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Headscratchers: Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms
  • So... In Fortune's Fool, is the story the Shogun tells Katerina (being the son of a ghost, etc.) an actual Japanese myth? Or is it just something Mercedes Lackey made up? ^^;
    • On a similar note, in The Fairy Godmother, what fairy tale (if any) is Elena trying set up when she arranges for a young woman to get a particular pot of flowers with the intention that this will eventually bring down a Black Magician?
    • This troper can answer the second: It's called Felicia and the Pot of Pinks. You can find it in Andrew Lang's The Blue Fairy Book.

  • Also how many fairy tales play out? Don't the ordinary folk realize eventually?

  • The girls that get pinpointed as Fair Rosalinda's likely have a variant of Rose as their name. One shown who dodged her fate thanks to Madame Bella is named Rosalie. Would it not be better to make the variants of Rose anathema to thwart that particular path of Tradition? Also why did the Genre Savvy King and Queen of Eltaria name their daughter Rosamund? Given the fact that she is a Princess she is unlikely to fill the peasant girl aspect of it that well, but she could get kidnapped and raised as a peasant and her mother was a peasant.
    • Is it always variations on the name "Rose", or is it variations of the name Rose in Elena's set of kingdoms? Though, I suppose that it could be argued that the tradition wants Rosalinda's, so it makes people name their child variations of said name.
    • Given that the Tradition can make people do things even when they know it's a bad idea, most parents probably can't avoid giving a child a name with some Traditional story attached to it.
    • Also, you have to remember that most people don't know about the Tradition. They would have no way to know not to name their daughter some version of Rose, and it just wouldn't be particularly workable to try to outlaw the name or some such.

  • The Sorceress Arachnia was first introduced as the abused, exploited stepdaughter send in the winter in a forest to gather strawberries and her attraction to the morose poet prince put in her path was because in her Traditional path she was supposed to have married a prince. And latter while talking to Elena she explains that she was supposed to be a Witch killer child from the begining. Maybe two paths intersected? She was both the victim of a Wicked Stepmother that after trials marries a prince and a child that outwits and kills a witch? In the first variant she would have been the girl in the Three Little Men in the Forest. Link here

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