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Headscratchers: That Guy with the Glasses

  • In Alone in the Dark (2005), one of Christian Slater's contacts informs him that the missing people had nothing in common, except that they all grew up in the same orphanage. Spoony goes on a rightful rant about this really large similarity being practically dismissed. But isn't it odd that he didn't even briefly compare it to a similar reveal from a certain game he spent at least ten videos lampooning?
    • Maybe he just thought mentioning a game in that movie review wouldn't add much? I think it wouldn't... I also highly doubt FFVIII was the first one either.
    • It's also possible that they planned to, but it got cut either for another joke or it was just out of place. According to the Behind the Scenes video, there were more than a few jokes they came up with that didn't quite make the cut.
      • I'd say signs point to yes, since in the Linkara Blog, he makes a 90's Kid joke about FFVII
    • I'll have to double-check, but I'm fairly cartain he does mention it in his commentary on the video.
    • He pointed out the similarity between FFVIII and Santa With Muscles, because it was a plot-twist there. In Alone in the Dark (2005), you know from the beginning that it's about children from an orphanage who were sold to a scientists.
    • In the same review, they rant about how shooting the crazed, posessed dude, whom they later find out has a compromised nervous system, doesn't react to being shot. Firstly, being shot is in most cases not instantly lethal, lest to someone who can't control his own body anymore. Secondly, shooting him in the knee was a good move, considering that damage to the knew could prevent him from chasing him, despite that guy not feeling anything, and lastly, being impaled through the heart is lethal, no matter how posessed you are. Yeah, that just bugs me.
  • Why would Linkara respond to the Nostalgia Signal? He's certainly comic-savvy enough to know that the Batsignal is used to summon... you know... Batman. Wouldn't he be looking for the Critic (or Chick) to answer the call?
    • The Critic installed the Nostalgia Signal, and for some reason he can't really remember why. No one necessarily said that he had to respond to the signal he'd established. Also, it's a joke.
    • The signal also comes from his house, so him answering his own signal from his house may mean that there's likely a chance the Nerd broke in to fight him.
  • Why did the Nostalgia Critic, Spoony and Linkara review Alone in the Dark (2005)? It is too recent to be nostalgic, they never make comparisons with the original games (except just a line from Spoony) and has nothing to do with comics (though there may be a comic book adaptation but is not mentioned).
    • As they review wildly disparate things, they couldn't just do a video game, a movie, or a comic book- that wouldn't be fair to two of them. So they chose a video game movie, to be unfair to only one. They do not make comparisons to the original games for times' sake- the video was fairly long as-is, and too long and the web-viewers lose interest.
      • Just to add; Linkara also does some video game stuff (just not as high-profile as his comic reviews), so rather than being unfair to one of them they may have just just gone with the one factor that two of them shared.
      • The commentary mentions that one early idea was for them to review Bloodrayne, which has been a video game, a movie, and a comic book series. That would allow each of the three to contribute their own material. But the video game and comic books aren't nearly as terrible as the movie, and Alone in the Dark (2005) was much better known.
        • The comic book and game being better are not cited as reasons for why they didn't review them - Spoony said he couldn't find the copy of Bloodrayne (it was a scanned copy on the DVD).
      • Simply because he got a lot of requests for it and it's such a terrible movie it deserves to be mocked at any point anyway.
  • Linkara has his own section for videos on the site. Fair enough, but he, Doug, and Lindsay are the only ones; everyone else is in some sub-category of videos. What bugs me about that is, in the end of his videos, Linkara acknowledges that he's part of one of these sub-categories (Inked Reality), but he still has his own section. It's most likely building off his popularity, but from what I understand, Spoony is just as popular, if not more so, but he's stuck into one of the categories (Blistered Thumbs). Anyone care to explain this, because I really don't understand it.
    • Quoted straight form Linkara himself from the TSE forums: "If you're wondering why my videos weren't moved, it's because apparently Joomla's setup for their sites makes it so that if they were to change the top links banner, it would alter the UR Ls of every video, thus making all the hotlinks via google and etc. into broken links".
