough it was unbearable but not a deal breaker
    • He's just relaying how he felt about the movies. To him both were ruined but in separate ways, there's no logic to it.
    • He didn't say Sin City was a bad movie because Jessica Alba was in it. He said his subjective experience of the movie was ruined by Jessica Alba's acting in Sin City. He mentioned a similar thing in the X-Men: First Class vlog, where he conceded that if someone told him January Jones ruined the movie for them, he could totally see where they were coming from. That doesn't mean he would agree with them that First Class was bad (by his standards the review he gave was practically glowing), but he could understand why Jones' acting would leave a bad taste in someone's mouth that just wouldn't go away.

  • In his Tekken movie review, he expressed annoyance when Jin said "You are in my way." Was this a reference to a previous game/movie he reviewed (because this troper hasn't seen all of his videos)?
    • It's a running gag started by his playthrough of SWAT 4. His fellow officers would infuriate him by constantly saying "You're in my way, Sir". So now whenever anyone says something like that he freaks out on them.

  • I'm probably being really naive by asking this - but why do people troll him so much? Why him, in particular? I mean, I know it's the internet and that trolling is expected, but I've never actually heard of trolls getting THIS violent.
    • Trust me when I say it's not just him. As examples, Doug got his address and phone number leaked with rape threats as a bonus, Lindsay gets a lot of shit about her abortion and I've lost count of the homophobic/transphobic jokes that Linkara/Liz had to put up with. I guess the site people are just seen as easy targets.
      • Wait, Linkara and Liz deal with homophobic/transphobic jokes? Why?
      • Because troll-like people are obsessed with the thought of Liz actually being a guy.
    • ...The only reason I haven't lost faith in humanity at this moment in time is because of how awesome the TGWTG team are in the fact that they can deal with shit like this all the damn time. God DAMN.
      • To address the original question - part of the fact is that Spoony brings a bit of this on himself. If you follow his Twitter he will actually try to pick at his fans, trying to press their buttons and provoke responses from them. He's basically a troll, trying to provoke the other trolls. It's the "Spoony" character essentially. Even if the internet wasn't full of the raging lunatic sociopaths that these online personalities seem to attract Spoony would still tend to get a LOT of negative attention because he asks for it. Even if you disregard his Twitter some of the stuff he says in his reviews is inflammatory enough to someone who takes video games / movies as serious business that it provokes rather nasty responses from these folks. A few good examples of this are him basically picking at the scabrous wound of the Mass Effect 3 ending or his remarks about fans of Final Fantasy VIII and X. Expressing your opinion is fine but the response should be expected.

  • You know? I find weird that Spoony doesnt get by the time Twilight Eclipse came out that the series is more Escapism to proyect into the "character" (sarcastic quotes) of Bella Swan than anything else. Sort of like Indiana Jones is there for the people to BE him doing the adventures rather than caring about him (Dont look at me like that, Its what Mr. Plinket said) I am missing the point? Do you think i have missed something important in Spoony's razoning? I mean, besides Bella being a horrible person to use as escapism.
    • I think he gets that. If you ask me, it's just yet another reason to hate Bella (and Twilight in general). Now, whether or not you like the books/movies in any sense (YMMV, of course), there is no denying that the series was pretty much everyone constantly praising Bella in some way, shape, or form towards the end. Considering that Spoony absolutely hates Bella and finds her to be a deplorable human being, this aspect of the series would be especially annoying to him.
    • There are also of plenty of "escapism characters" who are also noble and heroic people. To borrow the Indiana Jones example above, he may be a terrible archaeologist (damaging tombs to enter them, stealing artifacts from still-living cultures, being a little too willing to kill people to get the job done), but he's not a bad person. He'll risk his life to save others, agrees to help out a Indian village for no benefit to himself, fought in World War 2, and his main goal is to salvage artifacts for a museum, instead of wanting them for personal gain like his enemies. Even if you didn't want to be him, you could still respect the guy. Bella, not so much.

