Headscratchers / The Sopranos

  • Carmella repeatedly states that the reason she stays with Tony is because the Catholic Church frowns on divorce. If she's really concerned about her soul, wouldn't aiding and abetting a violent psychopath be much worse?
    • Cognitive dissonance is a thing and a very common theme of the show.
    • She's just looking for excuses anyway- the show makes it clear that she only stays with him because of all the (stolen) luxury goods and privileges he can provide her.
    • Not an expert on La Cosa Nostra but how I always understood that member of La Cosa Nostra saw their actions as somewhat justified, just playing their part. Not being a criminal because it is easier or because they want to be outlaws, but rather because it is literally "their thing", their way of earning a livelihood. Now Carmela has been deeply integrated into this world since her teens, so she probably takes it as a given as well. And surely she is not the only Catholic person involved with the mob.
  • The timing of Tony's therapy sessions seemed incredibly inconsistent. Some episodes showed Tony just sitting there in silence for about a minute and then they would have a brief discussion before Melfi would say the time was up, and I can totally believe that Tony would just sit there and brood for almost an hour before saying something. Other episodes, however, had him bring up a topic as soon as he sat down, and then maybe five minutes would pass before Melfi says, "Okay, time's up." This is still an amazing show, but the pacing of these scenes was always a little jarring.
    • It's possible that some of those scenes were legitimately short 10-20 minutes sessions that Tony could fit into his day. He's obviously on an unusual schedule and for much of the series he's trying to keep his therapy low key to avoid looking weak. Melfi probably agreed to this arrangement because she's fascinated by him, personally and professionally.
  • This may be more of a no-longer-applicable "It Just Bugs Me" than a true Headscratcher, but I am genuinely curious... what is up with that "I have come to reclaim Rome for my people!" line Ralph uses in "University"? It's ostensibly from Gladiator, except... it's not. Believe me, I know. My best guess is the script for the episode was written before the movie was out, ergo a(n old) script of the movie was appropriated somehow to cherrypick quotes from. But the episode originally aired in April of 2001 whereas the movie premiered in May of the previous year. Hard to say when shooting occurred, but it's strange that this was overlooked. Then again, maybe the Sopranos writers didn't have the same fastidious Fanboyism I do...
    • I'm guessing it's just Ralph being annoying and ignorant. I feel like that's something Tony would know and get pissed off by, the misquote and the attention Ralph's drawing as a result.
  • Why Tony B. doesn't kill Phil Leotardo when he has the chance? He leaves the scene with Billy dead on the floor, but Phil, the ruthless capo responsible for the death of Blundetto's friend is just there wounded. A final, personal point-blank shot is in order here. It's a hasty scene and he has to get away quickly and his mind is not in an ideal state, but Tony B. should have known better.
  • How did AJ get past the guards when he "visited" Junior with a knife on him? Do those places really not check/pat down visitors in case of exactly what AJ attempted to do?
  • If Pussy really was the rat, then why did Jimmy get out of jail so suddenly? Just a bad coincidence?
    • It's possible (maybe even likely) that Jimmy was also a rat. When he's accused of being a rat by Silvio, Jimmy just utters, "Mother of God" before being executed.
    • Yes, they were both flipped. It's not a coincidence considering Pussy was flipped a long time ago and Jimmy was clearly a new addition.
  • In Season 6, after Tony gets shot why is the entire family, with no gloves or hairnets even, in the room looking at his open surgery? Is that just Artistic License Medicine ? Not to mention, why is Tony lying there staring into an OPEN wound? It should have a big plaster on it, at the very least, to avoid exactly what he's doing, and to keep it clean.
    • The above troper needs to rewatch the scene because he/she's misremembering it. When the family is in the same room with Tony, the surgery hasn't begun yet. Shortly after, they are rushed out by the doctor for precisely what you're stating here, to begin the surgery. It looks like they were initially in the room with him when he's rolled in and just doing some initial tasks.
  • With actual evidence against her, why Livia wasn't arrested by the FBI for conspiring to kill Tony with Junior?