Headscratchers / The Lord of the Rings

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Animated Adaptations

    Running into danger 
  • In the 1977 The Hobbit movie, in the song where the party is captured by goblins, why the fuck do they all run right into the exact cave that the ponies just got dragged into? They clearly realized from the start that it was goblins at work. Seems like the only sensible thing to do would be to get the hell away from that cave, not run right into it, regardless of the ponies. Here's a link to the song if you've never seen it.
    • Weren't all their supplies on those ponies? They were a little too far up in the mountains to make it back without any food. Not to mention that Thorin the exile and his compatriots could only afford to fund one expedition. If they lose all their resources, then even if they avoid starvation on the trip back they've still failed in their quest.
      • On closer inspection, Thorin actually shouts something like protect the ponies, it's just really badly muffled by the music.
      • He says "The goblins are upon us! Save the ponies from the goblins!"

    Goblin throats