  • So yeah, apparently Spoony is no longer working with TGWTG and co. The announcement says something about "different aims" between Spoony and Channel Awesome. Does anyone have any details on what this means? Has there been a falling out between Spoony and CA?
    • He's bipolar, suffers from depression when at the negative pole, and in such a fit of madness went on a misanthropic rampage on Twitter insulting TGWTG coworkers, including at least one joke about rape of them. Remember, "creative differences" is media code for "not creative differences".
    • This LJ post has a pretty good run down of the massive dramaplosion. And before anyone gets any ideas, this is NOT the place to argue if Spoony is a sexist pig or if the people at TGWTG are over-sensitive jerks. There many other places where you can join that massive shit-storm, believe me.
    • Spoony talks about this in his commentary for To Boldly Flee, Part 1. According to what he says, there were a number of reasons why he left CA/was fired — part of them being actual differences in aims (he was uncertain about that new studio thing CA is doing), part of them being monetary (he wasn't getting as much from the business relationship as he or CA had thought when they entered into it, and doing things like travel to Chicago and film a movie was taking a decent portion of his income (as it means a number of days when he can't do things that actually earn him money)). And some other things; more than half of the forty-minute runtime of To Boldly Flee, Part 1 is taken up by Spoony talking about the pink elephant in the room.

  • If Spoony's brother is a deputy for the Maricopa County Sheriff's department, why haven't we seen a crossover with the Real Life Maricopa County SWAT team after Spoony's much lauded Let's Play of SWAT4. Police departments love that sort of positive press and will frequently run Snow-n-tells for much less well connected groups. Having a real SWAT officer inform Spoony that he is in his way would be priceless. Would also be interesting to see if video game skillz translate to Real Life skills.

