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Headscratchers: The Fairly OddParents
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It Just Bugs Me (Fridge Logic):

  • Why doesn't Timmy ever get a restraining order on Vicky?
    • Because ten-year-olds cannot legally acquire one themselves are and his parents are oblivious idiots?
  • In "Wishing Well," the three kids deliberately show each other their fairies. Isn't that against Da Rules?
    • Da Rules makes it clear that people with fairies who met others who also have them are allowed to show them to each other. This came up earlier with Remy and his fairy.
  • The Halloween Episode "Scary Godparents", isn't really odd that while, Mummy!Timmy just looked like a rotten version of himself, while everyone else looked exactly like vampires, superheroes, and Frankensteins and nothing like how they usually look? True, this affected Timmy later in the episode, but still...
    • Well, a mummy is basically a corpse wrapped in bandages.
    • That isn't exactly what I meant, watch as Chester and A.J. become the genuine product (read: Dracula and Frankenstein) but Timmy is just a rotting corpse instead of being King Tut or something.
      • Its just a mummy. Timmy never say which mummy.
  • Apparently, there are many children all over the world with fairies. Why is it that Timmy's the only person on the planet who wishes for insane things that end up affecting the entire world? Why is it that Timmy's never inconvenienced by the dumbass wish of some kid in Stockholm or Cairo or something? Also, seeing as Timmy causes that kind of damage worldwide on a regular basis (and is apparently the only kid who does it), why doesn't he have his fairies taken away from him for the good of mankind?
    • They have in the past. That's what the Hall of Infamy is for. Timmy may just be the one who does it the most in his generation.
    • Probably people have their minds erased so they don't remember all this weird shit. Could work for people with fairies, too. A Snap Back Reset Button for every kid with fairies!
    • Also note, they never said that the world WASN'T affected by the wishes of other children. It's just that Timmy is the main character of the show, so they kind of focus on him.
    • Most of Timmy's wishes aren't that "world-affecting". The other times, it's easily explained by world-wide memory-wiping, as Timmy does. And when that doesn't work, remember that we are focusing on Timmy. As to why he keeps his fairies: He's definitely not the worst kid to have had fairies.
    • I think some of you missed the whole point of the question. The question is basically Timmy sometimes wishes for things that affects other people around the world (ex. A World ruled by kids, Everyone's a Superhero, etc.). Why is it that the effects of other kids wishes seem to never affect him. I know that there are kids wishing for insane things like a world where everyone has a double, or something. Although the story is centered on Timmy, wishes like this should randomly affect him, just as his wishes does others.
    • Maybe they do, but many of those just don't get wished back to normal and become normal things, it's implied one of Cosmo and Wanda's previous godkid created tornadoes just because he didn't liked house trailers, maybe other cartoon physics are actually the result of someone making a wish for things to be so, though it's more probable that like Timmy usually does, his wishes were made only to affect a limited area, usually just his town.
  • If fairy godparents are assigned to "miserable kids" to make them happy, then how come there are still millions of miserable children in third world countries or the Middle East who have to suffer horrible traumatic experiences everyday? What the hell, why don't they all have fairies? I mean jeezus, a homeless orphan who's on the brink of starvation with a terminal illness is more deserving for magical fairy guardians than an "average kid that no one understands".
    • Maybe The Fairly OddParents universe is different from ours. Maybe the kids there DO have fairies, and as a result, the nations are no longer in poverty, so it's not really a concern.
    • That's a difficult question to answer, but I'll try. The response below (someone with no luxuries would not be able to hide them) does give a rather good explanation. I imagine there are other factors; one fanfiction suggested that (in terms of depression at least) there are some people that are so far gone not even a fairy could help them. Also, if you listen to some of the things Jorgen (who is apparently the head of fairy world), it's clear there's some Fantastic Racism going on; perhaps, he feels the same way about lower class people; human or fairy. Also, just because you're poor doesn't automatically mean that you're miserable. Chester, in the story, is an optimistic person yet he is clearly poor, and he does not have fairies, or at least as far as we know!
    • I'm guessing it would be pretty hard to hide the existence of wish-granting fairies in nations with little to no luxuries.
    • All that stuff is too depressing. Fairies just wanna have fun.
    • Maybe their world HAS no third world/starving children? Either they made them all rich and happy... or killed them off with a wish gone wrong.
      • Considering fairies have been granting wishes for millennia, its arguable their influence prevented the third world and terminal illness from ever existing.
    • Maybe it is the same reasoning for why myths about Santa Claus are told to just about every child, but somehow, average kid Billy gets his Xbox for being good whereas a poor kid dies impoverished—because they don't think that kids are fully cognizant of unfairness in the world and that it would be the last thing that a privileged child would think of when watching/listening to stories about a magical being.
    • In one episode Cosmo and Wanda showed Timmy that they couldn't give him tickets to a rock concert (or something like that) because other people already had them. That means that the Fairies powers actually are only teleport (and for weird stuff that didn't exist before like printers that make picture real people they can engineer this with the materials) and all the materials are from this third world regions because otherwise they would have no power.
      • They couldn't get him the tickets because even if they made new ones for him, there was a limited number of seats in the audience so even with magically created tickets Timmy and friends would have to steal seats from people who actually bought their tickets. And they couldn't add new seats to the stadium because it would violate to fire safety code.
    • Another, highly depressing theory: perhaps those children were just so happy to have a fairy that could make their lives better that they slipped up and revealed they had a fairy godparent—perhaps right away, even. Canon reveals that if you ever tell/show someone you have fairy godparents, they're taken away from you, you lose your memories of them, and judging from most examples in canon, you can never get another one. (Remy was a special case—his loss of Wandissimo just made Jorgen angry.) So, all those miserable children were so happy, they revealed the fairy's existence, and then were promptly put back in their miserable state.
    • One more depressing theory: those children on the brink of starvation and with terminal illnesses, if they got fairies, probably wouldn't have had much longer to live anyways. They could even be beyond the help that the fairies' magic could provide. With all the sadness a fairy would have to deal with when losing a godchild through their death, it may have become forbidden to help these children because it was pretty much a lost cause.
    • But you see, all of those explanations really only answers things in a Doylist context. What bugs me more than anything else is that like the above stated, the creator seems to completely ignore this fact as it is never brought up anywhere in the series. In addition, it was stated in "It's A Wonderful Life" that Chester (who is slightly lower class) got Cosmo and Wanda, while children in the local orphanage didn't.
      • In this world, Santa Claus grants wishes to any child in the world once a year (In the Christmas episode, many nations where Christmas IRL isn't celebrated were represented as well). A single wish from any fairy could solve world food problems and there are dozens of them. This world probably never had a third world in the first place. There are many differences between the real world and the FOP worlds which can only be explained by fairies, this could just be one more.
      • No, a Doylist guess would be "The writer just didn't think about the third world." These are all Watsonian guesses.
      • In one episode, we see the third-world, turnip-obsessed country Ustinkestan, in which 'inside' hasn't been invented yet, and people live in poverty and work in 'turnip mines'. Apparently the fairies there only grant turnip-based wishes.
    • Once Upon a Time, everybody was unhappy. Then came along fairies, who helped the people they could, but there were too many humans for them to help everybody. Thus, third world countries could not be helped.
    • Jorgen states that it's rare for kids to ever keep their fairies for over a year due to the difficulty of keeping them a secret. So all the miserable kids in the world did have fairies...then most of them blew it.
    • "Who's the most miserable kid in the world... a BANJO?! Well that settles it!" Yeah, I'm pretty sure the third-world doesn't exist here.
  • I can't believe no-one's really mentioned this yet but ... What the hell is the point of the fairy god parents if all the memories of them and all the effects they've had on the kid's life are erased?
    • The point of fairies is to give "miserable kids" the power to make their lives better for the time. As was revealed in a few episodes, kids slowly ween off of their fairies as they get older. The kids willingly give up the belief and subsequently forget. In fact when Timmy wishes to be old enough that he should have lost his fairies, he kept them until he could undo the wish solely because he was still a kid at heart.
