Headscratchers: The Librarian

Fridge Brilliance

  • Why was what was "in the heart" so much more important than what was "in the head" for a position that pretty much defines Badass Bookworm? Well, can you imagine what could happen if a Librarian turned evil?...Then what do they find out about the previous Librarian later in that very same film? He turned evil and used his knowledge of the Library's secrets to make his evil plans!

  • Curse of the Judas Chalice
    • Why does Sergei think that the Judas Chalice will allow him to control Dracula after he is resurrected? Surely anyone who knows enough about the existence of vampires and the Judas Chalice to find Dracula and track down the rough location of the Judas Chalice would be able to find out that it gives mortals no control over vampires.
      • Unless that part of the myth was intentionally added, centuries ago, by Dracula. He might have hoped for someone to try exactly this.