Headscratchers / The Hudsucker Proxy

  • When the guy who makes the crossword puzzles asks, "What's a six-letter word for a condition of the hypothalamus?" and Amy replies, "Goiter." Not only is a goiter a thyroid condition, but why does the editor need to know the word? If it's for the puzzle, shouldn't he be placing the words first and asking for the definition?
    • Perhaps he was making one of those "themed" crossword puzzles.
    • Perhaps he knew the definition of the word he wanted to use and how many letters it was, but couldn't remember what the exact word was.
  • Shouldn't the guy have been fired for delivering the blue letter an entire year later than he should have?
    • Here's my WMG on the matter. Yes, he would be fired, but what was written in the blue letter still stands. He was still named president earlier, and as such, he gets all the shares of the company. In short, he was fired, and then re-hired.
    • Alternately, he'd get fired, but since he'd already been appointed President, he'd also get the majority shares which he was entitled to.
    • Basically, he was fired, pretty much, already. When he delivered the Blue Letter, he was given a GUARANTEED job, as CEO, due to the wording on the letter, which meant they HAD to hire him as CEO, as the last decree of the previous owner.
  • If it's 1958, why does everything still look like the Great Depression? It would make sense if this were a small town out in the middle of nowhere, but it's New York City - the nation's cultural capital. Surely a great deal must have changed.