  • In the first song of Schools Out: The Musical the kids were destroying Dimmsdale, yet, according to the show, it is bad to lock them up for it? Why would the kids even destroy Dimmsdale anyway and how is destroying Dimmsdale a fun activity (unless the kids are psychopaths)?
    • Having rewatched the movie a few times it actually isn't for once trying to set a standard of just bad out of control behavior for the kids or for the parents: Each side does overreact (sometimes ridiculously comedically overreacting) but as pointed out in the second to last song that's due to the pixies pulling everyone's strings. It was the Pixies who funded the Learnatorium to turn it into this boring torture center for kids, the pixies who gave the kids the firepower to make the summer vacation actually dangerous for the adults (with the kids non the wiser) and gave Timmy the idea that adults were bad for restricting his freedom so he'd wish for kids to be in charge. Though not focused on at all the Kid ruled universe would of had the same problems as the Flappy Bob ruled one but both were just ploys of the Pixies to rule everything.
    • Kids Are Cruel. And there's nothing more destructive than a bunch of children having fun, Truth in Television.
  • Timmy finds out he loses his godparents when he grows up in The Big Problem but he doesn't know in Channel Chasers (then again, Timmy has trouble remembering things seen in When Nerds Collide).
  • The pilot episode implied that it was the first time Vicky babysat Timmy but in Abra Catastrophe! there is a year between Vicky being Timmy's babysitter and him getting his godparents.
    • Where was it implied in the pilot that that's the first time Vicky babysat? It jut said it was the time Timmy got his godparents.
    • "Thanks for babysitting tonight, Vicky. Timmy just loves making new friends."
    • To be fair, adults aren't always known to be sensical in the series. The second part of that above quote could've been a non-sequitor. It could've easily been said "Thanks for babysitting tonight, Vicky. Timmy just loves teddy bears."
    • Speaking of Abra Catastrophe, during the battle between Timmy and Crocker where the latter poofs them through time and space, their first trip was to Saturn (or some other gas giant, it doesn't matter) in the vacuum of space, causing them to suffer from explosive decompression until they activate breathing apparati. That's as realistic as any other representation, given how little we know about explosive decompression, but later on, they're of sub-atomic size and inside of a pencil eraser. These atoms are several times their size, even electrons are about the size of their faces. I'm no chemistry expert, but how exactly could they be breathing oxygen, which also consists of atoms?
  • Also in the pilot episode, Timmy said he wanted to have Vicky as his babysitter so he could keep his godparents but in most other episodes he wants to get rid of her.
    • There actually is an episode where Timmy turns Vicky into a child. He learns and keeps (for the most part) the lesson that without Vicky he wouldn't have his godparents. Then Vicky pulls out the chainsaw...
    • Vicky is vile and cruel. While Timmy is grateful for her being responsible for his fairies, there's still that point between "Thanks for the lesson" and "Stop trying to kill me".
  • Timmy was 10 in Father Time and Dream Goat but didn't have his birthday until Boys in the Band (or possibly after that). Episodes shortly after that make it seem that Timmy did turn 10.
  • Timmy hadn't been born 10 years ago in The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker, which would make him 9. Later on he says he's 10, which would make sense seeing as how he's clearly shown to be in the 5th grade (unless Crocker was 4th grade teacher one year and changed to 5th grade teacher)... and it can't be just that his birthday's near the start of the school year since it's March.
    • You're trying to put logic into aging in cartoons? Ash Ketchum has been ten for at least a decade. And who knows how long it'll be until Archie and the gang graduate from Riverdale High?
    • Kindly refer to this page for more information.
  • Timmy's parents meeting a different way each time it's mentioned. Intentional? Maybe. Confusing? Yes. And then there's the whole nickname thing in Father Time and The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker.
    • My opinion: Timmy's shouting out of "DAD!" in "Denzel Crocker" is what started the nickname. And...well, perhaps short-term memory made them forget each other until the day of the race?
    • One small problem: "Denzel Crocker" takes place in 1972, but "Father Time" was in 1970. The real question is why neither Dad nor '70s Cosmo and Wanda recognize Timmy, and how Bill Gates lost them.
  • In The Zappy's!, Timmy loses his baby teeth but in Teeth for Two he loses them again.
    • As far as reruns are concerned, the Oh Yeah! Cartoons Fo P shorts never existed. With the exception of the pilot episode (or at least the part where Cosmo and Wanda come to Timmy).
    • It's explicitly stated that the Tooth Fairy loves his teeth. Any time he loses them, then, it's not unreasonable for them to 'grow back'.
  • In Christmas Every Day, Santa only looks the way most people know him as at Christmas but in other episodes he looks like that.
    • Ummm... what?
    • I get what he's saying. In the first Christmas special, Santa was an ordinary businessman at the North Pole who became the iconic Santa through fairy wishing power. Even in other episodes, when it isn't Christmas and Santa should logically have no power, he still keeps his iconic form.
    • Because Santa likes his "iconic" form?
      • The point might be that in the Christmas special Santa didn't have his iconic look until after he was blasted by the magic, making it a possible thought that he only has said form with the magic given to him. Once it's gone he goes back to his businessman appearance.
  • In MM+ DD meet the CC, two of the Nega-Chin's wishes were that he couldn't be wished back into the book and that Cosmo and Wanda's magic couldn't effect the villains but he was still able to wish himself back in at the end.
    • I'm going to assume that the original wish could be contradicted because the same person who made it was breaking it, so that sort of cancelled out the original wish.
    • It was that the wishmaker cancelled the original wishes. In fact it doesn't need to have been the person, just their voice.

  • The show states that genies always try to find the most malevolent way to grant a wish. So much so, that Timmy finally needs a lawyer in order to get rid of Norm the Genie. It makes you wonder why Norm didn't just give him the worst lawyer ever, aside from Deus ex Machina, and the chance at a Take That.
    • Because, based on his facial appearance, granted the wish without thinking. Also, probably because making you spend time with a lawyer is pretty evil on its own.
    • Timmy did wish for the lawyer though, and the lawyer did favor Timmy and hate Norm. I think that Norm was worse off because of the wish not Timmy.
    • And what makes you think that the lawyer didn't charge Timmy an arm and a leg for his services off-screen?
  • The male fairy has the babies, but that calls to question of the purpose of the female fairy.
    • Just like seahorses, they still need the reproductive cells, I suppose. That, or just a question of familiarity("why fairies are human-like?" and so on).
    • The male fairy has the babies? It's not just because Timmy wished it instead of a proper "conception," or whatever they do?
    • Yeah, he does. Fairly Odd Baby.
  • Cosmo states that he was the last fairy baby born at the time (before Poof), although it is fairly obvious that Binky is younger than he is.
    • Binky could just look younger than he is.
  • Mama Cosma stated that it was customary for the godchild to throw a baby shower. However, earlier in the story, Cosmo and Wanda explained that the reason they had godchildren was to fill the void of not being able to have biological children.
    • Well, fairies have been around for ages. Even though Cosmo was the last baby one, Mama Cosma must remember how things used to go.
      • That's not what the above troper means. Fairies have godchildren because they can't have real children. Mama Cosma says it is traditional for the godchild to throw a party when the fairy has a real child. If they could still have biological children, they would not have godchildren yet. (This troper thinks Mama Cosma was lying to get out of organizing the shower herself.)
      • While a lie isn't above Mama Cosma, I think it's more likely that fairies without children would have a godchild. And then when they get a wife/husband, they still have the void. And when they have their own child, they still must stay with the godchild until the time is up.
      • Just because they can have actual children, doesn't mean they do. Because fairies live forever, they probably can't have a baby whenever they want to prevent overcrowding.
  • Poof is revealed to be a boy, but there are eyelashes on Poof's eyes. Since only female characters have eyelashes, Poof should be a girl. This might be the result of designing the character to look "cute" like a baby..
    • Exactly, you answered yourself.
  • In the episode "Beddy-Bye", when Timmy made a wish that people didn't have to sleep, everybody got really irritable and tired. But if they didn't have to sleep, why would they feel the effects of not having had slept?
    • Because it just made them unable to sleep instead of not needing sleep.