    • Also, Linkara puts out a new video every week. With all due respect to the other talents (Doug aside, since he does it too), that's pretty rigorous. It makes sense to me that he'd get his own section since he is one of the only people to have guaranteed updates, same day each week. The Chick's become pretty regular too. The others tend to put out videos at a rate of "whenever it's done". I don't blame them for this, but it makes sense for Channel Awesome to plug regular talent as a draw for the site, IMO.
    • Furthermore, specifically about Spoony not having his own area, just makes sense since he has his own entire website, in fact the main reason Spoony even started posting stuff on TGWTG was because his site got hacked, or crashed something made it unusable, and the CA guys let them use there site to post his vids till it got fixed.
    • Generally speaking, if someone linked to Spoony's stuff they'd do so to his webpage (which has a lot of non-TGWTG stuff).
    • Brad Jones and the Spoony One now do have their own links under the videos tab.
  • Why were the Critic and Nerd complaining about the Ninja Turtles staying in character the whole time in the coming out of their shells tour? They are fictional characters themselves.
    • Because it's called a "making of" video, not a video set in the fictional world of the Turtles. If the video was just called "The Coming Out of Our Shells Tour," maybe you can argue that everybody should stay in character. However, this is a "making of" video, so nothing fictional should be treated as reality. And the review clearly proclaimed itself to be a Nostalgia Critic/Angry Video Game Nerd review. Were you expecting Doug Walker and James Rolfe to take part in a Nostalgia Critic/Angry Video Game Nerd review?
  • So in all the comment pages (or at least the ones I've read for NC), there's this ongoing feud with a kind of tantrum-troll-kid called The Angry Movie Dork. Whatever he says, no matter how innocuous, is thumbs-downed like crazy. So...Is there a story behind this? Is there one particular thing he did to make everyone despise him? Or a series of things over time? Or is he just a troll, plain and simple, so everyone hates him? Whatever the case, someone please enlighten me. I walked in a little late, and am not a little confused.
    • It's hard to say, but it probably has something to do with the fact that he tried a stride as a reviewer on Youtube, blatantly plagiarizing The Critic, the Nerd, and Confused Matthew. I don't have many other reasons, but you can find The Angry Movie Dork on the So Bad Its Horrible Web Original page. He's also known for calling somebody signing up on That Guy with the Glasses an "Imposter" and "The Worst Thing Since 9/11 and Hitler", it's hard to justify comments like that, he's not just a troll, he'll Never Live Down that comment.
      • Thanks for the reference. I had never pictured this character as such a pre-pubescent imitator, nor had I ever possessed such an intimate understanding of 'So Bad It's Horrible' until I saw this. Now WHO exactly was it that caused him to enact Godwin's Law? A user? A commenter? Someone on the TGWTG staff?
        • A user who signed up with a similar username to his. ...that's it. Dead serious.
  • Anyone want to explain to me why NC's Alone In The Dark review, which is over seven months old, was suddenly advertised on the home page (as well as on the twitter account)? If they just did it because they felt like it...All right. Is that it? No reason?
    • Maybe it's just a popular review? The review was Linkara, The Critic, and Spoony at what's probably their most vitriolic, plus, it's Uwe Boll, then again, this argument isn't valid, because it doesn't precisely explain why they're advertising a very old video, but I think it's because it's a popular video.
    • Can't say why exactly, but why now may have something to do with the second anniversary special coming soon.
    • Perhaps they're being re-uploaded in better quality format?
    • The review was placed behind the review for "Home Alone 3", and the title on the carousel read "Home Alone in the Dark" with the caption, "Now for something completely different." I assumed it was a joke, to make people think something had changed when nothing had.
    • I think the reason it was re-featured was because it's a crossover and the 2nd anniversary is coming up.
      • To elaborate on that, there have been fewer updates lately than usual (probably because of the 2 years anniversary coming up) so I assumed they brought it back to give the viewers something in the meantime. It's not the only video that popped back up, by the way.
      • Several other crossover videos have been shown (though unlike the Alone The Dark one, they were actually recorded at the hotel in Chicago for the Brawl in 2009).
  • Is there a way to read text versions of the reviews so I don't have to watch the videos?
