Headscratchers / The Indian in the Cupboard

Impossible Toys

  • More Fridge Logic than JBM, but since it's not related to the actual plot I'll put it here - what happens if you put toys representing fictional things into the cupboard? E.g., a toy lightsaber, or a Gorgonite?
    • Lightsabers aren't fictional! They're just ancient technology from a long, long time ago. And maybe Gorgonites are from the future?
      • Gorgonites are obviously from the present, or very close to it. They also happen to be toy-sized, so you'd just end up with a life-sized Gorgonite.
    • It was shown to bring Darth Vader to life in the movie, so it probably would make fictional things real.
    • Based on how it works in the books, (not the movie, apparently) it would probably bring the prop or the actor who was portraying the character at the time.
      • Yeah. If you put a Darth Vader figure in the cupboard, David Prowse or perhaps Bob Anderson would take off the helmet and ask "Where's George?"
      • If you got the exact right Darth Vader figure and good luck finding that. For the vast majority of Vader figures you would just give some guy the BEST COMIC-CON EVER!

Alternative Title(s): Indian In The Cupboard