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Headscratchers: The Emperor's New Groove
  • Does The Emperor's New Groove take place in a Flintstone-like anachronistic past, or does it take place in a village of present-day Native Mexicans?
    • The Inca empire exists, so definitely the past.
      • I believe the Word of God from the director is that, as the film says at the beginning, it takes place Long Ago In The Jungle. Any more then that, and you're overthinking it.
      • Native Mexicans? The Incas are from Peru, which is 4000 kilometers away from Mexico.
      • I thought the movie made it clear that it was set in the Incan Empire before the Conquistadors arrived.
      • I think the Bob's Big Boy-esque resturant might be what's throwing them off. I just think everyone should remember that it's just an animated movie, though.
  • So Tepo(SP?) feels the need to tell his dad he ate a bug and Pacha then makes a joke that implies this is, in fact, not a normal thing. Then they go to a restraunt and Pacha digs into a bug as if it's a delicacy.
    • Perhaps the bug that Tepo ate wasn't actually meant to be part of the meal.
    • Or he was joking that his wife's cooking is no better than you can get at a greasy spoon (as the place where Pacha was eating the bug in was hardly a four-star restaurant).
  • Why were they near Pacha's house around Kuzco's Heel Realization? Didn't they travel at all?
    • At the end of the scene where the bridge collapses, Pacha mentions they'll have to take the long way to Kuzco's palace. Perhaps the route involved doubling back to near where they started.
    • After Pacha reunites with Kuzco he specifically mentions that they need to head back to the house for supplies. As for what supplies these were and why they were worth wasting an entire trip to go back and get them- you've got me.
    • The supplies Pacha is referring to, are the harness and arrow that Pacha uses later so they can safely cross the cliffs (due to the bridge having been destroyed).
  • How did they get there? They certainly got me...
    • Yzma hitched a ride from her Friends On the Other Side.
  • Why does she even have that lever?
    • I always assumed it was in case of an intruder and that Kronk constantly pulling the wrong lever was just Rule of Funny
  • What happened to Kuzco's parents?
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