Headscratchers / The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

  • As much as I love "Prisoner of White Agony Valley", one thing that's always struck me as odd is when Scrooge tells Goldie to go back to Dawson all by herself. It's about 20 miles of nothing but wilderness between his claim and Dawson (mentioned by Steele's messenger later on), wasn't he worried she'd get lost or attacked by predators?
    • Maybe "you say you want me to leave" meant he intended to escort her back, but the money thing (understandably) pissed her off so much that she just stormed off on her own and made it clear she didn't want his company. Either that, or Scrooge was so afraid of what his feelings for her did to him, that he just wanted her gone as soon as possible and wasn't thinking clearly or planning it carefully.