Headscratchers / The Prayer Warriors

  • Why would Ginny say that she "liked being dead", if, by the author's belief, all Satanists go to Hell?
    • Considering that the "satanists" are always depicted as hedonists, she probably thought it was kinky. Then again, that's giving someone who can't decide if a character is dead or not too much credit.
  • Percy stabs a Communist Mook through the eye with the spear so that it goes out the nape of his neck, then proceeds to cut the man's head off. How is it even possible to drive a spear through the eye socket so that it goes downward and out the back of the neck if, as is most likely, the victim was standing up?
  • If Grover keeps getting cloned and resurrected by the atheists, why is he a Prayer Warrior from the fourth incarnation onwards?