    • The TGWTG Wiki has transcripts of all of NCritic's reviews, as well as a handful of stuff from other people.
    • Why would you want to do that?
  • Just out of curiosity, what exactly is Doug's opinion about Pixar anyway? I only ask because it seems that his opinions about Pixar movies are much more dialed down than the opinions of the average person (For example, his opinion on WALL•E at the end of his Bum Review for it was merely that it was "good", and he also thought Toy Story 3 was good, but too dramatic). In addition, I recall him accusing Monsters, Inc. of ripping off Aah! Real Monsters, and he didn't even mention The Incredibles when he was talking about the folly of capes in his Top 11 Coolest Cliches review (although he did think that Up was "REALLY" good, so there's that). I'm not criticizing him for this or anything, it's just that it comes off as a little surprising to me considering how much he likes good cinema and good animation.
    • Yeah, about that... part of the point of The Incredibles is being Watchmen-lite, and emphasising the impracticality of superheroism in general. The Parr family don't wear capes, as at least half a dozen supers before the registration act die from cape related missteps. Not really something to add to the Top 11 Coolest Clichés, is it?
      • That's my point exactly. His point about capes being impractical virtually mirror's Edna Mode's rant on capes, except without the whole "Capes can be deadly" bent. But again, that's aside from the point of the question.
    • He didn't mention The Incredibles in his talk about badass capes because he wasn't talking about how impractical they are, he was talking about how badass the look, and only mentioned offhand that they're impractical but still awesome
    • He did reviews for both WALL•E and Up over on (under the name "that guy with the glasses"). He goes in depth of why he enjoyed the films and does come across more of a fan of Pixar, even calling Up "Pixar's BEST"
    • If you want Doug's opinion on the Pixar films, watch these videos now.
  • Two totally minor cases, but this still somewhat bugs me. Benzaie's Games That You Might Don't Know But That Are Still Pretty Damn Sweet. Now I'm not a native English speaker, but shouldn't it be "Games That You Might Not Know"? I mean, well, he's French, so it's probably excuseable, wouldn't surprise me if the use of Gratuitous English is actually a gag to hint at that, either. But still. Also, Obscurus Lupa. Haven't watched her show yet, so I might not get something, but, purely by latin grammer, shouldn't it be Obscura Lupa?
    • I think, despite his occasional slip-ups in spelling subtitles, the Engrish title is intentional.
    • Lupa says she's used that handle for a long time. She probably picked it before she knew any better and is now too attached to change it.
  • The list of Nostalgia Chicks reviews says nothing and the search is equally non-informed so, where is the All Dogs Go to Heaven review or is it in the limbo with "The Room" and "Old v.s. New: War of the Worlds"?
    • I remember reading on the forums that, because of the Ferngully review, she decided not to do it because I guess there wasn't much point.
      • That would make sense. She references All Dogs Go to Heaven with her introduction to the Big Lipped Alligator Moment in the Ferngully review. She probably originally invented the joke for the All Dogs Go To Heaven review and decided to just use it there instead.
      • What? I'm pretty sure she said she invented the term separate to the reviews.
    • She finally reviewed the film.
  • Why does every Caustic Critic make the same joke about wanting to commit suicide during their review? Has that ever been funny?
    • It's the logical endpoint for Suckiness Is Painful - that, or Scanners-style head-explosion, and that's beyond most webshow's budgets. As for being funny, it depends on their writing and your opinion. I thought it was funny in the Critic's Batman & Robin and Bio-Dome reviews.
    • Yeah, I mean the Critic stashed away a cyanide pill after having all other means of suicide taken away from him and then he tried to use it after hearing two lines of Batman & Robin dialogue. That's frickin' hilarious.
  • On TGWTG's Twitter, there's a list of various site contributors under the tgwtg-crew list. Who exactly is bgroundnoise and how does he(?) relate to the site?
    • bgroundnoise was redmattermedia, the site were Phelous worked. A few days ago they deleted bgroundnoise from the list and it's now updated.