      • But that's just it. Timmy said that he wished that everybody "didn't have to sleep". That means that not sleeping shouldn't have had any negative effects on people, because they didn't need it! Plus, since he didn't say anything about not being able to sleep, they should have still been able to if they wanted. Maybe Cosmo and Wanda just screwed up the wish when they were granting it? After all, they HAD just woken up by getting water splashed in their faces.
      • There are two interpretations of "don't have to sleep". One is "remove the need for sleep" - in other words, allow the restorative effects that occur during sleep to occur while awake - which is what you believe it means. The other is "remove the mechanism that causes/forces sleep" - in other words, stop production of adenosine, which is the chemical that makes you sleepy - which is what the writers intended. Consider: "I have to sleep because adenosine builds up in my body. I wish people didn't have to sleep." That makes it clear that the wish granted will be that adenosine will stop building up. Doesn't mean the restorative effects will occur while awake.
      • In fact, because adenosine is a nucleic base (a component of DNA/RNA), you couldn't regenerate at all without it, as it is necessary for cell division.
      • The problem is that removing the need for sleep does not inherently take away the ability to sleep.
  • How could Norm be having a party in his lamp and end up with a dress on his tail in "Genie Meenie Moe"? Isn't that like not really possible because genies can't use their magic in Smoof unless the master wishes it or something?
    • You don't need magic to throw a party!
      • But I doubt Norm is the type to keep dresses in his lamp unless he wants to attempt a Gender Bender (he can do that you know) or something because there are no females in his lamp that could wear it. Also why would a fish be in his lamp anyway? Riddle me this, will ya?
      • This troper thought it was a lampshade. (Not that kind of lampshade, the other kind.)
  • If Blonda is a brunette, shouldn't her name be "Brunettea"?
    • She obviously has a need to pretend to be a blonde, being a famous actress and all.
    • Because Wanda wasn't named Wandetta.
    • Who says Blonda is her real name?
    • Isn't it a stage name?
  • After Norm introduces himself to Chester as a Fairy Godparent in "Fairy Idol", shouldn't Chester be interested on how a genie suddenly became a fairy?
    • It was explained in the original script: link. Norm also had influenced the other competitor's choice of songs and seemed a slight bit smarter (though he is a genius already) then in the episode that this troper actually watched on TV. Also, Cosmo's singing part in original Fairy Idol mostly consisted of him dissing Norm in song, whereas the actual episode had less of that.
  • Why didn't Jorgen wipe out Chester's memory when he gave Norm to Timmy?
    • It is because Chester did not actually lose Norm, unlike Timmy.
  • In "Back to the Norm", why didn't Norm just GONG up in the pizza in the first place instead of arguing with the pizza guy on the phone and then GONGING but anything but it?
    • Even Genies need human interaction of some kind. Being trapped in a lamp is pretty annoying, you know.
  • In Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour, wouldn't the other kids notice that Jimmy's voice is different from Timmy's?
    • Timmy can do a perfect impression of Wanda. Chances are that they thought it was his ability to mimic voices.
    • Yes, but Timmy could only do that because of his shrill girly voice. Jimmy's voice is at least a bit deeper than Timmy's.
    • Well, on the Retroville side, Carl and Sheen aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, and as for Dimsdale, weirder things have happened with Timmy than a voice change and bigger head.
  • If Mark's friends joined him on that road-trip to earth, how come we don't see them for the rest of Totally Spaced Out until the end of the episode?
    • There's a dump they can eat at until they have to go home. Why would they be focused on?
  • How is it that Cosmo is able to understand and speak Spanish in both Timvisible and Jimmy/Timmy Power Hour when he says that he barely understands English in Engine Blocked?
    • In Timvisible, he was at a Spanish class, and some scenes have shown him to be a ridiculously fast learner.
  • It is just me, or did Timmy technically blow his secret to Jimmy Neutron?
    • Since Jimmy thinks that they're programs, he hasn't spoiled the secret that they're magical creatures.
      • Exactly. In fact, in the Crimson Chin's debut episode, Timmy brings his fairies to a comic book convention with no ill effect because everyone just assumes they're in elaborate costumes. As long as you don't admit that you have fairy godparents, you're OK; otherwise, you're free to bring them in public disguised as your parents or balloons or "big-headed kids in costumes".
      • This is the same reason why everyone has seen and commented, in one way or another, on the pink and green stuff with floaty crowny things.
    • I don't even think blowing his secret would be bad. It's been established that non-humans and aliens can know of their existence, but not good old people from Earth. Jimmy is from a completely different reality. The Fairies have no authority over the Retroville universe, or indeed anything over than the main universe's Earth. It's like the king of England trying to order the citizens of France. Jimmy just refuses to believe magic exists.
  • When Crocker does the ballerina spazz in "Birthday Wish", he blows the ballerina outfit to pieces in the third frame of his seizure and winds up in his boxers, but in the scene immediately after the spazz is over, he's in the shirt and tie again.
    • This is Crockpot we are talking about. If you want a reasonable answer, then just assume he has a backpack of spare clothes. And fairy-hunting stuff.
  • In "A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh", Timmy said he's scared of clowns, however, in "School's Out", he doesn't seem too afraid of Flappy Bob.
    • Maybe he got over his fear.
  • In the episode "Father Time" it is revealed that Cosmo and Wanda were at one time, the godparents of a ten-year old Bill Gates during the 1970s. However, this would be impossible because Mr. Gates was definitely older than ten at the time. I forgot exactly how old he was in the 70s.
    • He would have been in his late teens early twenties because Gates is the same age as my dad.
      • He wasn't supposed to be Bill Gates, but rather a kid LIKE him.
    • Even if it was supposed to be Bill Gates, the thing is fairy godparents don't disappear after the age of ten. It seems that until you are happy, you reveal you have godparents, or stop believing.
  • In a couple of episodes, Cupid is showing having a love for coffee. However, in "Transparents", Cosmo clearly shows us that coffee makes fairies hyper. Why isn't Cupid hyper?
    • Maybe it's just a Cosmo thing.
    • Cosmo and Wanda were transformed into humans at that time. Hence, the coffee would probably affect them differently than Cupid, who was a fairy (I think) when he drank the coffee. Alternatively, fairy coffee is a lot less potent than regular coffee.
    • Being hyped up on caffeine would darn well explain Cupid's rapid fire insanity.
    • Or Cupid could have built up a tolerance for the stuff (it's not impossible, trust me).
    • Plus, if we want to get technical, Cupid isn't a fairy; he's a deity (Roman god of love).
      • Exactly. In one episode, he specifically calls himself the "God of Love."
    • Gay fairies can drink coffee with no side effects. It's in Da Rules.
  • In "Just Desserts", Crocker mentions something about the earth flying into the sun if the earth's weight were to increase significantly in a certain area (IE: Dimmsdale.). But, then he gives the kids more dessert to make them fatter. Did he want this to happen? And, if so, why?
  • Cosmo and Wanda went only 24 hrs. without granting wishes and they exploded, but Norm exploded in two weeks.
    • That could be because Norm is bigger than them (most fairies are the size of 10 year olds, Norm is the size of a human adult). Regular laws of the universe suggest that it takes a longer time to build up enough pressure to explode if you are bigger.
    • Norm is Badass.
    • Genies spend hundreds of years without granting wishes. Norm spent the last 30 in his lamp. The question should be, why did he explode at all?
      • He was a fairy-genie hybrid. What did the 30 come from?
      • 1970s. But being only part fairy (if the above troper is accurate) could explain why he took a week to explode.
      • I wouldn't call him a fairy/genie hybrid just a genie with wings stapled to his back. Ouch!

  • In "Channel Chasers," when Timmy is bouncing around in The Bonzai Bubble, his Mom is selling a glass house. What kind of unbelievable idiot would buy, or even design a glass house?!? What if there was some sort of severe weather? The glass would crumble and he would be sliced to pieces. You'd think someone old enough to buy a house would be smart enough to know that.
    • His mother is just that good at her job.
    • It's called a greenhouse.
