Headscratchers / The Man from Earth

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    Mayfly December Romance 

  • Okay, so if John laments having to always eventually leave the women he's married to and the children he's fathered, why does he keep doing it?
    • It gets lonely...
    • He's a person. Every now and again he's going to do things that he knows might not be wise, like we all do, and he has a lot of time to do them in.
    • Because in between marrying them and leaving them, he gets a few years at least of happiness, companionship and family.
      • Frankly, what everybody forgets when they talk about MayflyDecemberRomances is the fact that the immortal partner isn't sprinting through eternity, they just never stop walking. They wake up an experiences every day in Real Time. Why wouldn't they want to experience love and happiness during some 60+ years of those days?