  • Now, I know they need to turn a profit somehow, but must they play a really long advert every time you play a video. If you refresh, if you click back and if you accidentally hit on one of the links in the scroll down bar (which due to its design makes this almost inevitable once in a while) you are treated to another fucking advertisement! Gragh!
    • Blame blip. Doug and the others don't control the ads, they just need them to make money (as you said).
  • I know I didn't really care for it, but what happened to Coldguy's Foreign Delicacies? Was it removed from the site bar?

  • I know, it's a wiki, but is the TGWTG Wiki only edited by about three people?
    • I suppose you could edit it yourself and then there'd be atleast 4 people.
      • That's kind of what I meant when I said "I know, it's a wiki".
        • So... then... were you asking for a "yes or no" answer, or...?
        • That would be helpful, yes.
  • Anyone else notice Douchie has stopped being merely an Anti-Role Model for how to act on the site, and now seems to be a way to silence a lot of the discussion about things you disagree with on the videos? For one thing I ran into this on the forums there, and for another, his recent video appearances. It wouldn't be as much of a problem, if picking on mistakes and goofs of works wasn't part of the point of the site.
    • No, not really. I mean, George Lucas described a MacGuffin that way, people. Plus, it's never been about quashing criticisms and fuckups; both endings of the Fuckup videos clearly state that.
    • First of all, what does Lucas have to do with how Douchie is presented now? Second of all, even if the endings of the videos state that, it's hard to see when the content that's clearly visible looks otherwise. Any message that shows a stereotype, but doesn't really mean it, shouldn't just slap a "we don't mean it" disclaimer at the end.
      • Considering he actually has to make a video to get people to stop complaining about how calling a 17th century gown an 18th century gown ruins his Superman review, I'm pretty sure it's reasonable to portray Douchie Mc Nitpick as a douchie nitpicker.
    • Listen to me, folks, and listen good: when they pick on flaws they're doing it for laughs. When the real Douchy Mc Nitpicks of the world pick on their flaws they always seem deathly serious about it, usually over very minor issues. This is why I practically grate my teeth every time I see people on this very site knocking the Nostalgia Critic's Last Action Hero review for supposedly not noticing that the film is meant as a (half-assed, uncommittal) parody while at the same time NOT NOTICING THE SAME THING ABOUT THE VERY REVIEW THEY'RE WATCHING: THAT IT'S NOT A SERIOUS REVIEW BUT A BUNCH OF JOKES. The real Douchys of the world spoil things for both the reviewers themselves and the non-braindead fans. If anything they deserve even worse argument-silencing bashings.
      • If you are going to criticize people who disagree with a satirist's arguments by pointing out that they're facetious, you must also be willing to criticize people who agree with them. Otherwise the accusation of quashing criticism is valid.
        • Funny, last time I checked the subject of people who agree with the facetious jokes (not that this would automatically render their own opinions invalid anyway, as it's possible to kid about something other people seriously believe for good reasons) hadn't even come up. Taking a joke seriously is always worse than happening to agree with it seriously. Because of the misrepresentation element, obviously.
          • Not necessarily. It might be stupid to hate Spoony because he said that people who like Final Fantasy X need to die, but it's worse to believe that people who like Final Fantasy X need to die. As for the first part, it's kinda significant. There's a reason why I never read the comments for any of the site's reviews.
            • If anyone out there genuinely and literally believes that all the fans of anything need to die then they likely don't need an internet reviewer to set them off anyway.
  • What is the deal with this (unofficial) 5-Second Movie for The Phantom Menace? If it's some kind of obscure reference or Stealth Joke, I don't get it.
  • Why is JesuOtaku listed as part of That Guy With The Glasses when she's actually on a separate site? Or if she's part of Guy With The Glasses, where are her videos on that site? I can't find them there.
    • Oh, the Inked Reality submenu of the Videos menu. Never mind.
      • Are you still inquiring about the first question?
    • She's not the only one. Apollo Z Hack and Rap Critic are a part of other sites as well.
  • In Doug Walker's list of movies he liked no one else liked, why didn't he mention Rat Race and Babe: Pig In The City? Those got lukewarm reviews and they were on some of his list of favorite movies.