  • His rant on the Ultima IX Part 4 about how is better to die before see everything you love become meaningless and utter betrayal....i dont get it. Doesn't he know the concept of Fan Fiction? If the writers cant properly make a decent ending to a series why can he just write one himself? Sure, he may say that he sucks at screen writing but given the sheer amount of incompetent idiots that end up writing scripts for, say, Transformers 2, i would say that he is on the same ground as them. The only difference is that he cares about the source material at least. In fact, didn't he mention Spiderman's One More Day? does he even know that Joe Quesada was actually a fanboy of the material before assuming control of Marvel? Isnt that like a clear evidence that there is actually hope in "correcting" what went wrong? if a hack like him could, then Spoony could just take the reins on a Highlander production someday. I just don't see why is this a big deal, i am missing something in this picture?
    • That would be the meltdown spoken of above, in regards to the brouhaha preceding his departure from Channel Awesome.
      • But he was talking about everything else before mentioning "Fuck, my fucking life!..." Again, if waiting for some executives and developers to be nice to a movie/videogame franchize will only lead to failed expectations and betrayal, then why doesn't he try to write a story on his favorite series and be the master of his own destiny rather than wait for a bunch of heartless people to do what is clear that the fans can do on their own?
      • Because fan fic doesn't make something non-canon or remove the game from existence. The game was made and its hard to ignore it and be like "This is what happened because I say so, the game that was made never happened." Also those people worked to get into the position to write for whatever they worked on, Spoony may not be able to do that. It takes time, money and effort to get people to notice and hire him.
    • So what if it doesn't make it Non-Canon? would he prefer to be stuck in this Limbo of reviewing crap and lamenting that the professionals don't do their jobs? Hell, wasn't Tolkien inspired into making the Ents in the Lord of The Rings when he was disappointed that a prophecy in certain Shakespearean story mentioned a forest "coming back to life" but it didn't? Why doesn't he uses his experience and knowledge to make something like "Almost-High-But-Not-Quite Landers"? you know, Spiritual Sequels. Addressing the problem by making the Ultima IX videos isn't going to solve the problem because the industry is just the same it was at 1999 when the game was made. And if it takes time, effort and money to make something like that then, my friend, it means that Spoony needs a job; So he can back up his words about liking the things he loves by giving them the proper closure they deserve. Wont you agree?
    • I think Spoony's frustration here is due to the fact that we had a 20 year franchise that has managed to maintain a consistent level of quality over 10 installments and was just inches from the finish line before suffering a complete and total collapse. The best analogies here come from the world of sports where something like the Red Sox Bill Buckner incident in the 1986 World Series affected people in much the same way for decades. In sports there is in fact total helplessness because you can't change the past and an individual can't do anything to change the trajectory of their favorite sports team except perhaps boo and throw batteries, which is basically what this review is. Spoony needs to have the video game series finished properly and Fan Fiction or some low budget fan movie isn't going to accomplish that goal. True that with today's development tools one could potentially launch a fan project to build a replacement finale, however without access to the either the Ultima VIII or IX engines or modding tools such a project would take non-trivial development effort, most of the original creative team has dispersed and EA probably wouldn't look too kindly on such an effort and at the very least could not be counted on for any official assistance. Could Spoony and other fans create a new Ultima IX? Certainly. Could they recreate What Could Have Been? Probably not and that is what is what caused Spoony to cross the Despair Event Horizon. Yes, fans did eventually get their "90% good" restorations of things like the Beach Boy's SMiLE album and the Richard Donner Cut of Superman II, but that took decades and the pressure of large fan bases. What chance does Ultima have of reaching even that level of success?
      • But the alternative, being depressed that the games are forever defiled by EA and do absolutely nothing about it, isn't all that appealing. In fact, it would have been more noble and efficient if Spoony did a bit of research and made contact with the people that were doing the remake/remastering of the Ultima games (cant remember witch one they started with) so at the end of the review, he could list ALL the people that haven't forgotten the Ultima legacy and promote their efforts REGARDLESS if he can or cannot help them with programming the games. That way, the newcomers that now know the series thanks to Spoony's Retrospective can now lend a hand to restore what once was the best Western RPG series. And that is better than just waiting for the planets to align and for Garriot to recover the licence from EA.
      • First I think that his entire retrospective, even the angry/depressed parts do count as doing something. He has educated people not familiar with Ultima about what it was and how far it fell and also created a personal story that could inspire a fan or former member of the creative team to look into fixing things somehow. Second I think he is simply being realistic about what would need to happen to restore What Might Have Been. A reboot of the series or a sequel In Name Only would not only be what he and the other fans are looking for, but might only insult them further like XCOM. Second, the only way to create something with the same creative vision as the first would either be to get some sort of detailed outline of what should have been or somehow put the ban back together. The reason any of the positive outcomes are so remote is because this franchise sort of stalled out in 1994 and unlike a movie it is not easy to maintain a large cult following that can organize and demand fixes to finish a proper IX in the way that it should have been.
      • Alternatively, it's a Casandra effect. As a reviewer, he's only able to put out his interpretation of a situation; give his analysis and opinion and that's it. He doesn't get to change the past, only offer his views for the future.
      • So he can back up his words about liking the things he loves by giving them the proper closure they deserve. Wont you agree? No, and you ask too much of Spoony in challenging him to make his own. For all the editing skill and visual effects he puts into his videos, Spoony is only one man. It's a fair call to say he likely does not have the required level of experience required to make his own "Ultima IX: Not Shitty Edition," to say nothing of the talent required to take on such a monumental project and hope to finish it with any degree of success. To do this he would have to pick an engine, say the Dungeon Siege engine like what was used in the Ultima V: Rebirth project. Then he would to spend an indefinite amount of time learning the engine, reading guides on how to code and script on the engine, noodling around with the editor himself to build up familiarity with it, learning the engine's strengths, weaknesses, and limitations before finally sitting down and putting work toward making the actual game. He would have to write the script, code monsters, encounters, quests, spells, maps, and event flags and implement them all correctly without completely crashing the engine in the process. Add the stress of a full time job and you're blatantly demanding Spoony burn himself out over the course of several years for the sake of a fan project you've dropped into his lap.