    • They just wanted to make a Billy Joel reference (one of his most well-known albums is called Glass Houses, taken from the old saying "Don't throw stones at glass houses"; also, the house Joel lived in was made of glass, if the house on the album's cover really was his house).
  • In "Power Mad" Wanda says Timmy can't wish his friends out because he wished for a game that he couldn't wish himself out of. Last time I checked, "I" and "myself" can't refer to someone else.
    • He said "you" and "yourself".
      • But just because you can't wish yourself out of the game, doesn't mean that you can't wish someone else out of it.
    • Cosmo and Wanda probably were suffering from an ear problem because of the loudness of the video games so they heard it wrong or The Powers That Be were lazy.
    • He obviously meant the theoretical "you" ("anybody at all, nobody in particular"). For example, "To make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs" — that "you." Other languages actually have different words for you (singular), you (plural), and you (theoretical).
      • Regardless of what he meant, he said 'self', even if any player in the game can't wish themselves' out, there should be nothing keeping anyone from wishing someone 'else' out.
    • If I remember correctly, Timmy's wish was "...a game you can't be wished out of!" Meaning not only is it a theoretical you, it's also worded so no one can wish anyone else out of the game — which, naturally, brings to mind the question as to why Timmy always seems to word his wishes so terribly.
      • Nope, it was "a game you can't wish yourself out of". That doesn't mean wish someone else out of it.
    • First isn't there a plural you in our language ,y'all, and I think it's like this "a game you (theoretical) can't wish yourself (the same theoretical person) out of" so there would be nothing stopping Timmy from wishing them out of the game.
      • English only actually differentiates plural and singular 'you' in context of numbers. "...You can't wish yourself out of" can apply both to you yourself or you and your friends or you and everyone.
    • Why don't we just go with the fact that it was an incredibly stupid thing to wish in the first place?
  • Also, why did they need enough power to make the game that they had to plug their wands into the wall while transporting a kid to Fairyworld is supposed to be near impossible for one fairy but they can do that on a whim?
    • Different types of energies. Most fairy magic is teleportation, which making or even rewriting a game is not.
  • Seems odd that Remy Buxaplenty keeps trying to wish Timmy's Godparents away. Isn't there something in Da' Rules?
    • Yeah, but he wasn't trying to wish them away himself with his fairies. He was trying to make Timmy lose them forever, regardless of method.
  • If Norm is smart and Genre Savvy (like about Crocker's plans and the Three Wish Rule and stuff) why does he monologue? Is he addicted to it? Did The Powers That Be ruin his character or something? Why?
    • It's fun. Try it some time.
  • Why weren't genies in the Fairly Odd Games? Or the other magical creatures? Deciding what the best magical creatures are is unfair if not all of them are there. Is this the fairies' Fantastic Racism against them or something? Why didn't they at least ask? Possible reasons:
    • All the genies are trapped in their lamps and can't enter the Games.
    • The genies don't care
    • Fantastic Racism
    All of the other reindeer
    used to laugh and call him names.
    They never let poor Rudolph
    join in any reindeer games.
You know, like that.
  • I think if the genies had entered, they would have bet for their freedom. Also several others would also enter. That would have put Timmy in a moral conundrum that would be quite interesting to work out with the options being:
    • If the Pixies won, he'd become an office worker in Pixie World. And they'd be the best magical creatures. (Canon)
    • if the Anti-Fairies won, he'd become Anti-Cosmo's evil godkid. And they'd be the best magical creatures. (Canon)
    • If the genies won, they'd be free. And be the best magical creatures.
    • If the Leprechauns won, they'd do something related to gold at the end of rainbows or four-leaf clovers, probably. And be the best magically creatures.
    • If the wizards and witches won they'd do something stereotypically associated with wizards and witches. And they would be the best magical creatures.
    • If the fairies won, they would be the best magical creatures and Timmy would be able to make the other groups do what ever he wanted them to. (Canon)
  • I personally think the reason only Fairies, Anti-Fairies, and Pixies compete in the games is because the games were created to settle and argument between those three groups. Genies and such weren't invited because they simply weren't a part of the argument that brought the games to life.
  • How exactly did Cosmo and Wanda grant the "only two people in the universe" wish in Just the Two of Us? Killing people is against Da Rules, so I'm pretty sure wishing everyone out of existence would be rejected. And even if Cosmo and Wanda poofed everyone to a pocket dimension or something, how could their magic effect those like Jorgen when it's been repeatedly shown that there are those that their magic has no effect on?
    • Maybe because Timmy didn't wish away everyone in the entire universe? He only wished that he and Trixie were the only intelligent creatures on Earth, besides Cosmo and Wanda, and Trixie didn't question why.
    • There's no reason they had to be dead. He just made them leave the earth temporarily. And of course, when they came back, no one remembered anything, or that would tell them that fairies exist.

  • It's been shown by Mama Cosma that a fairy's color is hereditary, but Poof, the son of green Cosmo and pink Wanda, is purple.
    • Cosmo's mother is aqua. Also Big Daddy has no discernible color scheme but both of his daughters are pink(Blonda dyes).
    • Big Daddy's eyes are pink. Eye color is hereditary. Still, green is a mix of blue and yellow, while pink is a light red. If the genetic coding for yellow is recessive when faced with the red gene, purple may be a valid option.
    • Recessive genes are just weird like that. Something like a certain hair color might not show up for decades, and then just pop up on any random kid in the family.
    • If their colors were hereditary, if you think about it then in 3 generations all fairies would be brown. I always thought there were some kind of 'master color' and every generation is a slight variation. (Aqua is a variation of green, and pink and purple are variations of red...)
  • Why is Timmy still after Trixie, even though she's been shown on at least two occasions to be extremely paranoid and severely histrionic? You would think that nearly getting garden-tooled to death for leaving her alone for twenty seconds would be enough to turn a guy off, even with Status Quo. Especially since Status Quo agrees that she's flat-out, probably homicidally insane, and it wasn't just a one-episode wish backfire. Yeah, he thinks she's hot, but wouldn't the very things he tried to get rid of her for in at least two episodes be reason not to resume his already (mostly) baseless pursuance of her?
  • In Fairy Idol, doesn't Chester know Timmy has fairy godparents at the end? How does that work?
    • No, because he never knew about Cosmo and Wanda in the first place, so the only fairy Timmy's ever had (as far as Chester knows) is Norm. And Chester's memory was erased after he made his third genie-wish.
  • Something very minor from Channel Chasers- "Ignore the shaving cut and the five o'clock shadow-" ...Wait, what?
    • Maybe he got a really deep cut the last time he was shaving and had let some of the hair grow back.
    • They were in a Blues Clues parody and the joke is that the Steve Expy is supposed to be a kid like the target audience, even though he's obviously in his late 20's.
  • Despite the show's major case of general inner inconsistencies... in one episode, in which Remy Buxaplenty comes back, he befriends Timmy with the objective of making him lose his fairies. Somewhen in the middle of the episode Wanda mentions they can give him all those things Remy is giving him, and he replies that he's better, because he can give him what he wishes without having to worry about anyone seeing it. But not once, not twice, Timmy simply wishes something to his fairies in public (for example, in the classroom), and we're just supposed to assume that, since no one was on-screen, no one even noticed he was wishing something to his school material and suddenly it came true? Viewers Are Morons aside, is there any logic I'm losing here?
    • Never thought of that, but yes that is a huge case of them failing logic forever and having to repeat a grade.
    • Even worse when the fairies could be seen IN PUBLIC without comment.
    • Most of the time, Timmy makes wishes that appear as coincidence. Additionally the wishes he makes in that episode are predominately hidden-casting; one example in that episode being that he wished for a lunch before opening his lunch box so it's fully likely that his parents (who do care, as they point out and prove often enough) could have made it for him.
  • Why did the Pixies and Anti-Fairies lose their individual motives, and decide that they wanted to destroy the world in Fairly Odd Baby? Wanting the world to be boring =/= wanting to destroy the world, having an uncontrollable compulsion (or job, desire etc.) to cause bad luck =/= wanting to destroy the world.