    • Maybe it's because he found Rat Race more funny than actually good to him, plus the fact he only has 11 to choose from. Also, what list was Pig in the City on?
    • BPITC was on his list of Underrated Nostalgic Movies. It only has a 6.1 on the IMDB and 61% on Rotten Tomatoes yet Punch Drunk Love has a 7.4 and a 79% on RT so he put it there. It just seems that would be a lot more fitting.
  • Is there a search option and is there any way to list videos by something other than the author? Crossovers are especially hard to find, since they could be listed under any of the people in the video. And some of it seems completely arbitrary, like Kickassia being under Nostalgia Critic when it should have its own category, and it's very unintuitive to track down all the commentaries and special features for it.
  • Has Iron Liz ever been offered a position? Cause I would like to see The Foundry on the site, even if its just under Linkara.
    • And this question is reinforced since she's going to Year 3!!!
    • Well if Liz had been offered a spot on the site I'm sure we'd have heard about it by now. I don't think she's applied yet either. She's still getting started and might want to get a few more reviews under her belt before trying to get on the site.
    • In one of her videos from last year (the exact date of which escapes me), she mentions that Rob had spoken with her about joining the site: he said that since she got a fairly decent reception from the fans (at least when compared with the backlash Scarlett got), the site's administrators were open to the idea; however, they wanted to wait for her to firmly establish her own "series" before taking things any further. Beyond that, nothing has been said.
    • In her June 11 vlog, she says that after working behind the scenes on Suburban Knights, she's decided that she'd rather deal with the production and editing aspects of an internet series than starring in one.
    • She is now officially on the site
  • What is Channel Awesome? If it's going by the definition of channel that one might associate with television, then TGWTG, Blistered Thumbs, and Barfiesta are channels, but they are all somehow part of Channel Awesome, which is basically the equivelent of saying that Fox, Fox News, and FX are the same channel. I get that it's some sort of umbrella title, or denoting the production company (it's really more of a distribution company, seeing as the contributors all have different production teams and CA doesn't do anything but showcase those productions—it'd be like calling something a Buena Vista production instead of a Disney Company production—but whatever) but the use of the word Channel makes no sense.
    • It's supposed to be like youtube channels. A collection of videos and whatnot to watch and enjoy.
    • Channel Awesome is the name of the company, founded by Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis and Bhargav, that runs the websites That Guy With The Glasses and Blistered Thumbs. Doug's films are produced in-house, but you're right that most of their contributors do their own production.
  • In one of the branches of Blistered Thumbs titled Adults Only, the show (Or at least their Strip Fighter review) uses a bizzarrely catchy funk number as it's theme tune. Does anyone recognise this tune? The only other time it was brought up was very briefly on the Blistered Thumbs forum, and the only sign was a very brief reference to [adult swim].
  • What's that really pretty music that tends to play when a reviewer is depressed? It happened when the Critic had his Despair Event Horizon and also happened when Angry Joe lost the first Grudge Match.
  • Why is it that Paw's entry on the Ask That Guy's user contest wasn't uploaded to the site but Lewis' and Will's were? Is it because he did it straight until the end?
    • While we're on the subject, what was that, anyway? Was it a contest to get onto the site or a contest amongst people who were already contributors?
      • Apparently Ask That Guy had a breakdown (also, why is it that he release the contest in october but the users' answers were only uploaded on the site in january/february?
        • Watch the beginning of the episode and the Critic's review of MKA. He was really busy for some reason (probably computer issues if I'm remembering my time period), and he apologized.
  • Why is it that the only people that mentioned Suede during his mission were Lee, Dena and Todd?
  • Why have they kept Luke? His own TV Tropes page notes how often he Schedule Slips. (I really hope they're not blinded by the last name.)
    • The site has proven time and time again that they are willing to put up with an insane amount of delay. You can find Schedule Slip listed under at least half of the current contributors. Now, you could argue "Oh, the Last Angry Geek is a close friend of Doug's", or "firing the Nostalgia Chick would be shit publicity" (though both have gotten much better about regularity recently) but the simple fact is that they appear to be extending the same courtesy to everyone. Hell, Suede took about three months off before his sabbatical and has put up—seven? eight?—videos since his return.
