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Headscratchers: The Blob
  • Wouldn't people have been warned to stay away from that part of Alaska by the sequel, or at least told what is there?
  • In the remake: Does attacking Russia with a weapon that's completely neutralized by cold seem like sound like a remotely good idea?
    • Fridge Brilliance: A blob in Russia would avoid areas of cold and seek out areas of warmth, which is where living humans are likely to be found. After it has occupied all the areas of warmth, it won't move beyond into the colder areas, and so is contained.
    • More Fridge Brilliance: If deployed in the summer, it would wreck havoc and freeze over when winter arrived. This would allow the U.S. to come in and take over.
  • How did the Blob get inside Vicky, the girl in the car, without making a noise?
    • In fact, how DID it get inside her? She looks perfectly fine by the time her Jerk Jock date comes back, so how did it get inside her without dissolving her? Also, wouldn't she be screaming if it got inside her? Of course, some people have a theory that she had too many drinks from her date and that she died of alcohol poisoning instead.
    • It still wouldn't explain how it got inside her without leaving a mark on her. Watching the scene again, it looks a lot more like something out of John Carpenter's The Thing (1982).
      • Maybe it crawled up her…y'know. But even then, it wouldn't make much sense.
  • Why didn't the two heroes try and save that guy with a plastic suit after blowing up the sewer exit? It never even shows what happened to him so his character was pretty pointless. They could have just taken the rocket launcher from his dead body.
    • Speaking of that soldier, how did he actually get all bloody during his initial altercation with the Blob? The thing dissolves people, it doesn't wound them in a way that'd cut them up.
      • Actually, if you look closely (but it's very brief), you can see the other soldiers pulling said soldier out of the sewer.
    • The main characters helped the guy because they are decent people who don't want for another human being to die horribly.
      • But they DON'T help him. They just leave him there.
      • Before the scene where the soldiers help him out, you can see Meg helping him climb out. It's kind of a "blink and you'll miss it" moment, but I swear that I saw it happen. So technically, they DID help him out. However, it's still confusing how he got blood in his helmet...
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