    • I can't justify the pixies, but for the anti-fairies: destroying the Earth would pretty much be the ultimate bad luck for the humans, right? A better question is why are the pixies even working with the anti-fairies? They're the complete opposite: order vs. chaos, basically.
    • Yeah, it would be the ultimate bad luck. This troper still has no clue about why the Pixies were or why they teamed up. This troper supposes the Powers That Be supposed that since they were both evil...
    • Thinking about it, the Pixies act like a business. If they wanted order, isn't the most efficient way to do it is completely destroying the Earth?
    • Maybe then there would be no one to go against them?
      • Or Anti-Cosmo brainwashed him. If he's as smart as Cosmo is stupid, I don't see why not
    • First, keep in mind that destroying the earth would severely limit the Fairies. Even with opposing purposes, working together would be beneficial for both the Pixies and Anti-Fairies in the long-run. Second, Anti-Cosmo is a calculating genius. He could have off-screen made a promise to let them recreate the earth as they want if they help.
    • I remember another guy who basically felt that destroying everything would bring about order. His name was Nekron. Maybe they felt that destroying the planet would mean the universe would be a less chaotic place, especially without any godchildren making wishes. Hey, at least it's an explanation...
  • If I recall correctly, Cosmo gets sick and spends an episode involuntarily transforming. The show then goes into detail about how Fairies' shape-shifting is a biological function, controlled by a gland. Yet how many times have the Fairies lost their wands and been rendered pretty much helpless?
    • Pretty much a Fan Wank Voodoo Shark, but... Could it be because the gland needed some stimuli regarding the functionality of the wands?? And that the sickness itself is because the gland gets too... sensitive... and produces shape-shifting under really subtle stimuli, which isn't meant to really... stimulate... the shape-shifting??
  • I just rewatched Wishy Washy and noticed something: after Cosmo and Wanda are returned to normal and Poof returned, Mrs. Turner walks on screen and starts talking to her son...with all three fairies just floating there, undisguised, right next to him. And apparently they aren't seen. Adults Are Useless indeed.
    • Actually, she never really saw them, she was crying the whole time and didn't look Timmy's direction to see his fairies.
  • Why doesn't Tootie have fairy god parents? Timmy himself noted that Vicky spends more time tormenting her since they live together. Shouldn't she be the one in more need of them?
    • In the episode "Birthday Wish" it is said that Tootie is twice as miserable as Timmy and can have fairies, but she also tried to give away her secret. Still, C&W never explained Da Rules or tried to stop her the way they did when Timmy almost blabbed in the first episode.
    • A more believable explanation is that she is too happy to have them. Yes, that Birthday episode said she was twice as miserable as Timmy, but that episode, Love Struck, and Boy Toy are the only episodes she acts truly miserable in, and in all three Timmy was just as responsible for her misery as Vicky was. As long as Timmy keeps occasionally doing nice things for her, Tootie stays in a medium where she is just about happy enough to not receive fairies, sort of like Timmy keeping Vicky around to remain miserable enough to keep fairies.
      • Or perhaps SHE was assigned fairy godparents after the episode Birthday Wish, it's just pure speculation but from the previews of the movie Grow Up Timmy Turner, she seems to interact with Timmy's godfamily that would imply that she is perhaps somewhat aware of them, also, if this is the case, it may have been explained to her that she shouldn't reveal them. As for why we never have seen Tootie's godparents, perhaps she's just better at hiding them than Timmy!
    • Maybe, Tootie did have Fairy Godparents at one point of her life, but she told someone she had them and she lost her memory.
  • Near the beginning of "Just the Two of Us"... Chester is too poor to afford skates, but he can afford an entire female skating outfit?... Riiiiiiiiight...
    • Well, it didn't say specifically that Chester couldn't buy skates, and AJ probably helped with the money.
  • Foop. If he was going to be born, why did Anti-Cosmo help HP kidnap Poof in the special when he would have his own super powerful baby? Why did Foop's birth happen a long time after Poof's? Is Anti-Wanda bearing Poof instead of Anti-Cosmo just another example of the 'Antiness' or is is an Author's Saving Throw? Most importantly, why did they screw up the established naming convention? It should be Anti-Poof, not Foop!
    • Remember Anti-Fairies are the opposite of Fairies so that explains why the Anti-Fairy female has the baby. As for it taking so long for Foop to be born, this was lampshaded a bit when Anti-Cosmo wondered why there was an Anti-Fairy for every Fairy, but there was no Anti-Poof. As for the name, it sounds like the producers were just looking for a gimmick name, even if it did fly in the face of established canon.
    • This troper always thought it was because Poof was the sound fairies made and Foop was the sound Anti-faries made.
    • A logical explanation behind Foop's name could be traced back to the episode "Nega Timmy". In it, Timmy wished to do the opposite of whatever his mom and dad told him to do. Once he made that wish, whenever a "Poof" cloud appeared, which happened every time his parents told him to do something and Timmy did the opposite of what they said to him, it was backwards and read "Foop" which might be why Foop was named that.
  • In the first Nega Chin episode, the representation of the Chin from the 80's is muscular and wielding guns. Wouldn't that be the 90's Chin?
    • If you mean that, as a parody of the Dark Age era heroes, then not quite. It was probably more specifically a parody of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, in which Batman was depicted as a grim and gritty Anti-Hero. It was released in 1986, and is generally cited as one of two comics (the other being Watchmen) that kicked off the Dark Age, which lasted well into the 90s.
  • In the episode where Timmy runs a lemonade stand to afford tickets, why doesn't he just wish for something (like a tank) and sell it?
    • First of all, he's 10-ish; not exactly an age of high intelligence. Second, because if he did that, then we wouldn't have a 12-minute show.
      • This troper thinks it would have been funny as hell to have him wish for the tank, try to sell it, and be rejected/laughed off for being a kid, and going through various other things before he HAS to settle on a lemonade stand.
      • Plus, even if we did have a 12-minute show where he succeeds in selling the tank, it would've be focused on the destruction caused by Tank Goodness and worm its way into the Ice Show.
    • Why didn't he wish for the stadium to have more seats, and then wish for more tickets?
      • Because he isn't too smart. Alternatively, the stadium is on the edge of a cliff. Add in a few more seats, and bye bye.
      • He tried that, Wanda said it would violate the fire code
      • And besides, it was already mentioned.
  • In one episode, Timmy and his godparents switch roles, turning Cosmo and Wanda into normal kids (with green and pink hair, no less) and Timmy into a fairy. What would have happened to Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda in that episode?? Would they have become anti-normal children?? And would an Anti-Timmy had been born??
    • Fanfics about this do exist.
  • In one episode, Wanda is shocked when Cosmo manages to light candles under the water in the fishbowl. (Just before he does it, Timmy asks "What's new?" and Wanda replies, regarding the candles, "Uh...the laws of physics?") But don't she and Cosmo violate the laws of physics in every episode by POOFING STUFF OUT OF NOWHERE?! It's kind of the whole premise of the show! I don't see why she should be so surprised that he could light three measly little candles.
    • Well, Cosmo lit the candles through non-magical means. If he used his wand, it wouldn't have been a shock, but he rubbed two sticks together.
      • The sticks actually were their wands, so that probably had something to do with it.
    • First, most magic is teleportationor alchemy. Imaginary Gary had to exist, even if it was inside Timmy's mind. Gah is a future form of Timmy. Even the flying can be explained through the wings and a 'magical force' counteracting gravity. And neither teleportation nor alchemy technically break the laws of physics. Hell, there's Unwish Island where things that are unwished go because they can't be destroyed. And then the trash episode where we get introduced to Big Daddy.
  • How could the Aquaman Expy get a movie when he was lost in space with the other superheroes Timmy wished for?
    • Actors? Like how Adam West was playing the Crimson Chin.
  • Chester's dad is always referred to as "the worst baseball player ever", and it's once said this is because he lost the World Series. Don't you have to be one of the best to even get to the World Series?!
    • Probably was benched the whole time, maybe. As a secret weapon?