  • What exactly is the story behind Spoony's departure? How exactly do JO, Lupa, and Lord Kat fit in?
    • Boy, isn't that the million dollar question. I am not an avid follower of any of those reviewers, so the following summary is extremely condensed. Essentially, Spoony made a really dark joke on twitter about rape. JO called him out on that particular joke, and he snapped at her. Now, Spoony's fans at this point began to notice a more.... cynical version of Spoony emerging, evident from his weird twitter posts. He would respond to any concerned posters with a dark joke, an 'eff you', or both. So what do the fans do? They blame his ex-girlfriend, Scarlet. (Which makes no sense as their relationship ended a year prior). Scarlet was getting a lot of hate until Lupa stepped in and told the haters to eff off. Around this time, Lord Kat made a video in response to Spoony's odd behavior. He was listing all the bad jokes and terrible things said by Spoony, and he started off alright. Then Lord Kat made a suicide reference, saying Spoony should kill himself. I believe Lupa was there, and she called Lord Kat out. Cut to now, where Spoony found out he has bipolar II (which makes the suicide "joke" even worse). I am unsure if Spoony quit on his own regard, or if TGWTG fired him for his twitter posts. More information can be found here.
    • Spoony goes into his side during the commentary for To Boldly Flee Part 1 here. In summary, he says it was a purely business decision, based on the fact that he isn't really getting very much ad revenue from inclusion in TGWTG and between his health-related hiatuses and that fact, he can't really afford to contribute to long unpaid anniversary specials anymore; his decision was based on having just done another anniversary special, and the fact that his temporary ban due to the above twitter breakdown made him realize just how little he's getting out of TGWTG.
      • If it's any compensation, he hasn't cut ties with the other contributors, just the business. He's apparently still on friendly terms with many of the people there.
      • Why weren't the contributors paid for their time again? Don't the bosses know that time spent shooting crossovers means time not spent producing individual videos? Fewer videos, less traffic, less money. It seems fairly obvious.
      • The crossovers probably don't make enough to actually pay them more than the cost to fly all these people out here and coordinate it all. But considering the commentaries, they seem to genuinely enjoy doing this and seeing the other people, even if actually making money would be a nice bonus.
  • I was going around a Kink Meme dedicated to the site (So. Much. Linkara/Spoony/Insano it hurts), but on the front page it said "Out of respect for Nash..." What's up with that? Has Nash stated that he doesn't want any fanfic about or featuring him on the web?
    • As the owner of that, yeah, pretty much. A lot of the producers encourage it (Doug and Rob saying they want more incest!fic for one), but others who don't really have a character can get disturbed. And because there's no fourth wall and we like our fanservice, we always follow a rule one of them could give, it's easier that way.
      • Thanks for clearing that up. Is there a Tweet or something where Nash says it? I'd just like to see the exact wording (And have a lazy Twitter link to follow him).
  • OK, here's a real Headscrather: Where on God's green earth can I find a copy of Lord Kat's livestream where he and other TGWTG producers read the Kink Meme? I've been looking for three hours and no hope.
  • How come some obscure anime made a reference to AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic, yet the Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, the Cleveland Show, American Dad, South Park, SNL, Robot Chicken, Mad (both the magazine and the show) anything by Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon have yet to make any reference whatsover to AVGN, TGWTG, and other internet critics/comedians?
    • That's probably the key word: "obscure". Some guy wanted to give them a Shout-Out and that's fine, but mainstream people very likely won't give a toss about a couple of reviewers on the internet.
      • My point remains: how come a foreign TV show referenced them, but any North American films or TV shows?
      • Because the person who was responsible for that show had watched AVGN and NC, but nobody behind the others have? Because internet celebrity doesn't translate to real-world celebrity? To stereotype this, most American producers/writers don't watch internet web shows. Hell of the entire Voice Acting cast of Dragon Ball Z only Christopher Sabat has seen Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
    • Sean Schemmel has seen DBZA. He doesn't exactly APPROVE of it, but he's seen it.

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