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Headscratchers: The Godfather The Game
     The Godfather The Game 
*Why would Luca Brasi have been sent to train some kid in the ways of the Mafia? Sure, Vito promised to look after Aldo, but surely he had other, less important soldiers to send?
     The Godfather 2 
* Dominic seems too stupid to be a good choice for boss of New York. He failed to foresee Carmine Rosato's betrayal, he quickly believed known idiot Fredo's belief that Samuele Mangano was trying to kill him when there are two Dons who actually want him dead, and he couldn't even kill Fidel Castro from twenty feet away with a scoped rifle (yes, that was to attempt some historical realism, but it's still stupid). Add that to his propensity for cussing out half the people he talks to and it seems as though Dominic should've been killed well before he became Underboss to Aldo.
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