    • Chester's dad probably lost the World Series for his team single-handedly by doing something really stupid or unlucky (e.g. missing an easy catch, striking out when it counted most, running onto the field to catch a pretty butterfly or something). As a result, he ruined his own reputation as a baseball player forever. He wears the paper bag to hide his identity from any fans of or teammates from his old team who might want to lynch him for his blunders. (This is Dimmsdale, remember - people have really, really, ridiculously short tempers here. Given that they're also really stupid, the paper bag is probably the height of concealment by their standards). Plus, we don't ever find out Chester's dad's name, do we?
      • It's Bucky Mc Badbat.
  • In a recent episode where Trixie Tang throws a costume party, Crocker (dressed up as a fairy...duh) criticizes Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof for their "poorly made" fairy costumes...even though Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof aren't even in costume. Uh, did the writers suddenly forget that, oh, I dunno, Crocker is well-aware what a fairy looks like. This is the guy who can single-handedly figure out nearly all of Timmy's fairly-related shenanigans, and yet he's unable to recognize the very thing he has an obsession over!?
    • Futhermore, why is it that he doesn't recognize poof. In Bad Heir Day it's established that he knows Poof is a fairy (and is perhaps the only fairy he genuinely cares for) and he knows that Cosmo and Wanda are Poof's parents. Earth to Crocker, that fairy you briefly raised as your own son..he's right in front of you!
      • That may be the reason actually. If he cares for Poof why would he want to expose him? he probably would want to do it without him being there.
      • Perhaps a case of bad heir day taking place after this episode. Spongebob is known for not broadcasting the episodes in chronological order, why not FOP?
    • First, there's a considerable lack of chronology among episodes. Yes seasons tend to be chronological, and mini-plots may reference past episodes in the plotline, most other episodes are stand-alone with no real chronological aspect to them. Second, why would he reveal a fairy that he loves? Third, it's not uncommon for costumes that are life-like to be considered unrealistic when you first see them.
  • Wanda's designated "nag" status. Just a few seasons ago, characters on the show, and even fans were labeling her a nag. Why? Um, I think I should let you guys know that there is a huge difference between "nagging" and "looking before you leap."
    • Her grating voice makes it "nagging" by default.

  • Am I the only one who doesn't understand why CPS hasn't taken Timmy away yet? I mean, his parents were outed as bad parents on NATIONAL TV (that Crocodile Hunter Expy episode).
    • No you're not. Simple answer: it's Dimmsdale. Adults Are Useless, so chances are CPS is to. And even if they did intervene, they would probably be worse.
    • Plus, real life social services aren't too much better.
    • We have repeated episodes that show that his parents do care for and love him. Remy even outright states it as his primary reason for hating Timmy: Timmy has godparents AND real parents that love him while Remy only has Wandissimo who even remotely cares for him. Plus there's Vicky. If you were to talk about the CPS, then Tootie would come before Timmy. But of course Vicky wouldn't allow either.
  • Okay, Mark Chang KNOWS about Cosmo and Wanda, so why don't haven't they been taken away?
    • General fanon answer: because he's not human. Da Rules only apply is a human sees them.
  • One episode ended with Cosmo letting Chip Skylark out of his head to end the episode on a song. How could Cosmo get Chip in there without him seeing him?
    • He's a fairy. It probably wasn't the real Chip Skylark in the first place.
    • Maybe because of his singing Chip counts as a magical creature and is therefore allowed to see other magical creatures.
  • When Vicky planned to forcibly marry Chip Skylark for his money Cosmo and Wanda couldn't interfere because of the rule against messing with true love. Since when is marrying someone for their money true love?
    • Vicky seemed to love him, and probably thought his supposed money was a bonus. Being such a money-loving person she is, the bills would put her genuine interest in him off.
    • Vicky may have a seriously warped view on love.
    • And since when is a Precocious Crush (like Tootie's crush on Tommy) true love? Considering what happens when you put this rule in the context of child abuse, there obviously has to be an exception for this in Da Rules... But maybe not, since just saying "I'm happy and I don't need my fairy godparents anymore" gets rid of them regardless of whether it's true or not. The idea that fairy godparents only come to people who admit they're miserable carries Unfortunate Implications...
  • Why does Mandie keep an apple in her Victoria's Secret Compartment?
    • Because it was a bomb at that point. They were at a school, and you know the old cliche about teachers and apples ...
  • In the episode when, at the end, Pappy had to go away (forever), why didn't Timmy wish that he didn't have to?
    • Because if he did that, he would lose Vicky as a babysitter permanently, which would eliminate the reason he needed fairies in the first place.
      • It wouldn't eliminate the reason, because the reason wasn't just Vicky. There was Francis and Crocker and everything else in this Crapsack World.
    • Again, he's 10. That's the excuse for his behavior. Anything that bugs you about him can be attributed to his age.
  • In "Timmy's 2D House of Horror" Timmy wishes the lava in an old 3D movie was realistic and it becomes real, destroying Vicky's house. But before the lava reached Vicky's house Wanda was begging Timmy to wish it away. Since when did she need a wish to do magic? If she couldn't get rid of the lava because Timmy wished for it in the first place, couldn't she have at least protected Vicky's house some other way?
    • Against Da Rules? Da Rules have an attendance to obstruct to the point where people are in danger and can't be helped.
  • What bugs me about the movie is adult Timmy is still in 5th grade. How can a 23-year-old still be in elementary school?
    • Maybe he was just THAT unintelligent?
    • Actually, the reason he's still in the 5th grade is, he gets to keep his fairy god parents (although he should really let go)
    • yeah, but if channel chasers is canon, Timmy could have gone to senior year of High School
    • Not only that, but since Timmy still has his fairies that means Vicky must still be babysitting him.
    • Maybe I'm missing something, but that makes no sense. He keeps his godparents so he gets to stay in elementary? I doubt Vicky's baby sitting him though. His parents can't be that dumb.
    • It might be meant to show that Timmy is keeping his life exactly the way he's used to with his fairy godparents, and staying in the 5th grade is a part of that. It seems like he's wished that everyone still thinks he's 10.
    • Ironically, he could have become a teacher.
  • Why do fairies always hold their wands near the bottom of its handle when they are in Jimmy Neutron's world?
  • Another thing that bugs me is an upcoming episode (which granted I haven't seen yet) called Manic Mom Day where Wanda has Timmy and his mom switch brains to show him that a mom's life is not so easy That message might be easier to swallow if the Mom was anyone ELSE but Timmy's Mom. Someone who forgets to take him on vacation, spends his college fund on frivolous stuff and occasionally forgets to feed him. Yet Wanda feels that Timmy is the one who needs a lesson?]]
  • Why do fairies stay with children for so long? Don't they have other children that need their help and kindness? Is it something among the lines if "If we leave everything will go back to normal and they'll be miserable; So we'll stay with them until they move out"? Also what counts as "miserable" anyway? Timmy didn't seem all that bad.
    • Timmy got Cosmo and Wanda because of Vicky, his abusive babysitter, and possibly the obliviousness of his parents. There is one episode titled "Remy Rides Again", where Remy Buxaplenty makes Timmy's life wonderful. Towards the end of the episode, Cosmo and Wanda have to leave because his life has gotten too perfect (Wanda even says earlier in the episode that if Timmy's life continues going great the way Remy's making it, he won't need them). Also, Remy has a godparent because his parents are mostly absent and spend very little time with him. So basically, "miserable" is classified as abuse or neglect.
    • Age is one component only because kids are more willing to believe. The general way a fairy works is if you stop believing, don't need the fairies, or tell someone who doesn't have fairies you have them, you will lose them. That is why the movie may technically be considered canon.
  • Regarding 'Superbike'. Why the hell was the bike sentient, able to mutate into a dragon-like monster and capable of hypnosis and flamethrowing? The wish had more specific parameters than usual on the insistence of Wanda, so it seems odd the fairies just added random cool stuff.
  • Regarding 'a mile in my shoes'. How is it supposed to be a fair comparison if Timmy isn't adapt enough at magic to do anything?
    • Because he had to work hard to accomplish anything, just like Cosmo and Wanda had to work hard without their powers.