  • So i have a question. I understand that people are complicated, and can hold conflicting views sometimes, so i don't want to sound like a pissed off fanboy. But his rant at the end of the Ultima 9 review was something along the lines of "We spent so much time and effort and devotion into these games, and the final game was such a letdown that it made everything else pointless" i understand this may have been hyperbole on Spoony's part, but, isn't that the exact same problem people have with the Mass Effect 3 ending? which he defended? it just seems a tad hypocritical, and i felt like a mention of the Mass Effect 3 debacle was just around the corner, especially seeing as how EA was involved in fucking both franchises.
    • Just in the tip of my tongue but it bugged me too. In fact, i wonder if he saw the Extended Cut where when you shoot that person instead and trigger the Non Standard Game Over by saying "SO BE IT!!". But more importantly, why did he take this long to notice how the franchises are equally fucked up? Is there something that sets them apart? besides the fact that he played when he was a kid and we probably didn't have Mass Effect 1 at the age of 3 to develop THAT kind of devotion?
    • He DID give a subtle nod to the Mass Effect 3 ending: the footage matching each of the Guardian's "choices" is tinted a different color.
      • Adding to that, i just watched the review again. The ending music was Mass Effect music. At least, i think it was.
    • Also, as he revealed in his Baring Of The Soul moment, Spoony has a deeply emotional, lifelong attachment to the Ultima series: it was the first game he played, it shaped a large part of his personality, and his first concious memories are of playing Ultima with his brother. Therefore, it's a larger BETRAYAL! than a game series that has been around for a lot less time and has probably had a much smaller level of influence in his life.
    • You can also look at it like this. Mass Effect series was good through the series and it was only the ending of the last game that bombed the series. With Ultima the quality started dropping after Ultima VII and the final part, Ascension, was filled with continuity errors, out-of-character moments and bad dialog. Imagine, if Mass Effect 3 had had a good cliffhanger ending and Bioware had decided to make a 4th part, only the entire 4th part to be as bad as the Mass Effect 3 ending is.
      • Which actually only hurts the brain even more if you're one of the people who was teeth grindingly upset by Mass Effect 2 shedding most of the RPG elements. For some people the game series nosedived HARD into the ground over that fact. When paired up with the craptacular ending of Mass Effect 3 it actually almost kind of parallels the arcing crash of the Ultima series except happening in almost light speed in comparison.
    • You could argue that, while Mass Effect 2 did shed most of the RPG elements present in the first game, it still executed it well and was thus still a quality game. Ultima IX both radically changed gameplay and story elements from the past games, and it did so very poorly, thus leading to a poor quality game.

  • What was the "fix" for the Squirt-Gun wars?
    • There was no fix. They just all decided that it was silly and agreed to set the squirt guns aside.
      • Spoony mentioned there was probably some sort of in-canon fix, rather than the ridiculous arms race. That's what I meant. Was there one?
      • Besides an outright GM ban of the squirt guns? No, there really wasn't.

