Headscratchers / The Muppets Take Manhattan

Why are the Sesame Street characters on the bride's side of the aisle?
  • Kermit is the only character to appear on both as a regular, so wouldn't they be on his side of the wedding aisle?
    • Well, remember that "We're putting everybody in the show!" was a last-minute thing, and may not have been entirely plotted-out by everyone involved. (In-universe, anyway.)
Shouldn't Kermit remember he has amnesia?
  • Kermit is told that he has amnesia and that he didn't have any identification on him when he went to the hospital. Later when his friends find him he acts confused. Shouldn't he remember that he has amnesia and be glad that he has found somebody who knows who he is? And yet he never brings up the amnesia to them.
Does this film fit in continuity with the other movies at all?
  • I'd think it is, considering the Call Backs to it, but I can't think how it makes any sense in the same universe as The Muppet Movie.