  • InFairy Idol, it is revealed that a fairy godparent can quit if it wants, but in The Switch Glitch it is said the godparents cannot leave their godchild unless they say "I'm happy and I don't need my godparents anymore". What's up with that?

  • Why does Cupid live in Fairy World? He's the God of Love, so shouldn't he live on Mt. Olympus with the other Gods?
    • Have you seen the way they decorate? And the constant partying? No thank you.
  • From season 6 on, how is Anti-Fairy World suddenly just where the Anti-Fairies live instead of where they're locked up? I understand why the creators changed it (so that the Anti-Fairies could make more appearances), but I wish they had given an in-universe explanation.
    • I imagined it was like Paradise Lost: prison became home.
      • Or that's where they used to live, before Jorgen imprisoned them all.
  • "Hard Copy". Honestly, Timmy couldn't take the time to figure out that there was a switch on Flipsy that would make him flip?
  • If Timmy's only 10 years old, how the heck has he signed so many legally binding contracts without any comeuppance from the authorities?
  • Why does AJ have to keep his lab a secret from his parents when they're already aware of how smart he is and he's always showing off inventions that he only could have made in a lab?
    • Probably has to do with the clone, which besides being morally ambiguous could be used to trick his parents and other authority figures.
  • Its more of a minor Headscratcher, but why have we seen no "good" Anti-Fairy? Yeah, I understand they cause bad luck for kicks, but we find out when a Fairy is born, an Anti-Fairy follows suit. Shouldn't that mean that there should be good versions of evil fairies? Like a caring Mama Cosma? This implies that the Fairies are Always Lawful Good, even though they have jerkasses and a mob boss
    • Anti-Fairies aren't necessarily evil, they just like to cause mayhem, bad luck, and mischief: basically they are the antithesis of what the Fairies themselves do. Also, although Jorgen's Anti-Fairy has never made an onscreen appearance, it is supposed to be a wimpy ballerina type. Foop has a split personality and one if it is supposed to be good, while the other is evil.
  • "Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad Meet the Crimson Chin": So...why couldn't Timmy just wish the Nega-Chin back into the comic book instead of wishing him into his tree-house? This is before the Nega-Chin made himself immune to Cosmo and Wanda's magic, so it clearly wouldn't have been a problem and would've made things a hell of a lot easier.
    • At that point he thought it was the Crimson Chin rather than the Nega-Chin, so he just thought "Hey, fun times with the Chin in the real world before he goes back!"
  • Why are Binky's ears pointed? None of the other fairies have ears like that.
    • He's an elf. He likes pointy ears. He's actually one of Santa's helpers. Take your pick.
  • In the Big Superhero Wish the reason Timmy made the wish was to find a way to defend himself but the "moral" of the story in the end was that being normal doesn't make you powerless, which has nothing to with why Timmy made the wish in the first place, Timmy just wanted anybody to come to his rescue.
    • Some episodes have an aesop that doesn't really match the reason for the wish. But that aside, it was because Timmy thought he was powerless that he made the wish. And keep in mind that it was those ignoring him who stated the moral: they would have no reason to know what he thought because they ignored him!
  • There's an episode in which there are enough fairy children to fill a preschool. Didn't they make a whole movie with the point that there was only one fairy child?
    • Most of the children in Poof's preschool belong to other mythical race groups (trolls, gnomes, leprechauns, etc.). So it makes sense. Or at least it did until Poof's love interest, Triangle, showed up...
      • Triangle could be something not a fairy.
  • I recently saw an episode where Timmy wishes to be the funniest boy on the planet so that Trixie would fall for him instead of Tad and Chad. When he makes the wish, instead of actually becoming funny, people just randomly laugh at everything he says. Why is this?
    • He wished to be the funniest boy on the planet, and everyone he talked to found him completely hilarious. He didn't say that his jokes would be funny, but that he would be funny.
    • For the episode to work the jokes need to be nonstop and they need to be so hilariously funny that people fall over laughing. The people who make the show may be good at jokes, but they're not good enough to do that for an entire episode. And if the had changed the episodes premise, there would still need to be a bunch of jokes that are absolutely hilarious.
      • If you can't make the episode work, then why make the episode in the first place? And If they can't make him the funniest boy on the planet, they could at least make him funny.
      • They did make the episode work, just not in the way you'd expect. And he didn't wish to be funny he wished to be the funniest person on Earth, so they made him the funniest person on Earth.
      • Being the funniest person on Earth requires being funny. That's about as obvious as something can be. I really fail to see how they made the funniest person on Earth anyway.
      • He was funny. The people he talked to found him hilarious.
      • So, is it because the episode couldn't have worked, or did they make it work? What's the explanation?
      • They made it work.
      • Well, then I guess everything's all wrapped up in a neat little package! Really, I mean that. Sorry if it sounded sarcastic.
      • You're asking how a wish got resolved logically, in a show where everything is either solved or made worse by magically granting wishes and breaking the laws of physics and reality?
  • At the beginning of Wishology (and let me say, before I continue, that any replies along the lines of "Wishology sucked, it doesn't count" will be ignored — and not just because I couldn't disagree more, but because it doesn't answer the freaking question), Timmy is left with a plate of muffins, and picks up a magic one before putting it back and saying "No way, not that one." Okay, I get that he remembered that the last time he had one of those, it caused a lot of trouble. But wouldn't leaving it with his parents be much worse than, say, downing the whole thing right there and wishing for something pointless like a new toy to ensure it doesn't have the chance to fall into the wrong hands (which would be pretty much anyone's but his, because he at least knows what it is)? One would really expect him to grab it and take it along for an emergency, but then there's the whole matter of accidentally losing it or having it taken from him, so it's understandable why he didn't do that, but the real Genre Savvy thing to do would be to get rid of it immediately, not just leave it there (and Timmy definitely Took A Level In Genre Savvy by the events of the special).
    • I haven't seen Wishology in a long time but I'm guessing it was because it was just meant to be a throw away joke. And he probably wasn't thinking about how it could help or how it could fall into the wrong hands, instead he was probably thinking about the last time he used it first apes then Crocker took over the world. I doubt he was very eager to use it after that. Plus the muffin tasted awful so...
    • That's because Timmy wasn't being genre savvy at all. As per usual here, someone saw a throwaway character gag and took it as a serious development in character, no matter if it was later contradicted.
    • Timmy's so sure his parents are stupid that he thinks they wouldn't make any wish that Timmy can't handle. Also he would probably expect it to be there if he ever needed it.
      • I'm more interested in how he received another one of those magical muffins and why Jorgen would let him have another one after all the trouble the first one caused...
  • At the end of "Mr. Right", Timmy wanted to test to see if he could be wrong again. Cosmo, being the Psychopathic Man Child that he is, wanted Timmy to defuse a bomb. Naturally, Timmy was nervous and wanted a different test. The safer way (labeled as "Wanda's Way!" in the little poof bubble)? Timmy getting a "What's Behind My Back" quiz from Francis, which, as shown earlier in the episode, ended up getting Timmy beaten up. My question is: "Wanda's Way" is having her own godchild beaten up?
    • A temporary pain or death?
      • Why does temporary pain have to come into it? Wanda's smarter than that, and it's not so hard to ask Timmy something he probably doesn't know.
      • I think "Wanda's Way" was to ignore the problem completely, assume Timmy will never say "I don't have fairy godparents" again, and hope the wish worked. Francis playing "What's Behind My Back?" was just a coincidence.
  • Also in "Mr. Right": When Timmy says he doesn't have fairy godparents, his godparents disappear, so he goes to find someone who won't listen to him so he can tell them he has fairy godparents. But he only wished that everything he said would be right, not that everything he told someone was right. So shouldn't he have been able to just say it when no one was around?
    • You make a good point, but I guess it works like this: If no one is around to tell you otherwise, then can you ever really be wrong?
      • I guess this kind of goes along the lines of: "If a tree falls in the forest with no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
      • Yes, quite easily.
  • Why hasn't Timmy lost his fairies because of Crocker? He knows they're his fairies and has caught them at least once, so someone knows he has fairies. They should be gone.