  • What is Spoony referring when he talked about something of Quantum Theory (the "if nobody watches this movie, nobody will die") in the Final Destination 5 Vlog? How is that he only reached this conclusion and not in any other kind of horror movie?
    • Because in other horror movies there's usually a person or a creature who is trying to actively hunt down and kill the protagonists. What Spoony meant was that since in the Final Destination movies there is no real antagonist, it feels to him as though the audience itself is the one killing the characters.
      • But there is, Death was supposed to be the antagonist. I am all into meta horror and stuff, but if i ever write a horror movie and i explicity say that "Free Will is an illucion and Destiny will arrange history into making you all die horribly" i expect the audience to understand that. Or is this concept too play out or cliche at this point, that any effort on ANY writer in doing this is seen as "a transparent way of hiding the fact that there is no real antagonist"? Now, for me to understand further, how about movies that DO have an Antagonist like Jason of Freddy? Isnt the audience ALSO responsible for the deaths of the red shirts here too since they wouldnt be dead if we didnt see the movie? cant Jason and Freddy be our "avatars" that go forth and satisfy our hedonistic desires of seeing unlikeable characters die?
      • Death is supposed to be the antagonist. But because it has no physical form or personality to speak of it doesn't feel like a real character and thus (arguably) can't really be an antagonist. Calling Death the antagonist in these movies is like calling the volcano the antagonist in Dante's Peak.
    • Then why he (or more people) didnt reach the same conclusion with Dante's Peak? both Death(or Destiny) and a volcano are forces of nature but i dont see people saying that its the audience itself who is against the protagonists.
      • A volcano doesn't have a mind. It's not actually trying to kill the characters in Dante's Peak, and the characters aren't actually trying to defeat the volcano. On the other hand, Death in the Final Destination movies seems to have a mind and a goal...but we still don't know anything about it. We don't know why Death cares that a few schmucks managed to survive a deadly disaster. After all it's not like dodging an accidental death makes you immortal. Eventually all the characters will die some day due to illness, injury, or just plain old age. So why does Death care that they survive the disaster at the beginning of the movie? That's the real failing of the series. We don't know what Death is trying to achieve by killing these people. So in the end the only reason they're for the entertainment of the audience.
  • I don't think this qualifies as a headscratcher, but I don't know where else to put it. Where can you purchase the red velvet robe seen in "Spooning with Spoony" and the Warrior reviews? Can someone give me a link?
    • Search "smoking jacket" on Amazon or whatever online shopping site you fancy.
  • If Spoony said he didn't like Final Fantasy XII at the beginning of his Final Fantasy XIII review, why isn't he reviewing that first?
    • He might not like it, but it wasn't bad enough to require a whole review
      • The aside comment seems more about the game's schizophrenic jumbling of protagonists/viewpoint characters as well as some issue with the combat system. It seems a but sparse for material.
      • That, and he did admit to liking Final Fantasy XII in an earlier V-Log review of FFXIII. His opinion may've changed in the years following, for sure, but that at the very least implies that he doesn't hold the game in as low regard as the others in the series.
    • He May have been referring to disliking it in a similar way as FF IX. He disliked things in it to the point of disliking it in the sense that they are not the kind of things he enjoys in a game, but that does not mean he outright hates it, he just doesn't like it, but is willing to aknowledge it has good things.

  • Is Stereotypically Drunk Mexican Cyborg Early 90's Otaku Anime Kid a stereotype of Drunk Mexicans or of Drunk Cyborgs?
    • Both probably.
  • Spoony's had two different animated introductions to his videos as of this writing. First was the original animation everyone knows, then there was the animation by Andrew Dickman he used for a short while until there was some falling out and Andrew told Spoony he couldn't use the introduction anymore, so he resorted to using his old one instead. However, Spoony's most recent video (Final Fantasy XIII part 3) has used the Dickman animation and I haven't seen or read anything to say what happened. So... what happened?
    • I assume Spoony and Andrew managed to patch things up, or came to some compromise.
  • Just so we're clear, did Spoony actually end his review of Final Fantasy XIII, or can we expect at least one more part? If not, it seems rather sudden.
    • This was posted on the video page a day or so ago: NOTE: Don’t worry, folks, I will review XIII-2, and naturally, I can’t address the events of that game without covering the endgame of XIII. Don’t worry that the “ragequit” ending was the end of FF 13. Basically I was trying to illustrate that THAT was the exact point where I quit the game in real life.

  • Probably not the place to put this, but during his Q&A at SGC 2013, what was the site he mentioned that had video-making tutorials?

  • So was SWAT 4 part of the Sephiroth's plan all along?

  • I understand the "Have Oreo do an April Fool's review" thing. But the joke doesn't work because there's not even the slightest pretense of Oreo doing the review. It's just a dog on a chair. Now, if Spoony had managed to make Oreo bark in a surprised way, and an angry way, and a sad way, and inserted them between the clips as appropriate, that would seem more like "Oreo is doing a review."
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