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    Keeping away Ironeyes 
  • How exactly does one scare away Ironeyes?
    • You can't, but you can sell a lot of broadsheets by claiming you have a way, and I don't think Scadrial had any truth-in-advertising laws at this point.
    • As well, Marsh is not about to go harming innocents, so there's no harm in making such claims.
    • An extremely strong magnet is how.
    • That could possibly bring him closer...

  • Small question about Twinborn. Compounding works by storing the Feruchemical attribute in a metal (effectively creating a new metal that has that attribute) and then burning that metal to gain more of that attribute than they started with, yes? So , is it therefore possible to work in reverse? For example, could a steel Compounder burn steel, then store that power in a metalmind to draw upon later, or burn for an increased output loop of power?
    • Word of God has indicated that yes, there is a way to enhance your allomancy with Compounding (and that the Lord Ruler knew and made use of it). Nothing about the specifics of the process.
    • Source?
    • I read it on 17th Shard (Sanderson's official fansite). I cannot remember the specific interview which was being quoted, unfortunately. It may have been from Sanderson's Reddit account- he's answered a lot of questions there.
    • Most likely this can be done by Nicrosil compounding — Nicrosil feruchemy stores "Investiture," which is a term consistently used throughout the Cosmere to refer to power provided by the shards
    • Investiture is just raw magical power, not what you can do with it. But if you knew what metal was appropriate for storage of a particular allomantic power, that would work. We know there's some overlap, allomantic tin increasing all senses and feruchemic tin letting you store particular senses. It's probably based on the metal's correspondences, which means it should just let you store in reverse.
    • It's also very possible they just haven't discovered which metals would work for this. There are, after all, more than two dozen metals in existence. Things like rubidium, radium, and osmium likely haven't been discovered yet. It's even possible that it would only work with metals that don't exist on Scadrial...

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