    • Crocker knows about all fairies, so he's kind of a special case. It's probably on the same reason a kid with fairies doesn't have them taken away when another kid with fairies finds out.
    • Crocker needs undeniable proof that Cosmo and Wanda are Timmy's godparents. Even if he saw them doing magic, they wouldn't have to go away as long as he has no proof that they are connected to Timmy.
    • Because Crocker figured it out by himself, rather than Timmy telling him.
  • Why did Crocker loses his show and the money once the monsters were poofed away?
  • As a kid, why would Timmy's parents go by such nicknames as "Dad" and such?
    • Maybe those are their real names?
    • That doesn't work, as the running gag was, in both "Father Time" and "The Secret Origon of Denzel Crocker", "Dad's just my nickname. My real name is *truck honks horn*"
  • Does "Da Rules" cover the rule that kids cannot wish for adult vices like beer, smokes, and winning lottery numbers? I mean finding loopholes in "Da Rules" is how Poof was conceived in the first place. Or long story short, if Timmy wished for Cosmo and Wanda to get him a bottle of Budweiser, would they actually magically give it to him?
    • There's probably rules against it.
      • Or the fairies would refuse to do it, if they actually cared about their godkid.
      • It always seemed like they don't have a choice actually, or else Wanda could of just ignored most of the wishes.
      • They can, however, try to persuade the godchild to not make the wish.
      • If the book itself is the size if a friggin' encyclopedia, there's probably some rules we don't know about yet. The best guess is a "most likely", but it's best to wait.
  • With the new "Timmy's Secret Wish" coming up: how can Timmy make a secret wish?! Do they give him a wand? The magic muffin? Does Timmy find whatever the wand's power source is? Or is it something like "I wish whatever is going on in my head which no one besides me will get to know will happen in real life?"
    • It was revealed in the episode that Cosmo was the one who granted the wish and Timmy wished that he wouldn't remember. Timmy probably knew that Cosmo would be the perfect one to grant the wish because Cosmo is well Cosmo
  • In the Channel Chasers movie where he goes into all the different TV shows, why does Timmy's art style only change for some of the shows? Like when he goes into the Dragon Ball Z and Rugrats parodies, Timmy's character changes to match the art style of the other characters, but when he goes into the Johnny Quest parody, he looks the same as he does most of the time.
  • Timmy. He can cure cancer. He never does. WHY?
  • Why do the kids never report Vicky to the police? Surely they could set up hidden cameras et cetera? Plus it was SHOWN in Channel Chasers that the media KNOW about how bad Vicky is. Why have they never acted on it?
    • For the simple reason that most of the adults in the world are complete morons. In addition, coincidences will make it so that a video of her doing something heinous to the kids will somehow be blocked, ignored, changed, put into a different context in the viewer's minds (one time Timmy's dad thought a song by Chet called "Icky Vicky" was about pumpkins), or random magic output.
  • Why doesn't Timmy just wish that Crocker would forget about fairies?
    • In "Crocker Shocker", it's revealed that doing so makes Fairyworld lose all its magic. Well, it was done with hypnosis, but making Crocker forget about them with magic would have the same consequences.
  • In the S6 episode "Birthday Bashed," Timmy runs around worried his parents are throwing a birthday party for him, but finds out at the end of episode that they had forgotten his birthday and the party was actually for their wedding anniversary. However, in the S1 episode "Apartnership," it's revealed that Timmy's parents and his fairy godparents actually have the same anniversary date. So, uh. Either Timmy's parents were throwing the party early, or Cosmo and Wanda forgot their anniversary. And they were all married on the same date as Timmy's birthday. Which means Timmy forgot his birthday in "Apartnership." And now my head hurts.
  • Something REALLY perked my interest in "Meet The Fairy Odd Parents." In said episode, Timmy's Fairies are revealed to his parents after they spied on him. Wanda says that a loophole for Timmy to keep them is to not let Jordan know that the parents know.]] If this is really that simple, than how many OTHER kids did this?
  • Seriously, WHAT HAPPENED TO COSMO?! In the pilot episodes, he was suave, charming, and sarcastic (as this video shows), and was indicated to be at the same intellectual range as his wife, Wanda. His voice was also deeper and more controlled. Compare that to the later incarnation whose high-pitched, anxiety-filled voice reflects a dangerous idiotic man-child responsible for half the problems in the show and willing (or too stupid) to endanger the lives of his own godchild and wife for petty, half-thought out reasons.
  • If Vicky loves money so much, why is she often trying to murder her only source of income? It would make sense if she just wanted to scare him, but there are several times where she's outright trying to kill him.
  • In "Abracatastrophe," whoever eats the magic muffin gets a rule-free wish. Does that potentially include wishing Da Rules out of existence?
    • Probably not. Da Rules have been shown to be necessary to keep the world from going bonkers from rule free wishes.
    • Probably. The muffin seems to be beyond Da Rules' domain.
  • Was giving a magic dog really a good idea; wouldn't a normal dog be good enough?
    • If given the option to choose between a magic animal and a regular one for a pet, a lot of kids would go for a magical one. Plus, as stated in the episode, Timmy was banned from most pet stores so the fairy one was the only option.
      • That, and normal dogs don't talk, making it hard to give him a big role or character.
  • In "Wishing Well" making too many wishes makes you look greedy (which makes perfect sense) but in "Timmy's Secret Wish" you deserve a holiday in your honor for making 1 million (also if Timmy had Cosmo and Wanda for over 50 years he would've had to average 56 wishes a day more than 1 wish every half hour)
  • In "The Gland Plan", Wanda states Cosmo is an only child, but in "Double Oh-Schnozmo", he has a brother and Wanda clearly knows him. So why did she say before Cosmo was an only child?
    • Schnozmo's a con artist, remember?
  • The episode "Dumbbell Curve". The real bell curve does not work that way! Did the writers just not care or do they really not know how it works?
    • The same writers who once treated giant squids as a tabloid conspiracy? Yeah, probably.
  • So, you're going to tell me that Timmy's parents didn't notice when he suddenly had goldfish when he didn't have them previously?
    • As has been established, Timmy's parents, like most of the adults in Dimmsdale, aren't too bright. Also, the episode "That's Life" showed us that Timmy has had many pets. They probably figured Timmy somehow bought them or they were a gift.
  • If Mark Chang and his people consider good things bad and bad things good, shouldn't he like that Princess Mandie is trying to kill him?
    • If I remember correctly, that's not what bothers him, it's more the fact that she's "hideous" (as in, drop-dead gorgeous).
    • Also, it's not just that they like to be contrarian, it's that most of the things that humans consider "good" are dangerous to them somehow.
  • If Timmy made a "secret wish", how did Foop gain knowledge of it and use it as evidence.
  • Why does Dimmsdale still allow Timmy to live? seriously, the formula goes like this: Timmy makes a wish, the wish backfires horribly with either Dimmsdale about to destroyed, someone Timmy cares about in danger, or the world in danger, he wishes everything back to normal, learns a lesson, and forgets said lesson by the next episode, I certainly wouldn't him in my city.
    • Most people don't even know Timmy is the cause of all the bad shit that goes down. Especially considering almost everyone is oblivious to fairies.
  • Alright so in the episode "The Secret origin of Denzel Crocker" we see that the reason Crocker is as miserable as he is is because Timmy and Past/Present Cosmo managed to super screw up. Jorden(s) appears and says that Timmy is forbidden from ever returning to March of 1972 ever again. Presumably this has to do with the fact that Crocker becomes a power source. But here's the thing, at the time Timmy doesn't know that. Why doesn't he just go back to February 29th of 1972 and warn Crocker about what's going to happen in two weeks? Surely Crocker will be able to remember for that long and although the fairies will not have access to him as a power source, they will probably find other options. Ultimately the world would probably be a better place if Crocker is allowed to keep his fairies.
  • What is the point of introducing Missy, a third love interest for Timmy, when we already know from the live action movies that he ends up with Tootie?
    • The live action stuff may be non canon with the show? They don't have Sparky in them.
  • Why does Timmy put up with following Vicky's demands instead of just fighting back by tormenting her like he did in the pilot?

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