Headscratchers / TV Tropes The Webcomic

  • ...What?
  • This Troper does understand and appreciate the reason why Report Siht's name is spelled as such, but cannot manage to get over the way Report's family name ends up after a brief spat with a spellchecker. Is there really no better way?
    • No. Siht happens, deal with it.
  • Don't get me wrong, this is my favorite webcomic, but there are three things that kinda bug me: 1) A laser fight on the get known page? REALLY? Ignoring the obvious fact that they didn't gain access to lasers until Pseudo-Season 3, how can a personified version of a website fight in the website itself? I know that the internet is a giant continent in this comic, so this is technically possible, but the battle arena looked like an actual screencap of the site. 2) Why did they have to kill off Google-hime? A.U.T.H.O.R knew that she was the most popular character by far. 3) If Youtube-dono is ambidextrous, why does he decide to stop fighting when he becomes temporarily crippled in his right hand?
    • Google-hime's life force was connected to the Ad Bot. She would have died anyway after Ad Bot was killed, it's just that the writers decided to give her a Dying Moment of Awesome instead. This troper cannot blame them.
  • If Gabe and Ere have Hyperactive Metabolisms to supply the energy for their powers, why were they among the last two to wake up from the fear toxin?
    • Word of God is that the author determined their waking up order by how much he wanted each of them to suffer.
      • So then, he must really hate Gabe, huh?
      • That, or he simply dished out as much pain to each sleeper as they should have been able to handle at their current power level.
      • Following that, though, Retrope should have been the first to go down, and Ere and Report, being at roughly the same level, should have gone down at the same time.
      • Or maybe it's a subtle hint that all three of them are not really that powerful, or at least in the Glass Cannon category.
  • How come you can do this, and I can't do Heroes Of Troperia?
  • Why is there only one catboy?
    • It's due to the Seventh Law of Metafictional Metaphysics, which states that any given metafictional reality can only handle a certain amount of high-powered beings before overloading, of which the webcomic previously had seven: Report, Ere, Gabe, Axel, Brynn, Dab Gib, and Trope-tan (who still counts despite not showing up as often in the Bronze Age). The Super Weight Quotient Total (SWQT) increases based on the quantity of high-level creative enforcers (i.e., authors) who have previously or currently are placing input into a fictional work; main authors increase this limit massively, which guest authors also effect (though considerably less). According to The Other Other Wiki, Catboys are extremely dangerous and high-level entities, and no matter how much he tries to deny it Yadayerf is still a Stu (he is Sue-level according to the Sixth Law, by virtue of being a Catboy). Yadayerf's guest author had enough power to only introduce one Catboy character (which in of itself is an astounding feat, I'll admit); any more and the Metaverse would collapse under the strain.
      • Well...there was the cameo of a second Catboy in Western Zodiac...
  • Where did Ayaka go at the end of Belated Happy Ending?
  • How did the omniverse not collapse after an unobtanium sword came into contact with unobtanium armor in Ragtag Band of Misfits?