Headscratchers / The Monk

What was Matilda's motive for goading Ambrosio into raping Antonia?
When Ambrosio was willing to do anything it took to have Antonia, Matilda offering to help him makes sense in a sick, twisted I Want My Beloved to Be Happy way. But whenever he decides the risk isn't worth it and wants to back out and give up the whole idea, instead of saying, "Yeah, you're right, honey, forget about her. I can make you feel better..." or some equivalent, she talks him back into wanting to do it. The evil-ness of his desire aside, being willing to help him when it's what he wants and requests is one thing, but why would she want to persuade the man she claims to love (or at least still wants to sleep with) into raping another girl?
  • Considering that Satan himself said that Matilda was a minion of his, she most likely was just pretending to love Ambrosio with her true ultimate goal being to persuade Ambrosio to commit as much sins as possible and make him even more susceptible to her true master.
  • I thought Satan saying he sent Matilda to Ambrosio meant he arranged for those 2 humans to get together to cause their destruction, not that she was a demon he personally sent from Hell disguised as a human.